SDconnect C4 Xentry on Mercedes 205 “Files missing”

Here is the issue and solution of how to get Xdos Xentry 17.3.5 to work fine on Mercedes C 205 when users but tried to access C 205 it says “files missing”.

That is, update C4 and it will work!!!

To update SD connect C4 interface, make sure you have 6xAA 1700 mAH rechargeable batteries inside which are already fully charged.

If no batteries or weak batteries, often parts of the update will fail.

If you put in non rechargeable, then there is risk of explosion!

Caution: 6xAA rechargeable batteries!!!

Good tips:

– How to install SD connect C4 battery:

– How update SDconnect c4 firmware:

– How to update SDconnect C4 to firmware v2.30:

Thanks for laco210 for making important point.

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Which IBM capability is used to control and manage traffic and SLAs in a hybnd cloud environment?
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Ta Wan, Restaurant Wajib di Kunjungi Bersama dengan Teman-teman

Mau makan di luar bersama dengan teman-teman Anda tapi bingung mau makan di mana? Mungkin teman Anda ingin makan seafood, tapi Anda sendiri ingin makan sesuatu yang hangat dan ringan seperti bubur? Atau bisa jadi teman Anda ingin makan masakan Cina? Anda tak perlu jauh-jauh mencarinya, karena Ta Wan Restaurant enak di mall ini akan memberikan Anda semua pilihan tersebut. Restaurant wajib di kunjungi ini menawarkan menu yang lengkap.

Apa saja yang tersedia di Ta Wan Restaurant ini? Anda akan mendapatkan menu-menu seperti:

1. Berbagai masakan mie dan nasi
Anda pecinta bakmie ayam atau nasi goreng? Nikmati masakan seperti mie ayam jamur, nasi goreng dengan ikan asin, dan bahkan nasi goreng yang dimasak bersama nanas.

2. Banyak pilihan seafood
Ingin makan makanan laut? Ta Wan menyediakan masakan seperti cumi goreng, udang dengan bumbu rujak, kepiting soka, ikan dory, dan macam-macam masakan laut lainnya lagi.

3. Macam-macam bubur
Atau Anda ingin yang hangat dan ringan? Anda bisa menikmati Bubur Tiga Rasa spesial dari Ta Wan, bubur ayam dengan telur phitan, atau pun bubur seafood.

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Effective Use of Search Engine Optimization Will Complement Your Digital Content

With an incredible increase in the number of Web users on several handheld devices, digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization have become a lot more pertinent. On the other hand, even though concentrating on your SEO techniques and making the most of your digital marketing is highly recommended, too much of either one could end up having a negative impact on your venture. This is because inundating your content with both could make you disconnect with your targeted demographics. Below are some ways that you can make use of with SEO effectively and ensure you are establishing a genuine connection with your potential clients.

Go Easy On The Key Terms

The fundamentals of SEO are creating content that focuses more on a specific idea. The use of your chosen keywords throughout your content is what gives it better chances at higher page ranking in the leading search engines. The downside to this is when you pay more attention to including such keywords that less focus on to actually establishing a genuine human connection with your content. Always keep this aspect in mind that the prime purpose of your content is to develop a connection with your potential as well as existing customers. A fixation on your keyword usage and search engine ranking could literally end up having a negative impact on this purpose. Ensure you have your keywords in mind before you move ahead. Check out the description here

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Mercedes-Benz S400 car ECO function can not be used

A driving distance of about 75,000 km, equipped with 276 twin-turbo engine Mercedes-Benz S400 sedan. Customer Response: The vehicle ECO function can't be used.mb sd connect compact 4
Fault diagnosis: after the car to start the car, no alarm on the instrument, connect the diagnostic computer for rapid testing, the control unit are no fault code. And the customer road test to verify the fault phenomenon, found that the ECO indicator on the instrument has been yellow, driving for a long time will not turn green.5054A
Using the diagnostic computer into the engine control unit (ME) in the ECO state actual value, found that the actual value is normal, as shown in Figure 1.Foxwell NT510 Scanner

As the actual value shows normal, can not determine the fault range, try to engine control unit, transmission control unit, ESP control unit, before the SAM and after the SAM control unit are upgraded, the fault remains the same. Then after the throttle cleaning and 10min power failure, the fault still did not improve.OBD2
First look at the ECO start / stop function How it works: When the vehicle is at rest, the ECO start / stop function automatically turns off the engine and starts the engine as soon as the driver wants to start. Turning the engine off when the vehicle is stationary can reduce fuel consumption emission. The engine control unit continually performs system diagnostics and evaluates the system status of the ECO start / stop function. All systems involved in the ECO start / stop function continually check their status and send this status to the powertrain control unit (N127) and send them to the ME control unit via the CAN C1 (drive system area network). If the functional requirements are met, the «ECO» symbol in the dashboard is green to inform the driver that the ECO start / stop function is ready.Autel PS100
The function sequence of the engine auto stop is: If the following functional requirements are met, the ME control unit will shut down the engine. ECO start / stop function button lights up (that the system is fault-free and ECO start / stop function enabled); speed is 0; coolant temperature between 60 ~ 115 ℃; transmission oil temperature between 10 ~ 120 ℃; The engine speed is within the specified range; the range is at «D» or «flash»; the accelerator pedal is not operating; the running brake has been actuated until the vehicle is stopped; the brake booster has sufficient vacuum; the air suspension system, The auxiliary brake system and the distance control system do not perform the operation intervention function; the hood is closed: no collision signal; the steering wheel angular velocity is within the specified value range; the vehicle electrical system is in normal condition; the driver's door is closed and the driver's seat belt The temperature inside the car has been adjusted.

Washing synthetic wigs – step by step

A synthetic wig doesn’t need to be washed very often – after 10 or 12 wears is usually enough. Still, you might have to wash your wig more often if you use a lot of spray or mousse on ponytail hairstyle. Every washing shortens the life of your wig, so our advice is try not to use excessive styling products on it, and don’t wash your wig until it looks like it needs to be washed.

1. Remove tangles with your fingers and gently brush your wig. The only exception is wigs that are very curly – don’t attempt to brush them

2. Fill a basin with cool water (hot water can damage your wig), mix a little bit of synthetic wig shampoo into it and place your wig in the water. Leave it to soak for about 5 minutes.

3. Swirl your wig around in the water, but don’t rub the fibers

4. Rinse your wig under running water

5. Shake excess water off your wig and spread it on a towel to dry. Alternatively, you can put it on a wig stand. If you have wig conditioner, put it on the wig and gently work it through the strands with your fingers. Remember you can’t use blow dryer on a synthetic wig, so place your wig in a warm room with good ventilation and let it dry naturally.