JMD Handy Baby Key Copy Machine update to V8.3.0

Handy Baby V8.3.0 and JMD Assistant V6.0.0 adds Audi 5th Immo Key Copy
Posted on July 21, 2017 by eobd21

Good News!!! JMD Handy baby key programmer software released to V8.3.0 in July 2017.


Handy baby version: 8.3.0
JMD Assistant adapter 6.0.0
Customers request file
Jmd client v3.5.0


Handy baby V8.3.0 update feature:
1.Copy 5th Audi Half-Smart Key 754C
2.Copy 5th Audi smart Key 754J
3.Copy 4th Audi A6 fold key and 8E
4.Copy audi 4th (A1、A3、TT、Q3)
5.BMW motorcycle 4D70 DST80 decode online
6.Chevrolet Lova 4D70 DST80 decode online
7.Great Wall Diesel Edition H6 Type 46 chip generate
by handy baby OBD programming
8.Modify and improve some bug and efficient


Free Download JMD Handy Baby V8.3.0 JMD Assistant V6.0.0 Update Tool


Handy baby key copy machine 8.3.0


JMD assistant Volkswagen ID48 adapter



Testing JMD Handy baby Key copy machine V8.3.0

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