Cartier: four diamonds love ring

Elegant beautiful Cartier jewelry creates four precious ring, dazzling diamond charm. Quality of sublime beauty for personalized jewelry, style unique, craft extraordinary wedding. Wedding ring, diamond engagement ring, and banquet treasure, no matter what the occasion, the ring through the fingertips makeup dot skin, be permeated with female beauty and artistically elegant. Each reveals the delicate and creative, like replica Cartier love bracelet Muse of modern style. Abstract alternately flowers bloom, and freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting, blend in cocktail ring top charm of the golden age extreme Trinity ring, mesmerizing.
The natural combination of diamond and design style
Diamond, round into a flower a romantic mixed… This is 18 k white gold wedding ring, pure and fresh flavor of youth, like a wisp of embroidered with flowers of bud silk, single diamond shop, round brilliant cut diamonds set with fancy pear-shaped cut diamond staggered. The sophistication, Cartier love ring replica bloom out of blossom, romantic soft light shone, make brand of ornamental design style blossom buds early the charm of the eternal.
The diamond ring
18 k white gold and diamond
Ring size is 52:6 pear-shaped cut diamonds (0.6 carat total weight), and 84 are round brilliant cut diamonds (0.6 carat total weight)
Between the abstract and pocket, reveal the special design style… Line and contracted modelling encompasses everything: square cut diamonds are round brilliant cut diamonds and princess bag set of jewelry process geometry. A memorable wedding buddhist monastic discipline, faithfully adhering to the Cartier decorative arts, jewelry masters will round diamonds around in circles, bloom the most dazzling light.
The diamond ring
18 k white gold
Ring size is 52:27 round brilliant cut diamonds (0.77 carat total weight) and princess nine square cut diamonds (1.44 carat total weight)
Pleasure of love and best female glamour to initiative… Adopts the hinged ring whole mesh structure, gentle like water, like a high fashion masterpiece, joint female body zi. Exquisite high-end jewelry craft, make long trapezoidal cutting photograph folded wrong with round cut diamonds, until will with full coverage. Ring to bright light, to Cartier cocktail ring top charm of the golden age show stature and delicate emotions, reveal extreme female glamour.
The diamond ring
18 k white gold
Ring size is 52:18 long trapezoidal cutting diamonds (2.16 carat total weight) and 36 diamonds (1.76 carat total weight)
Trinity Ruban ring, diamond classic
Diamond and Trinity ring, two myths, two mysterious ideas: the former is the most valuable ore, the latter by the third ring road is tender intersection, magic jewelry complex process.
Both once, then life miracle: passion and eternal interweave, Trinity Ruban diamond engagement ring lit dream of pure beauty.
Diamond engagement ring flush move feeling, ecstatic love with diamonds, with infinite single line, have highlighted the correlation. Embodiment unique jewelry, pave diamond platinum ribbon, deduce fake Cartier love bracelet saga.
Ring lightness and harmony, constantly rotating gracefully between the curve, as the dance the waltz, show promise for a happy very happy.
Sensitive and pure, soft and tender, infinite originality again about Trinity three-ring ring legend, third ring around a diamond, weight ranging from 0.5 to 4.99 carats. Exquisite jewelry craft the metal curved around, in front of the colorful bearing perfect combination with symbolism, very elegant, was very exciting.
Trinity Ruban diamond engagement ring
Ring size is 52: one weighs 1.5 carat (optional) and 0.5 to 4.99 carats of drill and 125 diamonds of weigh 1.29 carat total weight
In January 2014
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