Cleveland Browns: The benefits of signing a free agent quarterback

The Cleveland Browns have several options when it comes to finding a starting quarterback, and signing a free agent has its benefits.

The Cleveland Browns surprised fans in 2016 by signing Robert Griffin III to a two-year deal, thus ending the talks of drafting a quarterback with the No. 2 overall pick.

The talks of Jared Goff or Carson Wentz ended, and Griffin became the starter, even though that doesn’t seem like the best decision in hindsight. The good news now is that the Browns got the first year of the rebuild out of the way, and can look to invest in a quarterback who can hold down the role for more than just a single season.

Jimmy Garoppolo was the first serious name linked to the Browns, although no one knows if the Browns would actually offer up a big trade for him, or if the Patriots actually want to trade him.

Then there are the rookie quarterbacks, such as Mitch Trubisky, Deshaun Watson, and wholesale jerseys china DeShone Kizer, who could be options at either No. 1 or No. 12 in the draft.

But another potential option is a quarterback in the free agent market, with Tyrod Taylor being the current favorite from that group, especially after the Browns recently signed his former quarterbacks coach from Buffalo.

Taylor is expected to be let go by the Bills, who have seemingly moved on now that Rex Ryan is no longer in charge. There is a small chance he does stay, but the $90 million extension he signed last year was mostly non-guaranteed, allowing the team cheap nfl jerseys to cut him and move on after once again missing the postseason.

If he is cut by the Bills, Taylor becomes an instant favorite to be the Browns’ starter in 2017. cheap jerseys china

While the goal is to find a franchise quarterback, ideally through the NFL Draft, the Browns are still several years away from being a playoff contender. The rest of the roster needs to be built up, and Taylor offers a solid option at the quarterback position in the meantime.

The 2018 draft class also has some solid quarterback options cheap jerseys from china if the Browns decide no one this year is worthy of being taken in the first round.

Signing Taylor before the draft would cheap jerseys allow him to come to Cleveland right away and assume the starting role, giving the young team an experienced player to hold down the position.

Other options in the market include players like Mike Glennon and Tony Romo, but neither of those seem smart for this Browns team. Glennon is rather inexperienced wholesale jerseys while Romo is even more injury-prone than Griffin, and is too old to be relied upon in Cleveland during this current rebuild.

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So when it comes to potential free agent quarterbacks, Tyrod Taylor would be a smart choice. He still needs to hit the open market, but if he does, expect the Browns to pursue him right away.

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