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How to Block ebsites on apple safari,

Having children with iPhones or iPads, or who frequently use yours, and you want to control the type of content they can access when browsing the web in Safari, well Apple lets you do just that. Whether you want to automatically limit all adult content to prevent a child from accidentally hitting a link they shouldn't, blacklist specific websites, or shut off all sites except for the ones you specifically whitelist, you'll find everything you need right in Settings and Restrictions. Here's how to manage restrictions for the web content:

  1. Launch the Settings app from the Home screen and tap General and then click on Restrictions.
  2. Type a six digit password that no one would be able to guess.
  3. Tap on Websites under Allowed Content and then select Limit Adult Content.
  4. Tap Add a Website under NEVER ALLOW.
  5. Type the URL of the website you wish to block in the Website field. Tap Done.

These above given steps can be used to block any sites, but make sure to block mobile version of these sites seperately. If you find a site not blocking after you included it in your restricted websites list, visit that site and look in the Address Bar of Safari to make sure you're blocking the correct URL. Copy it if you need to and paste it into restrictions. Please feel free to contact Apple Safari Technical Support Phone Number.

Time Saving Tips when Gardening

Taking care of your garden is a very tiring job, which requires lots of attention to details and concentration. Every gardener spends a lot of time pruning, watering and trimming his plants every single day. Some people even say that gardening is not so much a hobby as it is a calling. You need to be fully dedicated to the job you do, if you want to achieve great results. But even though gardening takes a lot of time and effort, some gardeners make it even harder for themselves, by being poorly organised. It's actually normal, because the work in the garden is quite messy, but this doesn't mean you need to give up in the face of chaos. No, you should do everything possible to be more organised, in order to save time, which you can use to do something else. To help those who don't know how to take care of this, I've gathered these very easy and useful time saving tips when gardening, which should help you achieve amazing results at all times. The only thing you need to do is follow these rules. And here are they:

Have a plan. If you don't have a plan, then I have no idea what have you been doing this whole time. The people who succeed at things always have a plan, and they follow it no matter what the surrounding rules say. This is why you should create one for your gardening work and follow it. You can write down each gardening work you have to do, how often you have to do it and how long will it take to fulfil it. Then you can make yourself a schedule and write down what kind of work will you do each day of the week. Then try to follow the plan and fix all the discrepancies. After a week or so you will have a perfect schedule, and the gardening work will take you less time than usual. You can use this time to do something more pleasant, like going for a walk, for instance.

The beds. The plant beds have always been one of the most difficult tasks for most gardeners all around the world. This is probably because most gardeners find it difficult to create their own technique. But if you manage to find a way to make it quicker, you cut the time you usually spend doing this by half. You can use my technique if you want, it's quite simple – you just need to slice the turf with a spade, flip it upside down, and then cover the entire area with a few inches of wood chips, which will protect and feed the soil. Then wait for a few weeks, and the beds will be ready to take in the new plants. If you find it difficult, you can always get some professional garden maintenance help.

The tools. The biggest issue which eats the time of every gardener, is the time they spend looking for their tools. I know that being messy is a part of the whole creative experience, but do you know how much time you can save if you just keep your tools in a specially designated for them place. If you want to try this time saving tip, you just need to find a place where you can store all your tools, and which can protect them from humidity and pests. Then every time you pick a tool, just make sure you leave it back there when you're finished using it. Trust me, after some time you will notice how everything happens a lot quicker.

The mulch. Spreading the mulch has also been a problem for some gardeners. Almost all of them claim that they have difficulties with it, and it takes them lots of time until they get it done right. But this doesn't mean the task is difficult, it just means you need a good technique, which will spread it efficiently. Specialists advise to use a bow or a flat-head rake when spreading the mulch. You can pull and spread the mulch with the tinned edge and even it out on the bed using the flat side. This will make the whole thing happen a lot faster.


Enduro Force :- Indisputably, «You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.» I came short of mentioning it last time. I'll go over an example or two of Natural muscle building. I had anticipated that I would not shut up about it. That was a notable gain. You know what the problem is? Here's a follow up on that dilemma. They are not all alike and a couple of are more valuable than others. Now compare that to a Natural muscle building that qualifies a mood for a Natural muscle building. Natural muscle building has legitimate value for ordinary citizens like you. .Like my Dutch uncle announced, «Cleanliness is next to Godliness.»

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From types, difference to calculation; know all about matric thread gauges here!

UNF thread plug gauge

Metric thread gauges are a significant tool that helps in creating appropriate thread angles to hold or join several things. Talking of engineering, thread taps and gauges play an irreplaceable part in this domain. With the help of taps, you can create perfect threads with an appropriate angle to attach the screw.

But, how will you know how long should the tap be? For this, you need to have sound equipment which will suffice the need of measuring length, breath, diameter, thread angles, etc. To do this, it is imperative to have an in-depth knowledge about gauges.

Let’s discuss some of it in the following sections.

What are the different types of metric thread gauges?

Here is a list below of the thread gauges which you need the most –

— UNF thread gauges
— UN
— Trapezoidal
— Whitworth
— UNC thread gauges

These are the few of them that you will need most. But, amongst all these, if you are into engineering, there are few things more to know that will make your process of measuring, creating threads and fixing things easier.

UN, UNC and UNF thread gauges — terminologies

When it comes to measuring unit, it is of extreme importance that you understand the basic difference otherwise working on it can be quite difficult. This is exactly what you are to learn here.

As per the definition in ANSI/ASME, UN series is the new introduction to replace the old N-series of taps and threads. UNC refers to Unified Coarse or National Coarse in retailing. Whereas, UNF refers to Unified Fine or National Fine in retailing.

What are the aspects you need to know for calculating metric thread gauges?

It is not like seeing the size and measuring with a scale. When performing any metric thread calculation, there are different logistics that you must keep in mind –

i. To calculate diameter

There are 5 measuring data that you need to check – major diameter; pitch diameter, minor diameter, over wires, wires diameter.
ii. To calculate thread builder

This calls for 4 data if the number of Starts is 1. Here are the data that you need to check – Basic diameter, thread per inch, designation and class. You can change the class per requirement. For example: In UNC, unlike UNF thread gauges, the basic class is 2A but for finer thread calculation to the setting can be changed to 1A class.

iii. To calculate V- shape

Calculating V shape is very simple only when you have the following data –

Pitch, real pitch, crest flat, crest radius max, root flat, root radius, thread depth and flank length.

iv. To calculate Tolerances

Tolerances are the measurement to calculate the strength. With this, engineers decide which screw is to place where (this is why a small door hinge screw is different from railway track screw). Things you must check are – Allowances, major diameter, pitch diameter, minor diameter and length of engagement.
v. To calculate Lead angle

This determines the slant angle of a screw. Keeping this in mind; here is what you need to know – major diameter, pitch diameter, and minor diameter.

If you want to get the best and most appropriate metric thread gauges for your work, then do not compromise with the quality. Always buy it from the authentic industrial place. Start your engineering creations now!

Marvel Avengers T-Shirts Online in india

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Microsoft Dynamics Who? Microsoft Pioneers MIA Software

Microsoft is emerging as a potent force in the enterprise software market, propelled by Azure and the success of Office 365. The former provides a comprehensive cloud platform and set of services that are, as a platform for enterprise software, second to none. The latter provides an amazing productivity platform and set of services that spans a broad swath of the day to day requirements of today’s business user. And, for what it does, is also second to none.
That’s the stuff Microsoft likes to shout from the rooftops, and deservedly so. What they’re strangely quiet about is the fact that they also have market leading ERP and CRM software products that are right up there with the best of the best. At a moment in the market when public cloud offerings for enterprise software are hot, and the original offerings from leaders like Netsuite and Salesforce.com are looking a little long in the tooth, there’s a deafening silence around Microsoft’s Dynamics product line – the mellifluously named Dynamics 365 for Operations, Dynamics 365 for Sales, and the other Dynamics products that have a legitimate shot at market leadership.
The omission isn’t just curious, it’s also tragic. Microsoft’s inability to promote a solid set of enterprise software products is a disservice to its customers and a larger enterprise software market that only gets better by increasing the choices customers can make.
Why is Microsoft so quiet about what should be a major set of assets in the highly competitive and fast-growing cloud ERP market? There’s a clue to be had in the checkered history of Microsoft’s enterprise software aspirations, starting with the acquisition of Great Plains in 2001. Since that first acquisition, and the subsequent acquisitions of Navision and Axapta, Microsoft’s senior execs kept looking at the paltry revenue and margins that these products could command relative to Windows and Office and for a long time basically shunned what later became the Dynamics product line.
That benign neglect was severe enough that there were many times when Dynamics execs confided in me that they might be better off being spun out and run as an independent company or sold to a larger enterprise software vendor. This second-class status was the norm pretty much until Kirill Tatarinov was promoted in 2007 to run the show, whereupon Dynamics began to come into its own. Even through a couple of reorgs that threatened to repeat the past pattern of neglect, Kirill was able to keep the Dynamics flag flying.
But Kirill left two years ago as part of another reorg that put Dynamics’ fate in the hands of EVP Scott Guthrie, and that’s basically when the silent treatment began.
I don’t blame Guthrie for what looks like that same old indifference, he clearly has other and more lucrative fish to fry, such as Azure and Office 365, the latter of which now has 100 million enterprise users (which begs the question of what very large percent of the global economy runs in part on the Office 365 family – I’m sure the answer would give Microsoft some serious bragging rights.).
More importantly, however, I’m not so sure Guthrie really gets enterprise software in all its complexity and glory. Or maybe he just doesn’t get why Dynamics is that important to Microsoft. Perhaps, just like in the olden days after the Great Plains acquisition, Guthrie’s indifference may be a rehash of an historical perception at Microsoft regarding Dynamics’ limited value to the company.
Regardless, any and all scenarios that marginalize Dynamics are basically a damn shame. And it’s a shame that Dynamics has been placed in the cone of silence – no more conferences, no more analyst events, no more regular briefings – and not just because I’m an admitted enterprise software bigot who likes a dynamic (pun intended) market full of great products pushing the envelope on behalf of customers. It’s a shame simply because I think Microsoft and Guthrie are shooting themselves in the foot in the middle of a very fast and competitive race for a key enterprise software platform prize.
The prize? Leadership in the next generation public ERP cloud, the one that puts classic back office ERP into the cloud, straps it to a comprehensive platform full of innovation services (as in the ubiquitous trio of IoT, AI and ML, as well as microservices, etc. etc.), and leads the global economy to the promised age of digital transformation. That one.

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Escape to the future with virtual reality

Plonk a set of smart glasses or a virtual-reality helmet before the philosopher Plato, and after his fastidious recoil there would be a moment of self-righteousness: “I told you so.”

Plato’s ”Allegory of the Cave“ has its inhabitants chained up and gazing at a stony wall. Over it flicker shadows that they take for reality. As we plug in, turn on and zone out with our current repertoire of virtuality-generating devices, we will find it worth musing over the challenge that Plato poses: do wisdom-lovers break those chains, as he suggests, and leave the cave to seek reality? Or do they stay put, finally face down the old misery-guts super-rationalist, and assert that this new layer of simulated experience is as natural to humans as play or art?

Simulation already draws on mythology. The much-heralded Magic Leap platform – which sees reality “augmented” as you look upon it, rather than entirely simulated like in a video game – sends household robot-gods scurrying around under tables and schools of whales undulating across the ceiling. Other human beings can be mapped in your augmented eyesight and rendered as cultural icons, creatures, objects, or aliens. An entirely new popular-culture storm is gathering here; last year’s Pokémon Go phenomenon was the merest flurry.

Gameful world
Still, it’s good to keep Plato’s admonitions about delusion and illusion in mind. We have come through a decade in which general enthusiasm for a “gameful world” (as theorist Jane McGonigal might put it) held out the hope of new forms of education and work. A generation of managers asked: look at all the free labour people do in World of Warcraft, Minecraft and No Man’s Sky. Can’t we “gamify” our endeavour or enterprise to elicit a similar kind of commitment? Not just for profit, but for social good, for mental health?

This agenda has progressed somewhat into the mainstream. In the current series of House of Cards, Frank Underwood’s presidential challenger – the damaged military hero Will Conway – uses a war-gaming VR headset as therapy for his post-traumatic stress disorder.

Yet the “serious games” movement (which has an upcoming conference in July at George Mason University in Manassas, Virginia) can rarely overcome the oldest truth about any human engagement with games, play or mimicry – that being able to freely chose to play the game, beyond utility or coercion, is the very point of it.

Freedom to play
This freedom to play is not just a rabbit hole into which one’s attention disappears. The link between freedom and play could perhaps be preserved in a “serious” game if the political stakes were high enough. Some regard virtual-world creation as a tool, as yet barely wielded, for reordering society. In his recent book Postcapitalism, Paul Mason wonders why we have “no models that capture economic complexity, in the way computers are used to simulate weather, population, epidemics or traffic flows”.

Mason’s simulations would be “agent-based” and unpredictable: you create a million digital people with digital resources and needs, set them loose in a synthetic world, and are informed and illuminated by what emerges.

The assumption is that economics needs to be much better at anticipating major surprises and crises that arise from messily motivated – rather than rationally maximising – human beings. Synthetic worlds, with their increasingly daunting simulation power, can set those hares running.

Rehearsal for reality
So virtuality could indeed rehearse you for the complexity of the real world, not just act as an escape from it. The optimism of the current wave of AI pioneers, such as Google’s DeepMind, is that their learning machines can be the great assistants of – not grim replacements for – human ambition, vision and will.

Our modern Plato should put on his techno-specs and walk out of the cave. He would still see a real world worth grasping and shaping, but one informed by the simulations and augmentations dancing before his eyes. Will we need new philosophies and philosophers to cope with our permanently virtual condition? Well, one might argue that’s all they’ve ever done.

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House Pushes for Creation of Military 'Space Corps'

Congress took formal steps on Thursday toward requiring the US military to establish a dedicated «Space Corps,» as concern mounts over the vulnerability of American space assets and their central role in modern war-fighting.

The move came with a stinging rebuke to the US Department of Defense from key members of the House Armed Services Committee, who asserted that Pentagon leadership doesn't appear to grasp how delays and cost-overruns stemming from a «crippling» organizational structure are threatening America's military readiness in space.

«We are convinced that the Department of Defense is unable to take the measures necessary to address these challenges effectively and decisively, or even recognize the nature and scale of its problems,» said Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL), who chairs the House Armed Services Subcommittee for Strategic Forces, and Rep. Jim Cooper (D-TN), the subcommittee's ranking member, in a joint statement. «Thus, Congress has to step in.»

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Different Ways to Charge a Kindle Fire Device Easily

Almost the kindle fire users realized the best battery backup with kindle fire device. With different-different methods, you can charge your kindle fire device. For example; with a computer or A/C power adaptor plug. And if you think that your kindle fire battery backup gets down then you may need to reboot it or to get in touch with Customer service for Kindle Fire device.
Here we define that how to charge kindle fire device with a computer:
Charge Kindle Fire Device with Computer:
• Plug your laptop or computer with kindle fire device.
• Now turn on your computer and you will take to leave the system on and avoid stand-by or hibernation manner throughout the charging procedure.
• If Kindle device went with power adapter, unplug micro USB from the adaptor and then plug USB port into the system.
• Charge your Kindle Fire device until your device has 25 percent battery left. Either it will show “critical battery, “message.
• Small plug of USB cable attaches to the Kindle Fire and wide USB plug side attaches with computer’s USB port.
• Now, Wait! For some time, your computer will recognize kindle fire device.
• And select that you want to use your kindle fire device while charging it. Either leaves it for 3 hours further without doing anything.
• When your Kindle device will get fully charged it will leave a fresh green light. And now you will need to release your kindle fire device safely.
Hope the above blog will help you to charge your kindle fire device with a computer without getting any stuck. And still, you think that you get any technical trouble then get in touch with kindle fire technical support number@ (+1-800-862-1903). Kindle technical experts team will assist you instantly.

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