Huawei pass H13-522-ENU HCNP-Cloud-FCDC study books

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Share some HCNP-Cloud H13-522-ENU exam questions and answers below.
FusionSphere network communications plane is divided into business plane, the memory plane and ____, and the three planes are isolated.
A. Virtualization plane
B. Management Plane
C. physical plane
D. Host plane
Answer: B

Technical characteristics of UItraVR host copying disaster recovery plan include ___. (Multiple choice)
A. one-button disaster recovery switch, disaster drills and planned migration
B. No need to install agent software in a virtual machine
C. does not depend on the storage device, supports a variety of storage types
D. support disaster recovery of the whole virtual machine (including the system volume and data volumes)
Answer: ABCD

When fully copying the snapshot, source volume read and write operation is not affected by data synchronization.
Answer: B

Huawei computing virtualization support loaning memory pages between different virtual machines, release the more free virtual machine memory to virtual machines with higher memory utilization, thereby which can enhance memory utilization?
A. Memory sharing
B. memory replacement
C. memory bubble
D. All of the above
Answer: C

What main components does FusionShpere include? (Multiple choice)
A. FusionManager
B. FusionInsight
C. FusionCompute
D. FusionAccess
Answer: AC

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Huawei HCNA-Cloud H13-511-ENU exam questions material

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Share some HCNA-Cloud H13-511-ENU exam questions and answers below.
Which way does FusionManager use to interact with FusionCompute?
A. FusionCompute Driver
B. FusionCompute SDK
C. FusionCompute API
D. FusionCompute SOAP
Answer: A

What are the main functions of FusionAccess? (Multiple choice)
A. assets management, manage the relationship between user and virtual machine
B. user access, users can view and operate their own virtual machine
C. Desktop transmission, using a virtual machine through desktop link protocol
D. resource scheduling, manage and schedule cloud platform computing, storage resources
Answer: ABC

When a company builds IT systems, using virtualization platform to make the physical server abstractly being combined into multiple virtual servers to use, to improve resource utilization and reduce enterprise investment costs.
Which kind of genre does the company's use of cloud computing belong to?
A. big divided into small
B. gather small to big
C. virtualize one server to many servers
D. integrate many to one
Answer: A

Which of the following are not VRM components of FusionCompute?
Answer: D

A company now has a set of VMware vCenter environment, ready to introduce Huawei FuionSphere solutions.
In the following FusionSphere functions' each component, which is the most suitable for the enterprise unified management of these two environments?
A. FusionManager heterogeneous virtualization management function
B. FusionCompute server virtualization function
C. FusionManager multi-tenant function
D. FusionCompute multi-site cascade function
Answer: A

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Oakland Raiders might be heading to Las Vegas after all

The Oakland Raiders have secured some financing for their big move to Las Vegas after all, if a plan cheap nfl jerseys that includes Bank of America successfully pulls through.

One half of the AFC West could change locations in a stretch of just a few years. cheap jerseys from china The San Diego Chargers have already made it official with a move to Los Angeles. The Oakland Raiders seemed like they were on the verge of heading to Las Vegas until, suddenly, the move was called off. Now, there are plans to get the move back on track.

Sam Farmer ✔ @LATimesfarmer
Raiders present what one insider calls a «very strong» Las Vegas plan, backed by Bank of America.
6:28 AM — 7 Mar 2017
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Financing has been the issue for the Raiders’ search for a brand new stadium to host the team in the Las Vegas area. Apparently Bank of America has stepped up to provide just that, a reported $1.9 billion domed stadium in Sin City.

Starting on Monday, the NFL’s owners are gathering together for a few days to discuss various league issues, including the Raiders potential move to Las Vegas or their stay in Oakland. Of special importance are the owner’s finance committee, of which Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt is a part, and the stadium committee, which includes Art Rooney II, Stephen Jones and Dan Snyder among others. cheap jerseys china

The Raiders have already had two financial lifelines fall apart, wholesale jerseys the first being local casino tycoon Sheldon Adelson. The second partner to pull out was Goldman Sachs. It remains to be seen whether Bank of America will follow through in the long run, but the Raiders have hope again.

Team owner Mark Davis says the Raiders will play in Oakland for two more years no matter what happens with any move, and any new stadium wouldn’t be ready until the year 2020 at least. It will be some time before the Raiders shift the AFC West cheap jerseys landscape once again, but now it seems at least the plan is back in motion.

Brandon Flowers released by San Diego Chargers

A familiar cheap jerseys china face in Brandon Flowers will now hit free agency after being released by the Los Angeles Chargers.

The Kansas City Chiefs have grown used to the presence of Brandon Flowers, as the cornerback has remained in the AFC West even after spending the first six years of his career in KC. The Los Angeles Chargers have terminated their relationship with wholesale jerseys china Flowers, however, after three years, which means Flowers might be playing outside the division next year for the first time in his NFL career.

Adam Caplan ✔ @caplannfl
#Chargers released CB Brandon Flowers.
12:40 AM — 8 Mar 2017
348 348 Retweets 484 484 likes
The Chargers originally signed Flowers on a one-year deal worth $3 million in 2014, only to extend him several months later with a 4-year, $36 million extension in 2015. Only two years into that deal, the Chargers decided that Flowers’ looming cap hit of $9 million was becoming cheap jerseys from china too much and will stomach the $4 million in dead money his release creates instead.

Flowers only played in six games last season and only has a single interception to his name cheap jerseysover the last two seasons. He has 21 interceptions in his 9 year cheap nfl jerseys career however and could be an interesting veteran addition for a team to round out their secondary. Perhaps the Oakland Raiders or Denver Broncos will chime in with interest to keep him in the division. Either way, Flowers will be playing for his third NFL team in 2017.

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NFL Draft 2017: Kareem Hunt says “I’m going to keep a chip on my shoulder”

One of the most talented running backs in wholesale jerseys the NFL Draft and star of the Senior Bowl, Kareem Hunt says he’ll enter the pros with a chip on his shoulder.

Kareem Hunt is hungry to hit the field. With the field so competitive at running back, Kareem Hunt has an uphill climb to make wholesale jerseys china his name known among the Leonard Fournettes and Dalvin Cooks of the NFL Draft. But given every chance so far, he’s showing himself to be among the best.

At cheap jerseys every level, Hunt has done just done just that. At the University of Toledo, Hunt was a man among boys with 28 career games of 100 yards rushing or more and only 15 under that amount. Three of those games without 100 yards were games from Hunt’s freshman year where he only had 1 or 2 carries. In other words, when given the starting role, Hunt could not be stopped. However, despite his career totals of 44 touchdowns and a 6.3 yards/carry average, Hunt’s detractors point to his level of competition in the MAC, with rivals like Ball State, Buffalo and Kent State.

At this year’s cheap jerseys china Senior Bowl, Hunt took advantage of playing with others from much bigger conferences. Not only did Hunt rush for an incredible 188 yards, but he was named outstanding player of the game for the North squad. When reflecting on his time at the Senior Bowl, Hunt said he was glad for the chance to show what he could really do on a different stage.

“I feel like it helped me out a lot. It showed I could really play with some of the best of the best,” said Hunt at the NFL Combine. “Honestly I get a lot of stuff about ‘Toledo don’t play tough cheap jerseys from chinaenough competition’ sometimes, and I came in with something to prove. cheap nfl jerseys I’m going to keep a chip on my shoulder.”
NEXT: Where does Hunt fit for KC?
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Is the Demetrius Harris experiment over for the Kansas City Chiefs?

With news of Demetrius Harris’s arrest for marijuana possession, is his time in Kansas City finished?

It began as an experiment. John Dorsey, the Kansas City Chiefs general manager, has a penchant for searching high and low for talent. There’s Canadian imports like Weston Dressler and Laurent Duvernay-Tardif. Then there are projects like Demetrius Harris, the former basketball player converted into a tight end. So far, the latter experiment was going quite well, as the end of last season showed that Harris’s talents were cheap jerseys finally being utilized on the field.

Maybe that experiment is now over. The Chiefs likely felt set at tight end heading into the offseason, but news of Demetrius Harris’s arrest for marijuana possession not only puts his ability to play in jeopardy (as he faces a potential suspension) but there’s the whole public relations issue of this, not to mention the broken trust, for the team to address. cheap jerseys from china For a non-starting role player, getting rid of Harris is a much easier proposition to stomach than, say, Travis Kelce.

NFL Draft 2017: Davis Webb meets with Chiefs, Steelers18h ago
What do the Chiefs do at cheap jerseys china kick returner without Knile Davis?1 d ago
Do the Chiefs have enough of a pass rush as things stand?1 d ago
Tony Romo rumors: Broncos remain in play for Cowboys quarterback1 d ago
2017 NFL Draft: Kansas City Chiefs attend Lamar University pro day1 d ago
Speaking of Kelce, the Chiefs can feel good about their starter at tight end after his breakout Pro Bowl season. After that, however, is more potential than actual production. Harris has long been a preseason favorite, a large red zone target with great athleticism and elite size, and he came on near the end of the season with a career-high 9 targets in the second to last game of the regular season against the Denver Broncos. It seemed as if Alex Smith was learning to trust his second tight end, and dreams of potential mismatches in the red zone were easy to conjure.

However, those dreams have never quite materialized and the team has a chance to officially move on from Harris if they like. There are plenty of tight ends to like in this year’s draft class, and the team also has young players like wholesale jerseys china Ross Travis and James O’Shaughnessy waiting in the wings. In other words, losing Harris is not going to make or break the offense. If anything, it will just hurt Dorsey to know that an experiment the team has been developing for years was the source of his own undoing.

The Chiefs will likely make some sort of statement in the near future about Harris’s arrest, but it’s likely to be a neutral statement that says they will wait to see how the legal side of this plays out first. The team might also wait and see on any league punishment before deciding their own course of action. However, cheap nfl jerseys if they’re concerned about public perception, losing Harris is only a loss of promise, not product, and they can capture the same possibility in another player in the upcoming draft.

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