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If you find yourself skipping days in your fitness program, enlisting the help of a friend can put you back on track. By having a friend to exercise with, you will stay motivated. When you workout with another person, you are engaging in a bit of healthy competition. This serves as motivation and encourages you to work harder to meet your shared goals.


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Attention to wearing a wig

Attention to wearing a wig
Wearing a wig will not cause allergies, but those who are more sensitive to the physical, it is best not to wear. In addition, the wig will have a certain impact on the head skin, originally suffering from dermatitis, eczema and other skin diseases, if wearing a magic tape wrap on ponytail, may aggravate the condition, and so on, such as skin diseases completely better, and then wear. In addition, the hot summer weather, wearing wigs unfavorable sweat, so the wearer should choose good quality in the selection of the best wig wig, with breathable mesh, but not to wear a long time.
How does the girls Wig Natural and beautiful? Should their short hair wig with headgear trap, lest his hair out, especially bangs. If you use a wig, you should pay attention to the color and the true hair color consistent, do not get out of line.
A wig needs a comb to remove the dust stuck to the wig and must be cleaned regularly. After the wig is cleaned, it is dried with a dry towel, then dried by a hair dryer or dried on a rack, so that it is good for the health and prolongs the service life of the wig.
When a wig is collected, it should be washed and placed on a support to avoid folding.


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Washing synthetic wigs – step by step

A synthetic wig doesn’t need to be washed very often – after 10 or 12 wears is usually enough. Still, you might have to wash your wig more often if you use a lot of spray or mousse on ponytail hairstyle. Every washing shortens the life of your wig, so our advice is try not to use excessive styling products on it, and don’t wash your wig until it looks like it needs to be washed.

1. Remove tangles with your fingers and gently brush your wig. The only exception is wigs that are very curly – don’t attempt to brush them

2. Fill a basin with cool water (hot water can damage your wig), mix a little bit of synthetic wig shampoo into it and place your wig in the water. Leave it to soak for about 5 minutes.

3. Swirl your wig around in the water, but don’t rub the fibers

4. Rinse your wig under running water

5. Shake excess water off your wig and spread it on a towel to dry. Alternatively, you can put it on a wig stand. If you have wig conditioner, put it on the wig and gently work it through the strands with your fingers. Remember you can’t use blow dryer on a synthetic wig, so place your wig in a warm room with good ventilation and let it dry naturally.


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