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Best Offshore PHP Web Development Company in Hyderabad — Possibillion technologies is an Custom PHP development company, We are offering Offshore php web development services, php web application development services and affordable php development outsourcing services With experienced PHP web developers. And also we can do Mobile app development services for iphone, Android, ipad and ios, Internet ot things solutions and more.

Custom PHP Web applications Development Services Hyderabad
At Possibillion, we will work together with your company in order to revamp your business and give you an edge over your competitors and make most of the host of opportunities on the web. We will be with you for the entire journey – from conceptualising the idea to launching the product and help you achieve the web application success you’ve always dreamed of. Let our web application experts help you lead your business to the top!

We offer Offshore PHP web application development services. The solutions available across the web will require a whole array of tweaks and alterations to be able to solve the issues faced by your business. You will no longer need to build crutches for these solutions to work for your business. At Possibillion, we build customised solutions that will work in tandem with your business goals.

Our web application knowledge and expertise will help you transition smoothly into cloud – based systems. At Possibillion, our team of experts will help you implement SaaS – solutions for increased flexibility.
Our PHP team comprises of experienced, highly qualified software professionals who have an average applied experience of 4 years. Their development methodology is mature and agile and possess expertise in the following business domains:

E-commerce (online shops and marketplaces, B2B and B2C enterprise-level portals, CRM, supply chain management, payment gateway integration, etc.)
Content Management Systems (content management and blogging solutions and advanced CMS customization services)

Please feel free to contact us to start your PHP development project. One of our experts PHP Developers will get back to you to take things forward!

Tips for hiring a web application development company

Quality is of utmost importance when it comes to coding a web application. Here are some tips that will help you find the right people to do the job.

Keep away from sloppy Joes

Not all programmers know how to write code well. Also, all of them do not follow the same coding standards and guidelines. You must lookout for inexperienced programmers who will write sloppy and disorganised code and not consider any possibilities for future growth. Badly written code makes it difficult for other programmers to work on the project.

Also, you must beware of companies that do not follow the standards that a company based out of your country should legally follow. Make sure that they understand the ethical standards that must be adhered to.

A good degree does not translate to quality programming

Just because someone has a master’s degree, it does not mean that the person is a great programmer. Someone can have all the wisdom imparted by books, but it does not guarantee a mind that can solve practical problems.

Prefer clean and consistently written code

Suppose, you have two programmers. They can achieve the same results – one by typing 10 lines of code, while the other by typing only 3 lines.

A programmer can write an SQL Query so abysmally that after five consequent database connections, the SQL server software or the server’s CPU comes to a halt. A good database programmer should be able to write an SQL Query that will produce the same results with the server being able to handle 100 concurrent database connections without going kaput.

What should you ask a prospective web development company?

Does the code come with proper documentation to allow for migration and scalability?
Will you have the ownership of the final program code?
Are there comments used in the code that would provide ease of migration and readability by another developer?
Can I take the final program code to another development company for future edits and expansion?
Would there be a copyright issue?
Do they utilize a structured and web application framework? If yes, ask for additional information on program libraries, tools and the type of framework used. Ask to see a sample of the project’s folder structure with programming files in it.
What type of security testing and methods are being used to find and fix vulnerabilities?
What type of quality assurance testing is in place and what methods are being used to do bug testing and fixing?
Are there coding guidelines and conventions in place? If yes, ask to see the coding guidelines and conventions documentation.
What type of stress testing and methods are being used to check the site’s scalability and tolerance for large traffic growth?
Do they use MVC Architecture?

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