Systems and methods of fluidic sample processing

Medicilon has been recognized as one of the top drug discovery contract research organizations (CRO) in China and is managed by a team of scientists with a wealth of experience in US-based pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. As our areas of expertise and service capabilities continue to expand, more and more pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies have taken advantage of our integrated drug discovery and development services.Email:[email protected]
One advantage of the current invention is that assay results can be substantially immediately communicated to any third party that may benefit from obtaining the results. For example, once the analyte concentration is determined at the external device, it can be transmitted to a patient or medical personnel who may need to take further action. The communication step to a third party can be performed wirelessly as described herein, and by transmitting the data to a third party's hand held device, the third party can be notified of the assay results virtually anytime and anywhere. Thus, in a time-sensitive scenario, a patient may be contacted immediately anywhere if urgent medical action may be required.
In some embodiments a method of automatically selecting a protocol to be run on a fluidic device comprises providing a fluidic device comprising an identifier detector and an identifier; detecting said identifier with said identifier detector; transferring said identifier to an external device; and selecting a protocol to be run on said fluidic device from a plurality of protocols on said external device associated with said identifier.
By detecting each fluidic device based on an identifier associated with the fluidic device after it is inserted in the reader assembly, the system of the present invention allows for fluidic device-specific protocols to be downloaded from an external device and run on the fluidic device. In some embodiments the external device can store a plurality of protocols associated with the fluidic device or associated with a particular patient or group of patients. For example, when the identifier is transmitted to the external device, software on the external device can obtain the identifier. Once obtained, software on the external device, such as a database, can use the identifier to identify protocols stored in the database associated with the identifier. If only one protocol is associated with the identifier, for example, the database can select the protocol and software on the external device can then transmit the protocol to the communication assembly on the reader assembly. The ability to use protocols specifically associated with a fluidic device allows for any appropriate fluidic device to be used with a single reader assembly, and thus virtually any analyte of interest can be detected with a single reader assembly.
In some embodiments multiple protocols may be associated with a single identifier. For example, if it is beneficial to detect from the same patient an analyte once a week, and another analyte twice a week, protocols on the external device associated with the identifier can also each be associated with a different day of the week, so that when the identifier is detected, the software on the external device can select a specific protocol that is associated with the day of the week.
In some embodiments a patient may be provided with a plurality of fluidic devices to use to detect a variety of analytes. A subject may, for example, use different fluidic devices on different days of the week. In some embodiments the software on the external device associating the identifier with a protocol may include a process to compare the current day with the day the fluidic device is to be used based on a clinical trial for example. If for example, the two days of the week are not identical, the external device can wirelessly send notification to the subject using any of the methods described herein or known in the art to notify them that an incorrect fluidic device is in the reader assembly and also of the correct fluidic device to use that day. This example is only illustrative and can easily be extended to, for example, notifying a subject that a fluidic device is not being used at the correct time of day.
In some embodiments, the present invention provides a method of obtaining pharmacological data useful for assessing efficacy and/or toxicity of a pharmaceutical agent from a test animal utilizing the subject fluidic devices or systems.
When using laboratory animals in preclinical testing of a pharmaceutical agent, it is often necessary to kill the test subject to extract enough blood to perform an assay to detect an analyte of interest. This has both financial and ethical implications, and as such it may be advantageous to be able to draw an amount of blood from a test animal such that the animal does not need to be killed. In addition, this can also allow the same test animal to be tested with multiple pharmaceutical agents at different times, thus allowing for a more effective preclinical trial. On average, the total blood volume in a mouse, for example, is 6-8 ml of blood per 100 gram of body weight. A benefit of the current invention is that only a very small volume of blood is required to perform preclinical trials on mice or other small laboratory animals. In some embodiment between about 1 microliter and about 50 microliters are drawn. In an embodiment between about 1 microliter and 10 microliters are drawn. In preferred embodiments about 5 microliters of blood are drawn.
A further advantage of keeping the test animal alive is evident in a preclinical time course study. When multiple mice, for example, are used to monitor the levels of an analyte in a test subject's bodily fluid over time, the added variable of using multiple subjects is introduced into the trial. When, however, a single test animal can be used as its own control over a course of time, a more accurate and beneficial preclinical trial can be performed.
In some embodiments a method of automatically monitoring patient compliance with a medical treatment using the subject fluidic devices or systems is provided. The method comprises the steps of allowing a sample of bodily fluid to react with assay reagents in a fluidic device to yield a detectable signal indicative of the presence of an analyte in said sample; detecting said signal with said fluidic device; comparing said signal with a known profile associated with said medical treatment to determine if said patient is compliant or noncompliant with said medical treatment; and notifying a patient of said compliance or noncompliance.
Noncompliance with a medical treatment, including a clinical trial, can seriously undermine the efficacy of the treatment or trial. As such, in some embodiments the system of the present invention can be used to monitor patient compliance and notify the patient or other medical personnel of such noncompliance. For example, a patient taking a pharmaceutical agent as part of medical treatment plan can take a bodily fluid sample which is assayed as described herein, but a metabolite concentration, for example, detected by the reader assembly may be at an elevated level compared to a known profile that will indicate multiple doses of the pharmaceutical agent have been taken. The patient or medical personnel may be notified of such noncompliance via any or the wireless methods discussed herein, including without limitation notification via a handheld device such a PDA or cell phone. Such a known profile may be located or stored on an external device described herein.

Facilitating a Transaction between a Client

Medicilon has been recognized as one of the top drug discovery contract research organizations (CRO) in China and is managed by a team of scientists with a wealth of experience in US-based pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. As our areas of expertise and service capabilities continue to expand, more and more pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies have taken advantage of our integrated drug discovery and development services.Email:[email protected]
Successful life science research service providers and their clients must devote significant time, effort and money to sample management, data management and analysis, accumulating knowledge of publicly accessible standard control samples, web site development, and sales and marketing. Building these essential business functions uses resources that otherwise could be used to develop core research technologies and expand service offerings. Moreover, the absence of these functions often prevents the association of, and subsequent transactions between, life science research providers and their clients.
Therefore, there is a need for companies that can provide these services in an efficient, accurate, and cost effective manner to clients and/or life science research service providers in order to facilitate transactions between clients and life science research service providers. The present invention provides solutions to these and other needs in the art of life sciences.
A reference in this specification to any prior publication (or information derived there from), or to any matter which is known, is not, and should not be taken as an acknowledgement or admission or any form of suggestion that the prior publication (or information derived there from) or known matter forms part of the common general knowledge in the field to which this specification relates.
A functional life science objective refers to a desired assessment goal of a client for a particular test sample requiring the performance of a series of life science research services (e.g., assays) in order to reach the desired assessment goal. The desired assessment goal is related to the life sciences field and answers a functional question regarding the test sample. For example, the sample may be a potential drug. The client may have the assessment goal of determining whether the potential drug is sufficiently non-toxic to file an investigational new drug application (IND) with the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). In this embodiment, the functional life science objective is a preclinical safety study requiring a plurality of assays to assess the safety of the potential drug. Such assays may include, for example, drug-drug interaction assays, cardiotoxicity assays, genotoxicity assays, cell toxicity assays, and target selectivity profiling assays. These safety assays may be performed by one or a plurality of life science research providers, some or all of which may be contacted by the facilitator company in order to fill the client's order.
Because many clients and research providers do not have knowledge of the battery of life science research services required to achieve a functional life science objective, the facilitator company provides valuable knowledge to the client and/or research provider for achieving a given assessment goal of the client. Thus, by identifying particular life science research services required to achieve a requested functional life science objective, and in some embodiments identifying one or more life science research service providers capable of performing one or more of the required life science research services, the facilitator company associates clients with service providers that may otherwise not be associated thereby facilitating transactions between a given client and service provider.
A wide array of life science research objectives may be provided by the facilitator company using the selectable internet-based listing. Appropriate objective include, for example, such as preclinical safety studies, target identification studies, target validation studies, target selectivity profiling studies, drug metabolism studies, biomarker identification studies, chemical optimization studies, drug formulation studies and the like.
Preclinical safety assays include tests designed to evaluate the safety of a potential drug (e.g., a prospective investigational new drug) prior to clinical testing. Preclinical safety studies typically include assays performed with cells and animal models to determine the possible effects of the prospective investigational new drug on the human body in a clinical setting. Target identification studies include tests used to identify one or more molecular or cellular entities that are modulated by a particular chemical or biological test sample (e.g., a prospective drug). Target validation studies include tests designed to confirm or rebut a theory concerning the ability of a chemical or biological sample to modulate one or more molecular or cellular entities. Target selectivity profiling studies include tests to determine whether a particular chemical or biological test sample (e.g., a prospective drug) modulates one or more of a family of related targets (e.g., 10, 100, 500 kinases or all currently known nuclear receptors). Drug metabolism studies include tests to measure the metabolism of a test sample in in vitro assays or in a test animal. Biomarker identification studies include tests to identify surrogate markers for a disease state. Chemical optimization studies include tests to determine optimal chemical synthetic routes for the synthesis of new chemical leads with improved drug properties. Drug formulation studies include tests to identify the optimal salt and crystalline forms of a chemical test sample.

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Elsawin 5.3 Windows 7 32bit Installation with Success

Elsawin 5.3 installation with success! I have installed ElsaWin 5.3 on Windows 7 Ultimate (32-bit) yesterday with success. All works fine.
Elsawin 4.0 i was using no issue, it’s very cheap now:

Elsawin 5.2 i’ve ever used, works fine:

also from this site:

And now Elsawin 5.3 download from it’s official blog
This is how i installed:
– first make shure that you have full authorizations in Windows 7 (administrator)
– Then turn off the DEP (data execution prevention) function in windows 7 by: Run CMD as admin, run command – bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOff, and reboot.

Run ElsaWin 4.0 till 5.3 as admin with XP compatibility. DO NOT ADD a database till you finished update 5.3, and with all installations “Check” and install the German language. (this to avoid missing graphics files.) i have done a reboot after each update.

Then install any DB you have!!!

If the 5.3 version does not accept the DB because it’s to old just take one of the Control#??.xml files open it in Notepad++(google to download) in the bottom line you see the file nr. () change the ??(nr.) to “53”, then save a copy as: control#53.xml and add to your DB and you can run the BD with success. (tested)

Also check if the languages you have “checked” in the Elsa installation are in the DB setup, if they are not in the DB setup it can be that the setup will be cancelled and no DB is installed or that just the DB is installed but not in all the languages you sellected in the Elsa installation.

Check also before installation if the DB is complete. there are a lot of DB on the net that are incomplete, some have no Graphics file, some have just 1 or 2 languages or other files missing.
If you have a known working database use it to compare it with your new database.

i have installed for now the DB VW and Audi.

– VW Database_04.2015 36,3 GB (installed this first because of the size, maybe more complete and is with commercial vehicles)
– VW_01.2016 21.5 GB
– Audi_02_2016 25,3 GB – BEFORE INSTALLING THIS AUDI DB!!! open it in Windows Explorer and look for the file: and change the name to:
It’s just a Typo (error in the name). replace the “_” in “#”. if you do not you get an error during installation and you end without the graphics.

i also have these DB: Seat 01-2015 and Skoda 03-2012, But i did not installed them because mine versions are far from complete and useless.

I hope that this will help you and will get you also a successful installation.

This artical is from official blog:

Oranje keepersshirt van Zoet is als enige PSV'er

Na afloop van de 1-0 zege van PSV op Vitesse ging het niet alleen over de Eindhovenaren en de Eredivisie. Opvallend Jeroen Zoet samengaand met zijn eerste optreden in een oranje goedkope voetbalshirts.
Het keeper van PSV maakt nationaal en internationaal al twee seizoenen op rij een stabiele en Oranje-waardige indruk. Zoet is als enige PSV'er,die dit seizoen al tien keer de nul hield bij PSV, in 24 optredens, opgenomen in de Oranje-selectie voor de WK-kwalificatiewedstrijd van 25 maart. Met een flitsend Nederland shirt hield de Keeper in het Philips Stadion het doel van zijn club voor de vierde keer sinds de winterstop schoon.
Zoet is een heel goede keeper, dat bewijst hij in bijna alle wedstrijden. Het zag er bijna demonstratief uit. Zoet was voor het eerst dit jaar in het Nederland goedkope voetbaltenues gestoken en lijkt morgen de meest logische optie bij Oranje om het doel te verdedigen tegen Bulgarije.

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Nigeria will perform exceedingly well in this year world cup but the Super Eagles will not win the cup. This is how the break down of how the game will look like: The Iran team will either draw with Nigeria or place The Super Eagles in a qualifying state on the game to be played on the 16th of June 2014. We apperceive from abounding examples that abounding sportsmen and women are superstitious. Probably it's from the accepted acumen for such awesome behaviours that it gives you the abating faculty of getting able to ascendancy a bearings at atomic partly that is actual important for you and about uncontrollable.

AnalysisShares typically approach a bottom when rumors circulate the company will be bought out or taken private. Seeking Alpha's market currents already reported that CEO Mark Pincus re tweeted an analysis supporting an argument that Zynga be taken private. Bien ahora que usted sabe algunas de las reglas bsicas del ftbol que puede probar este juego por s mismo. Hay muchas ligas de ciudad y estado que uno puede unirse para iniciar en el ftbol hay esfuerzos.

Cleveland Browns: The QB questions continue with the 2017 NFL Draft

The Cleveland Browns have done it again. They have earned the first overall pick in the NFL wholesale jerseys Draft during a year where there is no consensus top quarterback.

The Cleveland Browns are in a draft conundrum. Do they pick a quarterback with the first overall selection in the 2017 NFL Draft even though it may be a reach? Or do they draft the best value at the top pick cheap nfl jerseys and potentially miss out on their quarterback of the future?

In typical Browns fashion, they earned the first wholesale jerseys china overall pick in a year where there is no consensus top quarterback. To make matters worse, if there were a consensus top quarterback most draft experts agree he would not be worth the No. 1 overall pick.

The Browns are in “year 2” of a massive tear down and rebuild project. This past season saw the elimination of what Joe Thomas called the “middle class” of the roster. In its place were 13 draft picks and many undrafted free agents. The result was a 1-15 record that put the Browns in position this draft season to infuse the roster with more young talent. cheap jerseys

One of the biggest holes on the roster is quarterback. There are many schools of thought on how to build a roster. One model advocates picking the quarterback early then drafting a team around him. The other model mandates building a team first then drafting the quarterback second.

With the first overall pick, the Browns are in the crosshairs between drafting to fill out the team and being primed for picking the quarterback of the future. Fans, analysts cheap jerseys china and the media are split on which direction the Browns should take.

Let us examine each argument for and against taking a quarterback first overall. Only then will we be in position to lay out a path that makes sense for the Browns.

NEXT: Importance of the cheap jerseys from china Quarterback position

Passtcert Microsoft Azure Developer Specialist 70-532 questions and answers pdf Update

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You need to choose an Azure storage service solution. Which solution should you choose?
A. Queue storage
B. Blob storage
C. File storage
D. Table storage
Answer: C

You are deploying the web-based solution in the West Europe region. You need to copy the repository of existing works that the plagiarism detection service uses. You must achieve this goal by using the least amount of time. What should you do?
A. Copy the files from the source file share to a local hard disk. Ship the hard disk to the West Europe data center by using the Azure Import/Export service.
B. Create an Azure virtual network to connect to the West Europe region. Then use Robocopy to copy the files from the current region to the West Europe region.
C. Provide access to the blobs by using the Microsoft Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN). Modify the plagiarism detection service so that the files from the repository are loaded from the CDN.
D. Use the Asynchronous Blob Copy API to copy the blobs from the source storage account to a storage account in the West Europe region.
Answer: D

You need to implement data storage for patient information. What should you do?
A. Use the Update Entity operation of the Table Service REST API.
B. Use the Put Blob operation of the Blob Service REST API.
C. Use the Put Message operation of the Create Queue REST API.
D. Use the Set Share Metadata operation of the File Service REST API.
Answer: A

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Cleveland Browns: Building in the mold of the Atlanta Falcons

The Cleveland Browns may currently be the joke of the NFL, but they can contend sooner cheap jerseys from china than many realize by following the path of the NFC title bound Atlanta Falcons.

While many Cleveland Browns fans will pay little to no attention to the NFC title game on Sunday, all football fans should check out the emerging Atlanta Falcons. Watching Atlanta closely, Cleveland fans will see many similarities between their young 1-15 team and the champions of the NFC South.

When examining the Falcons, fans will realize that the Browns could be closer to contention than anyone would ever imagine.

Atlanta wins by scoring 33.9 points per game, the most in football. They ranked third in passing yards during the regular season despite not having Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, or Drew Brees at quarterback. They also ranked fifth in rushing, despite not having a household name at running back.

So how does Atlanta score so many points, and how is Cleveland ever going to cheap jerseys duplicate this?

A combination of factors has led to the rise of the Falcons and this offense. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have a 6-foot-4, 220-pound receiver like Julio Jones, who has four career 1,000-yard seasons, including this year in which he put up 1,409 yards.

But without another sizable threat in the passing game, Atlanta mostly relies on the speed of Mohamed Sanu, Justin Hardy, and former Brown, Taylor Gabriel. These weapons are utilized and maximized through the wholesale jerseys brilliant play-calling of an offensive coordinator Cleveland fans are familiar with, Kyle Shanahan.

The rushing attack is led by Devonta Freeman, a 24-year-old back who contributed 1,541 all-purpose cheap jerseys china yards during the regular season. Tevin Coleman is the offense’s second running back, an adequate but not flashy ball carrier.

For an offense lacking household names, collaboration is key. This, wholesale jerseys china as well as an offensive line anchored by center Alex Mack, another former Brown, has allowed the Falcons to redefine themselves as an offensive juggernaut.

The line ranks sixth according to Pro Football Focus, with Mack as the second best lineman in football and the top run blocker. With an offensive line like Atlanta’s, there is no need for players who can make one-handed catches or run a 4.3 40-yard dash.

The Browns may be a long ways from acquiring the sorts of players which make them comparable to the Falcons, but it could be argued that they already have the bare bones in place.

Terrelle Pryor, most notably, had one of the top seasons of all NFL receivers, and may get even better. His size, hands, and route-running ability is similar to that of Jones.

Isaiah Crowell and Duke Johnson will never be considered as the league’s top running backs, but they are similar in build and skill set to Freeman and Coleman, respectively. Behind the right offensive line, Crowell could be an extremely productive back.

Besides Jones, Atlanta’s other wide receivers don’t stand out any more than Cleveland’s. Sanu is much like first-round draft pick Corey Coleman, while Gabriel and Hardy can be compared to Andrew Hawkins and either Ricardo Louis or Rashard Higgins.

Most of all, red zone efficiency is what makes the Falcons so successful offensively. Ranked 10th in football inside the 20-yard-line, the Falcons score touchdowns on 61 percent of their trips.

Similarly, the Browns have the potential to be the same sort of offense in this respect as well. Tight end Gary Barnidge is a lethal weapon the Browns have in the red zone, as 14 of his 178 career receptions have been touchdowns. Plus, with Pryor’s size and nose for the ball, the red zone could be a strength for the Browns in the future, much like it is currently for Jones and the Falcons.

But play-calling is what makes this all possible. Offensive genius Kyle Shanahan certainly deserves a great degree of credit. And while Browns fans didn’t always like the play sequences called on multiple occasions this past season, head coach Hue Jackson is an established and well-respected offensive mind.

For Cleveland to continue following in Atlanta’s footsteps, they need to trust that coach Jackson can use his experience in play-calling from his time in Cincinnati to gain a step on the rest of the NFL’s cheap nfl jerseys offenses. This is how Atlanta has made their potent offense work, and it is how the Browns can do the same.

NEXT: The defense

2016 Cleveland Browns roster analysis: The wide receivers

The Cleveland Browns put a lot of stock into the wide receiver position in 2016, and some players surprised while other wholesale jerseys disappointed.

For years the Cleveland Browns have failed to supplement their quarterbacks with top-notch pass catchers. Since 1999 the team has cheap nfl jerseys only produced two Pro Bowl wide receivers, Braylon Edwards and Josh Gordon. The former first-round pick Edwards, was a one-year wonder in 2007 as he recorded 1,289 yards and hauled in 16 touchdowns. That was the only season in which he registered over 1,000-yard mark and double-digit touchdowns.

Josh Gordon, as we all know, has spent too much of his short career suspended. Gordon has a long list of baggage and his NFL career has been in serious jeopardy for some time. In 2013, his cheap jerseys second pro season, Gordon posted record-breaking numbers. He led the NFL in receiving yards with 1,646. His totals were also good enough to become the Browns all time single-season receiving yards leader ahead of Braylon Edwards and Webster Slaughter.

The Browns entered last offseason with a major concern at the wide receiver position with the absence of the unreliable Josh Gordon. The team choose to address their need at the position by drafting Corey Coleman in the first round and wholesale jerseys china then drafting three more receivers throughout the draft.

The biggest contribution came not from one of these rookies but from a surprise candidate in Terrelle Pryor. Pryor, the quarterback turned wide receiver, emerged as the offense’s top receiver in 2016. In his first full season playing receiver Pryor broke the 1,000 yard mark. The most impressive part is Pryor was in his first season playing the position and has room to improve.

Going into this 2017 offseason, wide receiver isn’t as high as a priority for the team with the emergence of Pryor and a cheap jerseys china group of young athletic wide receivers led by Corey Coleman.

NEXT: cheap jerseys from china Terrelle Pryor