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CELINE's flagship store opening new London, England
On March 21, 2014, London — CELINE London flagship store opening, located in west London fashion landmark Mayfair district monte Street no. 103 (Mount Street).
New creative directors Phoebe Philo, together with CELINE team aims to keep the building appearance, with fine craft and the original stone material internal space environment renovation decoration, highly praise from all walks Cartier love ring replica of life and wide public concern.
Focuses on the fine lines and details and the design of the function and at the same time, CELINE will also casual place sweet feeling and rich in which runs through the tactility of female charm, unforgettable. Classic and modern fusion, strength and comfort of harmonious coexist.
Outer wall adopts unique concave window design, dark rocco wooden floor window frame, tie-in translucence rose powder resin screen, not only make the soft lighting, more make the shopping experience add intimate fake Cartier love bracelet feeling.
In the six hundred — square — meter store, three hundred square metres of each layer spacious space experience.
By more than arc Ma Mannu plaster walls, around the center of the oval display space, while conveniently divided into three intervals on handbags, shoes and clothing.
Floor design reference of woodiness floor strip spelling a flower design, carefully selected twelve different material and color of natural semi-precious stone and marble, compared to traditional parquet floor more think of opportunely. The whole space chose 6000 piece of marble tiles. In the top design, plane droplight patchwork of large irregular graphics, make indoor shopping district and bright, daylighting through flat-fell Cartier love bracelet replica seam at the same time building the original roof structure.
The Danish artist FOS together with CELINE, creating a series of unique work of art, from the door of the cast iron door handles, to a long table is put in the middle of the shop, then to the irregular shape bench shoes in white, and gold droplight, floor lamp and the pentagram deck shop delicate design, foil the rigorous brand aesthetics. In addition, FOS also specially designed a showcase of costume jewelry and sunglasses, and at the entrance of the store design a Celine's iconic Cabas bag display shelf.

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