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Have you registered with Gmail yet? Well, if not then you are among the unlucky ones who are yearning for using the best email service.

Yes! It is right! Gmail users are always satisfied as they can benefit from all the attributes of Gmail which are a plus for the email users. However in spite of so much positive features, a Gmail account is prone to numerous issues which crop up from time to time. The ones who are engulfed into these troubles can go for Gmail technical support in order to get quick resolution against these glitches. Many Gmail users are having difficulty in combining multiple Gmail accounts into Android. However simple instructions discussed below are very helpful for the ones who are struggling with these glitches:-

  1. Open Gmail
  2. Now tap on Settings
  3. Next Tap on Add Account
  4. Now tap on Google and click
    Add images
    on OK
  5. Now you are done with creating your new Gmail account

In case you are still perturbed about following these steps, then you can choose to get first rate service from adept Gmail technicians who work throughout the day and night to fix your Gmail related tribulations. Hence if you don’t possess a know how of adding multiple Gmail accounts into Android, then do not be tensed and call Gmail technical support toll free number straight forwardly.

How to change the Security Question details in Hotmail?

Hotmail is one of the secured email service used for the exchange of emails. Various add-ons for the email helps in email account management and security features prevents any outside interference in the account. If the user likes to view a particular attachment from emails then no need download to emails now for editing. User can view the attachment directly clicking on the attachment.

Security questions comes to use while resetting the Hotmail account password. It is used to verify the Hotmail account user. There are also other 2 options of alternate email address and phone number. User can alter all the details mentioned in these verification processes. If the user doesn’t get sufficient assistance from this article then can also reach out to the support team for help.

Here are the steps to change the security questions for the Hotmail account –

  • Login to the Hotmail account and in the upper-left corner click on ‘Options’.
  • Now click on More Options.
  • From the menu select ‘Account Details’. Click on the link.
  • Next select the Change option. The option of security question change comes in Password Reset Information section.
  • Verify the current Hotmail password once asked and access the option to change the security questions.
  • Make the necessary changes and then click on Save.

Security questions comes to help when the user account is blocked. Now Hotmail blocks the account when it finds any outside inference in to the account. To access the emails user need to recover the account and for that reset password is necessary. To verify the user identity user need to submit the security questions to have access to password reset page.

Not able to change the security questions? Contact Hotmail customer support team over Hotmail tech support number to get the best solutions to change the security questions. Support expert guides the user in the process and provides effective troubleshooting steps.