Outlook Mail Supports Google Drive and Facebook Photos

Outlook webmail comes from Microsoft’s enterprise webmail service called Office 365. With time, new functionalities have added to the service. There are additions for the cloud storage. These are Google Drive and Facebook photos. If you are using Google mail, you can also use Google drive. Support for Facebook photos is available. By this, the user can trace and attach the photos uploaded to the social network. All this starts from Outlook.com. Get Outlook technical supportfor troubleshooting Google drive problems or dial Outlook support customer service numberfor live phone support services to fix Google drive technical issues.

Facebook photos and Google drive

Outlook mail provides support for dropbox and BOX online cloud services. It is not just by adding attachments that the Google drive stops. Users can open the documents and then do the editing. They can do it within the Outlook mail. If you use mobile versions of Outlook for iOS and Android, you can attach files from Google drive. Microsoft has also made the process of tracing the attachments easy in the long conversation.

You can find the handy attachment icon at the top of the message. When you click this icon, you will find all the attachments added during the time of the conversation thread. You can get help and support on Google drive by visitingMicrosoft Outlook technical support centeror dialOutlook support phone number for direct access to certified Outlook technicians for troubleshooting Google drive issues.

As per the reports, the roll out phase for the Outlook mail is not going to end before early 2017. When the Facebook account is attached with Outlook, it has an advantage. It is completed in the same way as linked to dropbox, box or the Google drive. With this feature, you are able to access the photograph from Facebook by attachment from Outlook.

The attachments are shown in the form of long email threads. At each conversation thread of Outlook.com, you will find a dropdown feature to attachment icon. On clicking the icon, every attachment that is in the message thread at some point of time is out. As per Microsoft, the new attachment feature is available for all Office 365 commercial subscriptions. You can also take the Outlook help for further details. You will be satisfied with the answers of all the questions you have to the fullest.
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