Baltimore Ravens: 5 Keys To Reaching Super Bowl 52

I take a look at the Wholesale Jerseys china keys Cheap NFL Jerseys Supply for the Baltimore Ravens to reach the Super Bowl next season.

After an exciting Super Bowl game, the 2016 NFL season has come to an end. Many teams Cheap NFL Jerseys China had were not fortunate to reach the playoffs, including the Baltimore Ravens.

Lucky for the Ravens, they start out with a clean slate next season. Like most teams, they have some major improvements to make in the off-season. Free agency and the NFL draft are going Wholesale Jerseys from china to be telling of the season ahead.

The Ravens are not far off from being a playoff and Super Bowl contender. They have been there before and know how to win when it counts. Whether Buy Cheap jerseys they can get there first is the real question.

These are the 5 keys for the Ravens if they want Cheap Jerseys to reach the Super Bowl next year. Cheap NFL Jerseys

Baltimore Ravens: Dominant Offensive Line Is Within Reach

Winning in the NFL starts up front and the Baltimore Ravens know it. If the Ravens re-sign Rick cheap jerseys Wagner, they have almost everything figured out.

If the Baltimore Ravens can retain the services of Rick Wagner, the offensive line has only one question mark remaining. Ronnie Stanley solidified his role as the Ravens left tackle of the future. Alex Lewis is a great answer at left guard who can also play competently at tackle. Marshall Yanda is the best guard in the entire league. Rick Wagner is a strong right tackle. The center position is the Ravens last remaining concern up front.

Jeremy Zuttah had no Buy Cheap jerseys business playing in the Pro Bowl, because everyone knows he is the weakest link on the Ravens offensive line. Zuttah sometimes gets over powered, especially against 3-4 teams with a dominant nose guard. Zuttah is a quick footed center, who can really be an asset in the zone running scheme. The problem is that Zuttah is undersized for the position.

The Ravens brought in Greg Roman to help with the running game. This means that they are probably going to use less of a zone blocking scheme and more big on big blocking. The Ravens need a bruiser at the center position. Zuttah isn’t the human snow cheap jerseys free shipping plow that he needs to be.

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The good news is that the Ravens are good at finding their answers Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping on the offensive line in the NFL Draft. Alex Lewis was a fourth round pick. The Ravens have a history of finding diamonds in the rough on the offensive line. Wagner is going to get a large contract this offseason and he was a fifth round pick. One of my favorite players of all-time was Mike Flynn, and he was an undrafted free agent.

Lewis And Stanley Could Cheap Jerseys From China Be A Great Combination:

When Lewis went down it was a real problem for the Ravens. He had become their most consistent offensive lineman not named Yanda. When he filled in for Ronnie Stanley at left tackle, he showed how versatile and valuable he is. Imagine what the Ravens can do on the offensive line if Lewis and Stanley can both be healthy for a full season.

Having two studs on the left side of the offensive line is good for business. With this awesome pairing, Flacco’s blindside will be secured better than it ever has been. Stanley and Lewis are both going into their second year. They showed the Ravens what they were capable of, and they will grow together. Keeping Lewis at left guard could end up being a great decision.

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At some point Yanda needs to be replaced, but that time isn’t now. Yanda is coming back and there is no reason to expect anything but greatness from him. I think the Ravens will keep Wagner. At right tackle they don’t need a super star. There are Wholesale Jerseys from china better right tackles than Wagner, but there are also much worse tackles in the NFL. Obviously this conversation changes if the Ravens lose Wagner, but I don’t think that will happen.

The Bottom Line: Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping

When the Ravens go into the middle rounds of the draft, expect them Cheap NFL Jerseys From China to take a look at the center position. Zuttah isn’t a bad center. In the worst case scenario, Zuttah is back as the Ravens center. In the best case scenario, the Ravens find a free agent or a rookie who can be an upgrade at the position and Zuttah can be a quality back up.

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The Ravens offensive line has more solutions than problems. They should try to improve at the center position and they could use some good depth. If they retain Wagner, they have their two tackles. If Alex Lewis and Marshall Yanda stay healthy, the sky is the limit at the guard position. The Ravens offensive line is in good shape, and it could easily become great shape.

Ray Lewis Is A First Ballot Lock For The Hall Of Fame

Former Cheap Jerseys Baltimore Raven great Ray Lewis will be eligible for the NFL Hall of Fame in 2018

On Saturday at the NFL Honors ceremony, the 2017 NFL Hall of Fame class was announced.

The class was headlined by great players such as Kurt Warner and LaDainian Tomlinson, and Terrell Davis. Getting inducted into the Hall of Fame is the highest honor for a player. It awards them for their accomplishments and life long commitment to the game of football. Out of the thousands of players, coaches, and owners involved in the game, only 310 have made it to the Hall of Fame.

When the inductees were announced, many Raven’s fans were quick to point out a first timer for next years’ class. That first timer is none other than Ray Lewis.

Best Middle Linebacker Ever?

Ray Lewis made a career out of punishing opposing players. I think he is the best middle linebacker Cheap NFL Jerseys China to ever suit up in the NFL. The only other player that can be argued is Lawrence Taylor. Both were 10 time All-Pro selections in their respective careers.

The reason I give him the edge over Taylor is his impact on the franchise. If you ask someone cheap jerseys free shipping what player comes to their mind when they think of the Baltimore Ravens it is Ray Lewis. If you ask the same about the Giants, I’m not sure you get Lawrence Taylor as much. Lewis had the advantage coming into the franchise at the right time. Because was drafted in the first year of the franchise’s history he is considered the foundation of what the team became to be.

Not to mention, the Raven’s unveiled a statue of Lewis in front of M&T Bank Stadium in 2014. The only Wholesale Jerseys cheap other statue to stand next to it is another Baltimore in legend in Johnny Unitas.

Even with the timing, his play and passion on the field is the main reason why people remember him.

In 2000, Lewis led one of the best defenses in NFL history. The defense allowed only 2.7 rushing yards per game and only gave up 165 points ALL season, which is unheard of. To make Free Shipping cheap jerseys things even more impressive, they forced a whopping 26 fumbles.

Lewis’s accomplishments are too much to fit into Cheap NFL Jerseys From China one article. He tallied over 2,000 tackles, was a 13 time Pro Bowler and a 2 time Defensive Player of the Year, just to name a few. He was a great tackler that knew how to bring a player down. His ability to lead with his shoulder is something that is seen rarely in today’s game.

A Legacy That Won’t Be Tarnished Cheap authentic Jerseys

Even with his legacy, there will always be people who will criticize Lewis Replica NFL Elite Jerseys for a certain off the field incident. During the 2000 season, Lewis was accused of being involved in a murder that killed two men. The chargers were eventually dropped and he never received any jail time. Critics argue that Lewis was guilty, but there was not enough sufficient evidence to make the case. Now it has become a running joke whenever he is in the public eye.

It is a shame that people will tarnish a great legacy by accusations that have no proof. Without Ray Lewis, the Baltimore Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping Ravens are not what they are today. He gave the city of Baltimore 17 fantastic seasons and 2 Super Bowl titles.

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Ray Lewis’s passion and love for the game of football is something that you will not find in many others. He did not do it just for the money, he played because he loved the game of football. He stuck with the organization that drafted him through thick and thin. No matter the outside noise, Ray Lewis will be getting his gold jacket wholesale jerseys fitted for his 2018 Hall of Fame induction next year.

Baltimore Ravens: Comparing Brian Billick and John Harbaugh

Brian Billick was the coach who first got the Baltimore Ravens to greatness. John Harbaugh has had some pretty amazing moments, but has missed the Wholesale Jerseys China playoffs three of the past four seasons. Which Cheap Wholesale Jerseyscoach has the better resume, today.

When the Baltimore Ravens won Super Bowl XLVII, John Harbaugh had emerged as Wholesale cheap Jerseys the unquestioned top coach in Ravens history. The Ravens had gone to the playoffs five years in a row, they went to the AFC Championship three times in those five years. The Ravens won their division in 2011 and 2012. This was the best stretch in the history of the Ravens, and it isn’t even close.

Then Harbaugh went 8-8 in 2013, making it his first season without the playoffs. It wasn’t anything to freak out about because the Ravens were due a down year at some point. In 2014 the Ravens sneaked their way into the playoffs with some help Cheap NFL Jerseysfrom the Kansas City Chiefs. They beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh and gave the Patriots a run for their money. Everything was good again, and Harbaugh was the unquestioned winner of this debate.

2015 was a train wreck that nobody saw coming. With a boatload of injuries and Murphy’s law coming hard at the Ravens, 5-11 was the best they could do. After an 8-8 2016 season, the debate between the Ravens second and third coach is now reopened. Harbaugh had nothing but success for five years. The last four seasons have been wildly underwhelming. Now both coaches in this conversation have enough ups and downs to Cheap Jerseys From China make for a real argument.

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Harbaugh has more wins than any coach in Ravens history. With a record of 85-59, he has taken the lead from a numerical stand point. Wholesale Jerseys Billick went 80-64 from 1999-2007. The biggest argument for Harbaugh is playoff success. Harbaugh is 10-5 in postseason play, while Billick was 5-3. Harbaugh has never lost in the first round of the playoffs either.

Who Has The cheap jerseys free shipping Edge?

I think Harbaugh and Billick are equals. Both are Super Bowl champions. Both have been wholesale jerseys strong leaders. Remember, Billick is in the ring of honor. Harbaugh has had a franchise quarterback for his entire tenure. Billick’s best quarterback was Steve McNair, and that didn’t last long. As it stands right now, the two coaches have given the team very similar results.

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If I had to chose one, I’d pick Harbaugh. He has had more success in the playoffs and had the best five year span the organization has seen. Secondly, Harbaugh still has a chance to add to his resume. A few more good seasons and the argument is over. I just think both coaches have a lot to be proud of. If Billick had a quarterback during his tenure, I think he could have equaled Harbaugh’s playoff success.

Baltimore Ravens: Michael Pierce Can Replace Brandon Williams

Michael Pierce can be the replacement to Brandon Williams on the defensive line.

The key free agent for the Baltimore Ravens this offseason is Brandon Williams. We are all wondering if the Ravens will re-sign him, and if they do, how much will it cost them? The Ravens are 28th in salary cap space heading into this offseason. They have several players that could free up around $25-30 million, but that is still middle of the pack compared to other teams around the league. Needless to say, every penny Baltimore can save will be important.

In order for the Ravens to compete this season, spending money in free agency is a necessity. Brandon Williams will ask somewhere around $10 million/per year. That is a significant amount that the Ravens can’t afford to spend. Baltimore has several cheap jerseys needs at a lot of different positions and not all of them can be addressed in the draft. Knocking off a large amount of the cap space on one player is not a smart move.

Who Replaces Him? Cheap NFL Jerseys

Ozzie Newsome always drafts lineman well. He has Cheap NFL Jerseys China drafted Carl Davis and Willie Henry as possible replacements. But the one most capable of replacing Williams was an undrafted free agent. Michael Pierce burst on the scene after coming to the Ravens from Samford University. During the preseason, Pierce showed out with 1.5 sacks and a forced fumble. He stuffed runs and was a force in the middle, earning him a spot on the 53-man roster for the regular season.

Things would change in the regular season. Pierce played well when given the opportunity, racking up 2 sacks. He also had 3 games with 5 or more total tackles. However, Pierce didn’t Cheap Jerseys From China get many chances to play, as he was a back-up to Williams, who was the best nose tackle in the league. Pierce played well enough to ease fans anxiety about the possibility of Brandon Williams leaving in free agency.

Can Pierce Wholesale Jerseys china Be As Good As Williams?

Michael Pierce is almost a replica of Brandon Williams. They are both 6’0″ and 335 lbs. Both are extremely strong and have the ability to take on double teams. This is the most important quality of a Cheap NFL Elite Jerseys nose tackle because it frees up the linebackers and doesn’t allow linemen to move up-field and get bodies on them.

One thing Pierce does better than Williams is get to the quarterback. In his 20 total games (including preseason), Pierce had 3.5 sacks. In Williams full 4 years of his career, he has 4.5. Of course, Williams took on double teams constantly and even triple teams in some cases. However, Pierce was no different, as he also demanded double teams. When you don’t put more than one player Cheap authentic Jerseys on Pierce, he takes advantage of it and makes opposing quarterbacks pay.

Pierce is also laterally quicker than Brandon Williams. Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping He can shed blocks and then work to the sidelines and up-field to make tackles. Both are quality tacklers, but Williams is slightly better in this category, mostly due to his experience.

Go With Pierce

Michael Pierce is not and will not be Brandon Williams, but he can be just as good. You save a lot of money going with Pierce. This money can be used on other needs to make the team elite. When Pierce hits free agency, he won’t be an unrestricted free agent like Williams is now. The Ravens can put a tender on him, making it difficult for other teams to sign him when his contract is up. It makes more sense keeping Pierce and moving forward with him and letting Williams walk.

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