Updated HPE0-Y53 Building HPE SDN and FlexNetwork Solutions certification exam

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Share some Master ASE HPE0-Y53 exam questions and answers below.
A company is using the HP Network Visualizer SDN Application. The network administrator wants to synchronize user data from Microsoft Active Directory. What must the
administrator check on the Microsoft Active Directory server to ensure a successful synchronization?
A. it runs an SSH server
B. it supports SNMPv3.
C. it is installed with a trusted certificate
D. it supports OpenFlow
Answer: A

A company has a data center, which hosts production services, as well as development and quality assurance services. The network infrastructure for all services should be
isolated. The company also needs a highly available, resilient large Layer 2 network for each set of services. What are two technologies that could be combined for the data center Layer 2 solution?
Answer: A

A company is deploying the HP Network Protector SDN Application. The network administrators should be able to see information about user identity in the Network Protector
interface and logs. The log should provide the name of the user on that endpoint. Which additional component is needed to meet the company's requirements?
A. HP User Behavior Audit (UBA) that uses RESTful APIs to integrate with Network Protector
B. HP Network Protector extensible user license that adds identity tracking capabilities to Network Protector
C. HP authentication solution with User Access Manager (UAM) that uses RESTful APIs to integrate with Network Protector
D. HP Guest Management Software (GMS) that integrates with Network Protector
Answer: C

A company needs a team of HP VAN SDN Controllers. What is the correct process to install the controllers?
A. install two controllers in teaming mode.
B. install three controllers as standalone controllers. Then set up teaming on the controllers.
C. install one controller as a standalone controller. Then install two more controllers in teaming mode.
D. install two controllers in recovery mode. Then set up teaming on the controllers.
Answer: B

A company wants to authenticate communications between SDN applications and the HP VAN SDN Controller using the company's existing network authentication server. What is
one of the components that the authentication server requires to authenticate these applications?
A. Terminal Access Controller Access-Control System (TACACS)
B. RADIUS protocol
C. X-Auth-Token
D. LDAP Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM)
Answer: D

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Updated 70-486 Developing ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Applications real questions

Are you struggling to prepare Microsoft certification 70-486 exam? Do you want to achieve the goal of passing Microsoft certification 70-486 exam as soon as possible? You can choose 70-486 Developing ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Applications samples exam questions provided by Examgood. If you choose Examgood, passing Microsoft certification 70-486 exam is no longer a dream.Nowadays in this talented society IT professionals are very popular, but the IT area are also very competitive.

Share some MCSD 70-486 exam questions and answers below.
You are developing an ASP.NET MVC application to be used on the Internet. The environment uses Active Directory with delegation to access secure resources. Users must be able to log on to the application to maintain their personal preferences. You need to use the least amount of development effort to enable users to log on.What should you do?
A. Enable Forms authentication
B. Enable Windows authentication
C. Generate server SSL certificates and install them in IIS
D. Enable Digest authentication
Answer: B

You are designing a localized ASP.NET MVC online shopping application that will be deployed to customers in the United States, China, France, and Brazil. The application must support multiple cultures so that content in the appropriate language is available in each area. You need to ensure that the content can be viewed in several languages.How should you implement this feature?
A. Use a resource (.resx) file to provide translations.
B. Use Systems.Collections.Generics.Dictionary to store alternative translations.
C. Ensure that all strings are marked internal to avoid conflict with internal literals.
D. Include language-specific content in the assembly manifest and use .NET culture libraries.
Answer: A

You are developing an ASP.NET MVC application that uses forms authentication. The application uses SQL queries that display customer order data. Logs show there have been several malicious attacks against the servers. You need to prevent all SQL injection attacks from malicious users against the application.How should you secure the queries?
A. Check the input against patterns seen in the logs and other records.
B. Escape single quotes and apostrophes on all string-based input parameters.
C. Implement parameterization of all input strings.
D. Filter out prohibited words in the input submitted by the users.
Answer: C

You are designing a distributed application. The application must store secure information that is specific to an individual user. The data must be automatically purged when the user logs off. You need to save transient information in a secure data store.Which data store should you use?
A. Session state
B. Database storage
C. Profile properties
D. Application state
Answer: B

You are developing an application that uses many small images for various aspects of the interface. The application responds slowly when additional resources are being accessed. You need to improve the performance of the application.What should you do?
A. Preload all the images when the client connects to ensure that the images are cached.
B. Combine all the images into a single image and use CSS to create sprites.
C. Host all images on an alternate server and provide a CDN.
D. Convert the images to .png file format and stream all images on a single connection.
Answer: C

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