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Share some IBM Certified Specialist C9020-568 exam questions and answers below.
Which statement is true regarding a customer who has existing LTO-3 Tapes and Drives looking to upgrade to LTO-6?
A. Retain the written tapes and a LTO-3 drive for later recovery; new media required with LTO-6.
B. None of the tape cartridges will be writable, however, the data can still be read by the LTO-6 drives.
C. Tapes written by LTO-3 drives will not be readable by LTO-6 drives; unused tapes can be formatted for LTO-6.
D. Retain the written tape cartridges for later recovery; any unused media can be used for later writes with a lower capacity than LTO-6 specific cartridges.
Answer: A

Which data type will have the best compression ratio with Real-time Compression?
A. Databases
B. File and print
C. JPEG images
D. Encrypted data
Answer: A

What is the amount of storage needed in an IBM SAN Volume Controller with IBM Spectrum Virtualize software for a 250 TB DB2 database with max compression?
A. 50 TB
B. 71.4 TB
C. 83.3 TB
D. 100 TB
Answer: A

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