Mumbai Escorts: A Thematic Ramification


By the grace of print, electronic and the internet media, many people are well aware of the term “escorts”. The utterance of this term reminds one a class of women who earn their livelihood by offering amorous love and physical pleasure to those who look for the same. However, literally “escort” means someone (a person) or something (a vehicle) that accompany a person for his or her protection. In the course of time, the area of it has become widen to encompass more than only to give one mere company and protection. Now it means a person offering love, pleasure and physical satisfaction for money.

Many rejected lovers, dissatisfied husbands, travelers, and mere carnal love seekers like to have this service in order to shun their boredom and depression. It helps them become a fully balanced man of creativity and productivity. This is why nowadays escort service becomes one of legitimate service to keep a society balanced and cool.

As the statistics have come from different sources, the demand of female escorts is more than the male escorts. Mumbai is ruling the roost in the country. Escort service has received the highest growth among the all major cities in India. The dominance of model, film and advertising industry in the city and favorable beach environment has helped in the significant growth of Mumbai escort service. The availability of the beautiful girls has created a favorable environment. The matter of fact is that at least 100 new women get down at Mumbai station or land on the soil of the city, hoping to make bright a career in film or model industry. A significant number of them could not meet their target. To be more precise, they fail to establish them as a reputable Bollywood actress or television actress or at least a model. Out of frustration, they completely get into Mumbai escort world and create an identity as independent escorts in Mumbai.

Another side of the statistics says that many established Bollywood actresses, television girls and Mumbai model girls offer this service out of pleasure, keeping a close look at earning more with an enjoyment (as value added benefits).

Moreover, many working women working in MNCs, Banks, Financial and IT sectors offer this service as their part time job for leisure spending. A vast majority of these women being highly educated, well-mannered and sophisticated, they can become a valuable girlfriend or secretary when you go for high-level corporate meeting for an agreement or a new product or a service launch. Moreover, they can be your good companion in a social gathering event or an expert guide when you are getting around the city to explore the places of attractions or indulge in many pleasurable activities which the city has to offer you. These all are really very good for anyone who is going to hire independent escorts in Mumbai.

Needless to some of the escorts in Mumbai are highly influential. By the force of it, independent escorts Mumbai can easily arrange many things for you to make your Mumbai visit smooth and memorable.

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Mumbai Escorts Agency Call Girls Escort Service in Mumbai

-----Mumbai Escort: Its Critical Past and Favorable Present----

Mumbai escort service did not receive significant attention, until the globalization, liberalization and privatization was introduced and successfully implemented in Indian soil. As the consequence of it, a cosmopolitan culture started across the globe. Major Indian cities adopted some cultures, technologies, food habits, traditions, customs, and sound communication systems from other nations to keep pace with the go of the day.

Influence of escort service in Indian economy

Escort culture is one of such cultures that India imported from the other countries long before the introduction of LPG (Liberalization, privatization and globalization. LPG gave it a significant boost. As the consequence of it added a healthy amount in country’s economy.
Now it has received a big boost and touched the people of almost all classes and clusters in India. Escort service has now become an important industry, adding a notable amount to country’s per capita income. These all are economical factors.

Social factors involved in Indian escort service

Besides, there are some social factors as well. India being a conservative country, offering this service for satisfying sensual hunger was strictly prohibited- especially in rural areas. However, some courageous women started offering escort service for physical entertainment from major Indian cities. Mumbai was the front-runners among these. With the arrival of LPG, escort service received recognition as one of the required services for keeping the society well-balanced, creative, productive, calm, and quiet. Now it is one of the authorised services in India for rejuvenating people. Most interestingly, now Indian escorts are protected by various rules and regulations. As the consequence of it, many beautiful women have dreaded to offer escort service, taking it as a full-time profession for earning their livelihoods.

Mumbai escorts

As mentioned above, Mumbai is among the front running Indian cities that patronized this service and the persons involved in this profession. Now there are a significant number of Mumbai escorts offering escort service around the city. They are categorized in various classes, depending either on their main profession or activities ensured through a wide variety of services. You will have here independent Mumbai escorts, Mumbai model escorts, elite escorts and many like these.

Independent Mumbai escorts

They are dedicated to offering a satisfactory service to their men independently. They generally have no association with the Mumbai escort agencies. With the increasing demand of the day, their number has increased more than ever before. Now many working women, IT professionals, television actress, and reputable model girls have started their operations as independent Mumbai escorts. A few of them have taken it as an interesting game for spending their leisure in the most romantic and sensational ways.

Thus, Mumbai escort service has created a significant niche for it. Now it is one of the most desired options for many travellers, businessmen and working professionals to make their Mumbai trip spicy, colourful and fun-filling. A vast majority of these girls offer services in two ways. One is incall where their clients meet them at their place. Another is outcall where independent escorts in Mumbai meet their men at their clients’ private chambers. Naturally, former is cheaper than later.

-----Changing Dynamics of Mumbai Escorts-----

Dynamics of Mumbai escorts has changed significantly, keeping pace with globalization, the internet and computer technology. The involvement of more professional and technical persons in the industry has made Mumbai escort industry faster and advanced. Industrialists, travellers, working professionals, and businessmen who are coming for a business trip are showing their increasing interest for it in order to revitalize them after their hard working days. As the means of communication, they are using modern electronic and internet media. It helps help in fair, transparent yet secret dealing.

Unlike the past days, modern Mumbai escorts are taking it as their part time job or a mere activity for gratifying their sensual hunger. The then time, escorts in Mumbai used to work under a few Mumbai escort agencies. This was their full-time job for earning bread and butter. Similarly, Mumbai escort service seekers would contact the agencies for getting a girl. In most of the cases, service seekers would visit at escort place. To be more precise, people were to come to the agency location to choose a girl from the photos stuck to the walls.

Gone are those days. Now many working professionals, IT experts, and human resource managers have come to the industry, making the service more open, wide, convenient, and independent. The uses of the internet, computer technology, and various social media platforms have made the process expeditious and secret. Now it has been a business and authorised service. Service seekers are looking for it online, using their available devices. Consequently, the service provider has started marketing for it in various ways.

Formerly, a vast majority of Mumbai escorts took the service for earning their bread and butter. Now most of the women have taken it as their part time job for enjoying. Therefore, a significant improvement is found in the quality of Mumbai escort service.

Now many advanced thinking Mumbai escorts are working independently without any intervention of Mumbai escort agency. They are free to offer their services according to their clients’ needs in their most desired ways. They are known well as independent Mumbai escorts. They play various roles to offer satisfactory services to their men.

There are many Mumbai escorts owning a professional website for attracting their customers. Some advanced independent model escorts have understood that owning an active, interactive and visually appealing websites is not the all. It cannot give them a very good business, unless the websites easily get rank on various search engines. Therefore, these Mumbai escorts have started practising digital marketing for their websites.

A few fashion conscious model escorts decorate them well in order to stand them out from the crowd. They put on garments and shoes of the least models and designs. Using transparent dress and stylish shoe, they wear a smart look to easily arrest the attention of their men.

Instead of waiting before or behind a hotel, cinema hall or bar like the past days, independent Mumbai escorts contact their men over the internet and offer incall or outcall services. Many new rules and regulation have been implemented to keep the process smooth.

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OBDSTAR X300 DP Adds Fuel Injector Function in May 2017

Original OBDSTAR X300 pro3 (Key Master), OBDSTAR X300 DP (Key Master DP) full configuration updated new immo, PDF reset, odometer reset etc car models, the new released adds fuel injector function on May 27th,2017.


OBDSTAR Tools May 27th Update Plan:

Odometer Reset:

  1. K line odometer reset Model(M2) for AUDI/VW/SKODA/SEAT are added.
  2. VW Golf 7 models are added.
  3. Chassis W169 for BENZ A serial by OBD are added.
  4. Chassis W245 for BENZ B serial by OBD are added.
  5. Chassis W204 for BENZ C serial by OBD are added.
  6. Chassis W209 for BENZ CLK serial by OBD are added.
  7. Chassis W207(E-COUPE) for BENZ CLK serial by OBD are added.
  8. Chassis W218 for BENZ CLS serial by OBD are added.
  9. Chassis W212 for BENZ E serial by OBD are added.
  10. Chassis X204 for BENZ GLK serial by OBD are added.
  11. Chassis R197 for BENZ SLC serial by OBD are added.



The 4th and 5th generation for the programming of VW/AUDI/SKODA/SEAT are added as follows (vag 4th 5th immo programming requires to work with OBDSTAR RFID immo code reader adapter):

  1. 1. CDC+24C32 Types
  2. NEC+24C32 Types
  3. 2013 Johnson Types;
  4. Motorola 9S12XHZ512 Types;
  5. NEC+24C64 Color Screen- Type 1
  6. NEC+24C64 Color Screen- Type 2
  7. NEC+24C64 White Screen Type
  8. NEC+24C64(VDO -12) Type
  9. NEC+95320 Type
  10. NEC+35XX Type
  11. Magotan/ CC Type
  12. Q7/A6L(C6)9S12DT(G)128 Type
  13. Q7/A6L(C6)9S12DT(G)256 Type
  14. Lifan Marvell models are added, which includes Add/Clear Keys, Program/Delete ESCL functions.
  15. Jiangling MU-X models are added as key programming and key clearing.



Fuel Injector (Primary Issuance):


  1. 1. Fuel Injector for Chery models are added.
  2. Fuel Injector for Dongfeng Honda CR-V, CIVIC, SPIRIOR are added.
  4. Fuel Injector for Acura are added.
  5. Fuel Injector for Honda models are added.
  6. Fuel Injector for Changcheng 4D20 Boshi Diesel Engine, 4D20 Delphi electronic control system, and Liaoning Xinfeng electronic control system.
  7. Fuel Injector for Zhengzhou Nissan Ruiqi ZD28 Engine and ZD25TCR diesel engine.



DPF Function:

  1. DPF for Renault is added.
  2. DPF for Range Rover Sport 2014 is added.





1. Optimize the programming software for SUZUKI, Hyundai, Kia, GM and Toyota.