Ligand Based Drug Design Biology Essay

Medicilon's structural biology department offers services supporting structure-based drug discovery from determination of novel targets to final structures. Our platform is one of the earliest established structural biology platforms in China and has been certified by the Shanghai Government. Email:[email protected]
Computational Biology & Molecular Modeling
— Structural-Based Drug Design (SBDD)
— De Novo Drug Design
— Virtual Drug Screening
— Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship (QSAR)
— ADMET Property Optimization
In practice, drugs were found by synthesizing the variety of compounds in taking a long time as well as many step processes against in vivo biological screens and additional examine is required for their pharmacokinetic properties, metabolic studies and possible toxicity studies. Such pre determined development process has resulted in higher success rates. This type of systematic development process which reduces the various failures such as poor pharmacokinetic studies, lack of efficacy, animal toxicity, adverse effects in humans and various miscellaneous factors.
The process of drug discovery has been cause the major change with the arrival of genomics, bioinformatics, proteomics, and effective technologies like, combinatorial chemistry, virtual screening, high throughput screening (HTS), de novo drug design, in vitro studies and in silico studies for pharmacokinetic screening and also for the structure-based drug design.
The In silico procedures are very useful in identifying drug targets via bioinformatics tools such as computer software programs. Further it is used to examine the lead structures for potential binding or active sites, produce structurally similar molecules, verifying for its drug likeness properties, dock these active molecules (ligands) with the target enzyme, arrange them according to their binding attractions, and finally optimize the lead molecules for to enhance its binding properties.
Nowadays the computers and various computational methods are developed for following reasons such as,
To reduce the complexity
Time consuming
Accurate results
Lower cost
Novel target identification
Various facilities which brings the drug discovery process in a very simplest way those are,
High performance computing
Data management software
Internet and etc.,
Major advantages of computation in the drug development process as follows,
Virtual screening and de novo drug design
In silico pharmaco kinetic properties prediction
Improved methods for to determine protein-ligand binding.
Currently various protein targets are available through many newer techniques such as
Bio informatic methods,
Nowadays the demand is increased for computational methods that can encounter and examine active sites of the lead molecules and propose its possible drug molecules that can bind particularly in these binding sites. Usage of computers at early steps is concurrently reducing the cost and time need for the drug discovery and development process.

POS Software for Clothing Retail

Point of Sale is where the process of a retail transaction ends. It is when the consumer makes payment for a particular product or service. Retailers initially used to maintain electric and manual cash registers to record data of sales. But with the advent of software systems this process is simplified.

Point of Sale (POS) systems or electronic POS are positioned wherever a transaction occurs. It is the terminal that is used for checkouts in clothing and apparel store. The POS systems use software that offer much more than just recording the sales data and printing a receipt, it integrates with customer relationship management, tracks inventory, provides sales history, and does account reporting too.

A lot of high end retail brands use extremely expensive and advanced POS software, some of which are customized according to their needs. It improves the productivity and efficiency of retail stores.

Inventory control: Sales executives can record and update information related to stock outs and discrepancies, track serial numbers, track supply movement, get data on best and worst selling articles, details related to product costs and profit margins. Moreover, this feature includes automatically updating the stock replacements or refills required, and directing store deliveries.

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Get the Best Technology News Wherever and Whenever You Want

News is something important in the fast running world today. We need to be updated on what is going around us and how people are dealing with it. As technology is taking over all spheres of our lives with its huge impact it has also made its way to the news and occupies a major segment there. Technology news is very important for us as when we face problems with it we look forward to reading the same. Whether its buying a new device or finding updates, technology news always comes handy when we are in need.

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These websites come handy when you don’t know how to use some device or software and are searching for some guidance. They provide you with a step by step manual and videos to show you how to use the same. For example they can make to understand how to connect Bluetooth to xbox one.


When you are searching particular things these websites come handy as they give you the insight of the same. For example if you are finding Amazon apps for android these websites make it really easy for you to filter out the ones for android and give you the best suggestions for the same


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They also show you the best apps available in the market for your phone and also gives you update about the updates available for the apps you are already using. This helps you to find the best apps for your use and make sure that they are of good quality as well supportive in your phone.


They are also useful when you just need some updates on the new technologies and devices hitting the market and just to have an insight in the same. It helps you keep an eye on everything new that is coming up and find something that matches your fantasy.
Hence these websites are very useful for the people who love to stay updated about the technology. Techies is what we can refer them to as, in the world we are living today it is very important to stay updated about the same.

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Findings from a multi-method study on test-driven development

Test-driven development (TDD) is an iterative software development practice where unit tests are defined before production code. A number of quantitative empirical investigations have been conducted about this practice. The results are contrasting and inconclusive. In addition, previous studies fail to analyze the values, beliefs, and assumptions that inform and shape TDD.
We present a study designed, and conducted to understand the values, beliefs, and assumptions about TDD. Participants were novice and professional software developers.

We conducted an ethnographically-informed study with 14 novice software developers, i.e., graduate students in Computer Science at the University of Basilicata, and six professional software developers (with one to 10 years work experience). The participants worked on the implementation of a new feature for an existing software written in Java. We immersed ourselves in the context of our study. We collected qualitative information by means of audio recordings, contemporaneous field notes, and other kinds of artifacts. We collected quantitative data from the integrated development environment to support or refute the ethnography results.

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A software reference architecture for semantic-aware Big Data systems

Big Data systems are a class of software systems that ingest, store, process and serve massive amounts of heterogeneous data, from multiple sources. Despite their undisputed impact in current society, their engineering is still in its infancy and companies find it difficult to adopt them due to their inherent complexity. Existing attempts to provide architectural guidelines for their engineering fail to take into account important Big Data characteristics, such as the management, evolution and quality of the data.

Objective: In this paper, we follow software engineering principles to refine the λ-architecture, a reference model for Big Data systems, and use it as seed to create Bolster, a software reference architecture (SRA) for semantic-aware Big Data systems.

Method: By including a new layer into the λ-architecture, the Semantic Layer, Bolster is capable of handling the most representative Big Data characteristics (i.e., Volume, Velocity, Variety, Variability and Veracity).

Results: We present the successful implementation of Bolster in three industrial projects, involving five organizations. The validation results show high level of agreement among practitioners from all organizations with respect to standard quality factors.

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Real Madrid peliasut vuosia 2017-18

Real Madrid esitteli uudet jalkapallo pelipaidat ja valmisteli erityisen videon, jossa oli suurimmat tähtiklubit 2017/2018 kaudella.
Toisaalta tulevana kautena Adidaksen saksalaiset suunnittelijat ovat vedonneet taivaansinisiksi väreiksi, jotka täydentävät todellista valkoista väriä. Toisaalta toisella sarjalla on peliasut pimeässä yhdistelmässä, joka täydentää turkoosi väriä. Oikealla puolella on myös tunnus, joka sisustaa Real Madridia nykyisen Mestarien liigan voittajana. Videossa näemme, että Karim Benzema kääritty uuteen kauteen Real Madrid pelipaidat ja Cristiano Ronaldo tulee pelaamaan uuden kauden uusi Real Madrid pelipaita.
Espanjalainen ilmapiiri näytti faneilleen pelipaidat.Kolmas peliasut ei ole vielä paljastunut. Uuden kauden nauttimisen nostamiseksi entisestään meidän on ryhdyttävä toimiin ostamaan jalkapallo peliasut.

Why We Love Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are the spice of life for our hair, that is! Hair extensions have become majorly popular, no matter what your age is and no matter where you are in the world. Women love hair extensions, and these are just some of the many reasons why.
Let’s start by stating the obvious: Hair extensions are extremely versatile! They take the doubt out of wondering what to do with your hair. Without extensions, women have a very hard time deciding what we want to do with our hair because of its permanency. If we decide to cut or dye it, there is no turning back. Hair extensions give us the ability and the freedom to change our hairstyle as frequently or as dramatically as we want! We can change our hair along with our mood, season, or occasion.
Even if they are hair extensions, they still look very natural. Compared to a wig, hair extensions look and move naturally with your real hair. With this being said, they can be added to your natural hair to give even more volume to your hairstyle. No matter how much hair extensions you have in your hair, it will look like it’s yours every time.
Not only do hair extensions look great, but they’re functional too! They help keep your hair healthy by allowing you to directly style/dye the hair extensions, instead of your own. The damage of straightening, curling, and dyeing goes directly to the extension and keeps your hair virtually untouched. This lets your hair grow even healthier than ever before.
Hair extensions also help in allowing damaged hair to heal. You can let your natural hair rest from all the ironing and hair product. Your hair will be able to rest and grow healthier by giving it a break and using hair styling tools and hair products directly on the hair extensions, instead.
The last and the ultimate reason why we love hair extensions is because it makes us feel confident! They allow us to achieve the style we want. When we look good, we feel good. It’s no wonder why women everywhere are wild about hair extensions!

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What challenge of hybrid cloud environments is addressed by IBM solutions like IBM Cast Iron, IBM MobileFirst platform integration and IBM API Management?
A. lack of workload portability
B. integration of systems of engagement and systems of record
C. service management of provisioned systems
D. mobile applications security in hybrid cloud environments
Answer: B

Based upon the diagram, which capability or capabilities should be provided by the Connection layer to allow developers to take advantage of the functionality offered by App A and APP B?
A. secure connectivity to database DB1 and DB2
B. API Discovery and Assembly
C. Monitoring and debug of Node js apps
D. network connectivity to enterprise IT
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