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The 9A0-381 is a Adobe Adobe Analytics Business Practitioner Practice Exam that is world-renowned and is necessary for anyone who wishes to try their hand at the world of IT. With a qualification in the Adobe Certified Expert 9A0-381 exam an endless array of careers will be open before you; be it a Adobe Business Analyst,Data Analyst And Adobe Data Collecter in a company or organization to someone who has Data Analytic Certification, there is no limit to how many jobs you may go for!
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Which best describes what multi-suite tagging enables?

A. The ability to maintain multiple report suites within a single company.
B. The ability to review individual and aggregate data sets in your company.
C. The ability to maintainseveral s.code.js files for multiple company domains in a single file
D. The ability to separate out development test data from business production data in your company report suites.

Answer: B

What are the maximum number of items that can be displayed in a Trended graph?

A. 1
B. 5
C. 10
D. 30

Answer: D

A visitor demonstrates the following behavior in terms of time spent:
What is the average time spent on page A?

A. 12.5 minutes
B. 25 minutes
C. 20 minutes
D. 15 minutes

Answer: D

Which three reports can have a segment applied to them? (Choose three).

A. Next Page Flow
B. Fallout
C. Marketing Channel Overview
D. Products

Answer: BCD

Which function does Step 1 of the Adobe Report Builder Wizard provide?

A. Report Suite, Report Selection, Segments, Date Ranges, Date Granularity
B. ReportSuite, Report Selection, Segments, Date Ranges, Metrics and Dimensions
C. Report Suite, Report Selection, Report Layout, Date Ranges, Date Granularity
D. Report Selection, Segments, Date Ranges, Date Granularity, Filtering Options

Answer: A

When viewing an established Dashboard what options are available to change all reportlets on that Dashboard at once?

A. Date
B. Report Suite, Segment and Date
C. Date and Report Suite
D. Segment and Report Suite

Answer: A

You are using a filter to eliminate a select group of line items. What does the metric total number represent?

A. The total including the line items thatare not filtered.
B. The site total for the selected metric
C. The percentage of the filtered line items compared against the Report Suite total
D. The total of the line items filtered

Answer: C


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