M2 rear axle active a bit unhappy

In fact, I admit that M2 may be very effective on a warm, smooth road, and if you are the kind of person who has infinite confidence in the ability to enter the car, you will be dumped for his charm. But the question came: in a not smooth asphalt road, in bad weather, M2 talent is difficult to continue. M tattoo steering wheel generally try to suppress the crushing feedback from the front axle. Into the corner feel and help efforts never change, so you can not know when you start pushing. And his big brother, M2 rear axle active a bit unhappy.
He was hell-like rear axle in the waiting for the action, continued to twist looking for a grip, floated to go. These moorland roads are not only rich in the gap, there are changing directions. M2 certainly do not like, each climb a slope will tilt one or two wheels, sometimes violently everywhere sliding. This phenomenon is actually from the set of firepower power pack. DC engine has long been pressurized, into the brutal state, and M double clutch transmission is very love in the high turn and full throttle when the block up

TT engine strong

TT in this environment there is always a full chest of quality, and the other two players of the style is completely different. You can feel that every bend he will continue to lose grip, but the slip is always short, and whenever the ESP protection measures began to intervene, Audi's acceleration will be able to recover, there is no impact.
Its acceleration is very rapid. His engine brutal and strong, full of roar in the gas can have been soared to the souls of hastily, hysterical roar, voice is the kind of strong pressurized five-cylinder machine unique sound. Overtaking simply at your fingertips: it is a close — beyond — roar — run away four step process, again and again, time-tested. Want to reproduce the legendary group B had, you only need to match a Christian Geistdörfer kind of pulling the neck shouting, forced to cover the engine sound of the ring can be.
M2 before I opened, I know him know, but this does not stop me whenever he saw him to open him. He was like a knife cut the size of the general cut, the rear design of the cliff, giving a neat, lean feeling, with the relative power of him, looks can go to the harbor tug boat.

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Joint venture small SUV

And then talk about joint venture small SUV, 15 million basically won the top with the top of the joint venture with the small brand SUV, such as the current selling more popular Guangzhou Honda Chi and Dongfeng Honda X-RV, and modern ix25, some other early products Like the Citroen C3-XR and Chevrolet Youcai also have a good performance.
Buy a small SUV friends, mainly to consider: through the better, take the road more richer, more broad vision S13 240SX coilovers
If you travel frequently, there is a certain requirement for usability and vision, and you may take some roads that are relatively poor. In the budget of 150,000 yuan, then won a small SUV is also a good choice.
As Honda's first small SUV, the wisdom from the market began to be a lot of attention, smooth and sharp shape is to attract a lot of attention to the value of consumers, the back door of the hidden handle design 240SX Adjustable coilovers is also very innovative. At present the whole line of a total of 7 models, were equipped with 1.5L and 1.8L two engines. Since the listing, the wisdom of the market performance has been very stable, the last six months of sales are about 10,000 in the month.
Dongfeng Citroen C3-XR in the level of models with strong enough strength, plenty of power plus plenty of car space can attract a lot of attention, and rich configuration also increased the C3-XR G35 Adjustable Coilovers in the level of competition in the model Chips. In addition, C3-XR power consumption and ride space are better performance, lower maintenance prices also allow owners in the late save a lot of heart.

Buy a small SUV or buy a compact car?

For the sedan, is still a lot of Chinese consumers preferred car, and in the joint venture compact family cars, Toyota Corolla is a force can not be ignored, in the pursuit of more and more individual tide, reborn after the new Corolla, changed the past, the views of consumers for the dull appearance, but to create a pursuit of a younger consumer groups image, won the first time the favor of car users.
Sunny is from the public earlier car platform models, but indeed on the market constantly updated, keeping up with the pace of the times. Has a large number of people based on the Sunny, also received a stable reputation fit audi k04 turbocharger, perhaps it will not appear in the forum to discuss the forefront of the list, but also proved that the car did not obvious short board, but did not commit Sagitar that «Short axis error». Coupled with the public «God car» brand, Long Yi accounted for compact class car list, but also logical.
Sylphy in the country has a relatively long history. New Sylphy for the third generation of Serenade midfielder models 240SX coilovers. For Sylphy, the big space, ride comfort, low failure rate, fuel-efficient and other advantages, is its stable sales climbing magic. More biased towards the appearance of the home style and interior, it is more in line with the public aesthetic. Although the new Sylphy's shape is more dynamic, young, and the introduction of the driving support system fit audi a6 quattro turbocharger and CarPlay, but Sylphy's largest capital is still word of mouth. We believe that the new Sylphy will be by virtue of the inertia of the word of mouth, sales advantage will continue for some time.

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