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Share some Blue Coat Systems BCCPA exam questions and answers below.
What are «unmanaged endpoints' which make the Blue Coat RA (Remote Access) appliance useful?
A. TCP connection sources or destinations, which are outside our LAN
B. Workstations, which need to be in a virtual private network, but VPN clients cannot beinstalled on them
C. Mobile user laptops, which are used in places not protected by ProxySG
D. Hosts without installed ProxyClient or with disabled ProxyClient
Answer: B

Which capabilities are limited in Blue coat Reporter standard edition compared to Enterprise edition? (Choose all that apply)
(a)Data profile number is limited to five
(b)Reports can be displayed, but cannot be saved as PDF or CSV
©Only single processor is supported
(d)Report customization is limited
A. a, b & c only
B. a, b & d only
C. a, c & d only
D. b, c & d only
E. All of the above
Answer: C

Is Management Console accessible over HTTP?
A. Yes, it is enabled by default, except in FIPS mode
B. It can be explicitly enabled, the default port is 8081
C. It can be explicitly enabled, the default port is 8082
D. A new service has to be created with port selected by the administrator
Answer: B

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ISO Сертификация

Зaсилвaне на фокуса върху Добрите производствeни практики (ДПП)

Поддържането на добри и непрекъснaто подобряващи се стандарти за безопaсност на храните и дължимата грижa изисква документирани процедури и процeси, за да се осигури съглaсувaност на работните методи и дa се предостави информация, чрез кoятo да се набележат нужните подобрeния.

Прилагането на процедурите в рaмките на завода, обучението на персонaлa и спазването на работните прaктики, хигиената във фабриката и рaботните условия, обаче в крайна сметкa засягат безопасността на продукта и кaчеството. Версия 6 цели да сe балансира процеса на одит чрeз увеличаване на времето, прекарано oт одитора в производствените области зa обработка, което ще представлява дo 50% от времето за oдит на място.

За повече информация отностно iso сертификация

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Сертификация на системи за управление

Нoви правила за обхват

Вече не e позволено да се включват препродaвaни стоки в обхвата на одитa/сертификaтa. Ако вашата компания препродава стoки, трябва да има изключване oт сертификата.

Думи като продажби, мaркетинг, търговия, отглеждане, дистрибуция и достaвкa не са разрешени в обхвaтa. Производството на специфични или дpуги сертифицирани продукти (например органични, хaлaл, вегетариански или със специални aлергенни изисквания) не бива да сe включва в обхвата, тъй кaто тези продукти са проверени съглaсно други стандарти.

Tollfree-1-888-891-4850 Apple technical support number

Apple is a big brand which doesn’t require any kind of introduction to the world. Apple laptop and desktops are used all around the world. With such a big brand its technical difficulty is also quite high and for an individual to handle such kind of technicality issue is quite challenging. So to resolve your issue within no time just dial our toll free number i.e. 1-888-891-4850. At PC Expert365 we have a team of expert technicians who will handle all such issues with ease and will resolve it within shortest time span. You can also write us at: — [email protected]

800-987-2301-What Does Outlook’s Focused Inbox Mean to Your Cluttered Email Folder?

Spam and unsolicited email messages are always ready to march into your inbox – whenever such messages are shoot up, you inbox gets messed up and you usually miss out some of the important messages due to cluttered inbox in your Outlook email program. If you look at the reasons why the unsolicited messages subjugate your inbox, you will find your own fault.

Thankfully, Microsoft has announced to introduce a dedicated tool known as Focused Inbox for Outlook email app that you can use to sort out only those messages that really stand out to be more important for you.

What is Outlook’s Focused Inbox?

With an objective to provide the users with the utmost convenience, Microsoft has announced to introduce Focused Inbox to allow the users to sort out only those emails that matter to them. It is a dedicated feature that amazingly brings out your important email messages before you in such a way that your see the most important messages on the top. Now you don’t need to dig across the inbox to find out important message.

It divides your inbox messages into two key categories – Focused and Other. Messages that carry much of the importance are dropped into Focused tab, while the rest goes to Other section.

You have a complete control:

Even after introducing a great change in Outlook’s inbox section, Microsoft has done nothing to the users’ authority over the inbox messages. It all depends on you which one you prioritize as an important email. To get the feature activated in your email program, you need to configure it appropriately. You can access Expert Outlook Technical Support service to get in-depth understanding over the way how you can prioritize the email messages.

A refinement for Clutter:

In order to give an edge to the Outlook email program, Microsoft has announced Focused Inbox as a refinement for older tool Clutter. Though the objective to design Clutter for Outlook email was also to allow the users to prioritize their email messages, but it executed by moving important messages from Other to a separate folder. But with the latest tool Focused Inbox, it is rather easier and more convenient to stay with your important messages without creating or visiting other inbox.

Get someone’s attention through @mentions:

This time your Outlook would allow you to get someone’s attention in your message. It has added @mentions capability to the email program, which you can use to address an individual in the group chat.

In addition it, Outlook’s @mentions feature does also allow the users to get details about some specific thing. If you have to discuss about a particular task with someone through the email message, you can use @mentions before the keyword.

Microsoft Outlook for Android and iOS has been hosting Focused Inbox, but now it will soon be available for the Windows devices as well. As per the Microsoft official blog post, the feature will be made available for Windows users in coming two months – probably in the month of November this year.

Though the feature is yet to be rolled out, you need to be careful to some extent at the time when upgrading your email program to the latest edition. With the help of a reliableOutlook Support Canada service, you can make it possible to avoid all technical issues at the time while installing the latest update for your Outlook email program.

On the other hand, it is necessary to ensure your Outlook email program doesn’t have any incompatibility issue with your computer system. If there is any incompatible element in the overall execution, the chance to have irritating problems looms larger.

You would better contact an experienced professional for the best technical solution if there is any potential challenge. If you have a glance at the possible hindrances, some common issues come out to be more frequent, having been bound to take place at any point in time. For a more effective and instantaneous outcome, you should dial toll free24/7 Outlook Tech Support Phone Number and contact a technician to know more about the new Focused Inbox.

As the new update is just round the corner, and you might be wondering if you could use the existing Clutter for Outlook inbox – it would probably please you to know that Microsoft has no plan to forcefully swipe away the old feature with a new one. You can still be able to use the Clutter, if you are quite comfortable with it.

Above all, one thing is reasonably true that the upcoming new feature for Outlook email program is going to provide the users with a new kind of experience in a wide perspective. You will now be able to prioritize your email messages easily with accuracy. Simply identify your messages and specify their primacy in the setup settings, and it will automatically start sorting out the messages and sending to the associated folders.

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800-961-1963- Looking for Norton Product Key? Here’s How You Can Find the Product Key

Once you have downloaded and installed the antivirus program on your computer system, you don’t need to have the product key for upgrading the copy – unless it shows incorrect or expired subscriptions. So, before you go for upgrading the existing Norton antivirus program to the available latest copy, then you first of all need to make sure you have a valid subscription plan for your Norton product. If it has expired, then the foremost requirement while upgrading Norton product is to get your product key and upgrade it to the latest edition.

Here is a detailed document over the way how you can get your product key for Norton antivirus software program:

There so many manners that you can use to fetch your product keys for Norton antivirus program. It all depends on the way how you had purchased the copy. Here are the options:
  • Your Norton account
  • Online Norton store
  • Third-party retailer
  • Preinstalled (if you computer comes preinstalled, then you can fetch the product copy from the default Symantec folder in My Documents or Documents folder)
  • Service provider
Some of the independent Norton Online Tech Support and Help service providers do also offer you the most convenient way to get the product key easily. They offer you a good opportunity to avoid all constraints from your way while fetching your Norton product key. So you can also make use of this resource to have the key and get your Norton upgraded to the latest copy.

And if you doing it for the first time on your computer system, you need to start the process through the following way:
  • Visit
  • Signed into your Norton account
  • Now it opens up a setup window, click Download Norton
  • Click Agree & Download.
  • Depending on the web browser you are using, you can go through the following procedures:
  • For Firefox or Safari: Go to the Download Tab to see the list of downloaded files
  • For Chrome: Find the Download section in the bottom-left corner, and then click the downloaded files
  • User Account Control window pops up, click Continue
  • And once you complete these procedures, you can now follow the on-screen instructions
While going through the steps mentioned above can probably not be a challenging one, yet you need to be careful for always if you want to remove all the obstacles. With the help of experienced professionals, you can easily prevail over all issues that may come your way. Select a reliable Norton Support Canada service provider who can help you find your product key for Norton antivirus program. With the availability of so many independent tech support service providers, it is quite easy and convenient for you to get the things completed easily.

Transfer your existing Norton license to other device:

On the other hand, Symantec has developed a useful rider for Norton that it is now quite possible for the users to transfer their Norton license from unused device to the new one easily. To do so, you go through the following steps:
  • Sign into your Norton Account
  • Go to the Service page, and select the Norton license that you want to take to another device
  • In the Manage My Installs section, click trashcan icon in the Remove License tab
For more information, you can visit a technician and get a complete detail of the entire procedure. Dial toll free 24/7 Norton Tech Support Phone Number and ask the technicians to guide you for transferring your existing Norton license to a new device.

Is there any technical challenge?

Above all these procedures, there are some potential issues that you may see after completing the installation procedures. You may see:
  • The error message “No License Available” after downloading the product
  • A message “Please Confirm Your Purchase”
  • Incorrect subscriptions date
  • No result found message while looking for the Norton product in your account
  • Error message “Invalid Product Key” once after inputting right license key
Whatsoever the issue you confront, you don’t need to get worried as you can easily locate a reliable and effective tech support service for your Norton product without any technical issue. What you need to do is selecting a right tech support service provider and resolving all the issues easily without any technical obstacles.

But be careful while selecting a technician, you need to approach to only those techies that hold a reliable credentials with extended experience and expertise. Don’t overlook any aspect while selecting a technician. It is always recommended to go for a professional who can help you get rid of all challenges in a while and keep your computer system safe and sound.

Keep in mind, an advanced Norton antivirus program can only be effective when you have a direct access to Norton support to ensure a flawless execution.


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Und genau einen Tag, nachdem er ihre letzte Idee zerpflückt hatte, bummelte sie die berühmte Portobello Road in London entlang, die mit den vielen unkonventionellen Boutiquen ein Shoppingmagnet ist, und hatte die Eingebung, wie dieses Konzept aussehen wird: ein Online-Shop mit Luxusmode für Entdecker. Dann ging alles ganz schnell, zwei Monate später gründete sie das Unternehmen.

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How to use dynamic laser focusing technology?

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