I want her to wear the most beautiful wedding, send her the most beautiful diamond ring

I want to dream of her becoming my wife, but why can not find the right time, I do not want her when I have nothing to marry me, I always want to wait, and so wait, so I have the ability to make her happy Of the time, I must give her to marry him. I want her to be the happiest bride. The following are the same as the "
When I was in secondary school, I had a fancy to her. She is our small squad leader, obviously tone gluttonous, no momentum, but also pretend to harsh call; do not speak. I asked her numerous times, there is no like the person, she never gave a positive reply, but always say that you are so annoying ah. But also very shameless to ask her is not like a surname Wang, she said I was bored, who told me to surname Wang it The following are the same as the "
High school, I die with the skin of her face with a school, but unfortunately different classes. She was in the elite class, I was in the ordinary class. Everyday class time, I pretended to be her boyfriend, to give her to finish the workbook, give her to send apples, send drinks. She is not, I secretly put on her desk, give her a note. Their classmates know that she has a regular class boyfriend, she did not deny. The following are the same as the "
After the college entrance examination, fill in volunteer, I pester her, with her fill the same city school. During the summer vacation, I asked her to go out and visit the park. On a step, I said to the handle to me, she silently stretched out his hand, we hold tightly together, stroll over again and again. She did not despise my hand sweat, but I just want to hold her in her arms. The following are the same as the "
We talk about love inexplicable, she always said I was thick skinned, do my girlfriend is not to go to scourge the other little girl. I sent her first gift is a 25 yuan potted, I want to buy that bunch of roses, actually to three hundred, she took me not let me Van Cleef & Arpels Sweet Alhambra butterfly bracelet buy, she said that like potted, is fresh, not Like a rose, will fade. I know she is not let me spend money, I gave her a cactus, I hope it can accompany us for a long time. I wanted to wait for the future money, be sure to give her the best.
Our first kiss ends on a bench. She eyes closed, my forehead sweat, I holding her face, but a pro on her nose. She laughed me too nervous, she took the initiative to kiss me, I feel the world are sweet. The following are the same as the "
Unconsciously, we spent the whole university, she studied, I chose to work directly. We meet the time from once a week to once a month. Later I was sent to the field for a year. In the days of the outside, I know how deep my attachment to her. I think she can not sleep every day Every day she kept calling, she never thought I was annoying. I have no room no car, no money. She never complained about me, she said, what you like, I have to keep you. I feel very owe her. I want to make money hard to give her a home. The following are the same as the "
Travel ended, I returned to Shenzhen. At the station, she came to pick me up. I saw her around the dog walking uncle, selling fruit aunt, fog buns shop, singing young people, suits and ties of white-collar workers have been to me, smiling and looked at my sweaty. See her that moment, I ran over to hold her, the child like to cry. I realized that she had infiltrated my life and had rooted in my blood. I really can not do without this woman. I want to keep away with her life. The following are the same as the "
This year she graduate, we love for seven years, and I love her love for ten years. I do not want to wait any longer, I have been in the January 30, 2016 to marry her, I have been waiting for her too long She had said to me like Van Cleef & Arpels Vintage Alhambra long necklace, 20 motifs, I spent three months of wages, gave her an infinite love. I hope we can really spend their lives, and then greedy point is a lifetime of life.
Bless the world all lovers are married, in the new year, immediately what to what. On the way to love her, we bless us