EU version WIFI smart socket with power consumption monitory

1, WiFi smart socket, breaking the smart home has always been a complex system image, with a staff of a smart phone and independent APP, you can anywhere in the world remote control of home appliances.
2, Safty WIFI controlled smart AU plug no complicated installation process, plug and play. Socket support Android / ios mainstream operating system, download the application, you can achieve local, remote free control.
3, Wireless wifi smart switch support real-time status feedback, electrical work can be real-time feedback to the client, support multiple timing tasks set. The handset client can control multiple smart sockets.

1. Support WiFi network
2. Support SmartLink net technology, fast connection, easy installation
3. Wi-Fi Universal Remote Control
4. Remote control your home appliances before you are arrived at home
5. DIY your favorite, Create Scene, Scheduling, Auto Home/Auto Away
6.Free APPs for iOS & Android system
7.Compact design to save your space

Ideal for remote control air conditioner, dehumidifier, air ionizer, water cooler, heaters, aquarium, etc. at home or in office

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