JINPAT CT Slip Ring Successfully Applied To CT Medical Equipment

At present, most of the CT machines used in medicine use the rotation-rotation scanning mode to obtain the information of the scanning faults in the rotation scanning. In medical imaging equipment, spiral CT is a very fast developing equipment in recent years, The power supply of high-speed rotating part and the collection of human body scan data are realized through fixed slip rings and rotating brushes, Due to the serious friction between the slip ring and the rotating brush, it is necessary to clean the maintenance regularly, The former is to use artificial wipe maintenance, with medical gauze dip with pure alcohol to undertake wipe maintenance, Because slip ring position is very small, do not facilitate manual wipe, waste time and energy, and electric work, easy to happen danger, cause harm to human body. To overcome the technical deficiency, and provide a safe and efficient spiral CT machine slip ring special cleaning brush.

The special part of this spiral CT machine slip ring dedicated brush is that the brush body is composed of multiple wipes, adjacent brush body is the middle upper end clamping of a rubber sheet between a number of wiping slices, adjacent wiping pieces, and the upper end fixed connection as a whole, Brush body is combed, in the fixed connection end of wipes brush has a slot, it is convenient to grasp with the hand when wiping operation; The lower end of each wiping sheet is provided with an arc which coincides with the curvature of the slip ring track, and the spacing between the wipes in line with the spacing between the slip rings. Considering that the general spiral CT machine has 14 slip ring loops for easy operation, the number of wipes on the brush can be considered in 7-9 suitability. Wipe the film soft will operate inconvenience, affecting the effect of wiping, too hard can be damaged to slip ring, semi-rigid plastic or plastic material can be used, When wiping the maintenance slip ring, save time and effort, efficient and convenient, while safe and reliable, adaptable, simple structure, easy to make, easy to operate and economical and practical.

In summary, the use of slip-ring technology enables CT equipment to achieve rapid continuous scanning, which has the spiral CT, JINPAT has been successfully used in CT medical devices which break the monopoly of foreign manufacturers.

UAV Turntable Slip Ring

Turntable has widely application in industrial production, it could be replace the traditional production line, to save space and improve productivity, to achieve the automation of industrial production, save the increasing labor cost. In different applications, the requirements are different, such as electric current, electric voltage, number of circuits, communication and control signal are different, usually in many applications, it also need to simultaneously transmit liquid or gas to achieve the normal work of hydraulic and pneumatic elements on the turntable. As the turntable slip ring is generally used in relatively advanced areas such as military turntable, the product size, signal, the performance requirement is strict, which needed for slip ring manufacturers not only technical strength, the quality of the product control and after sale service have strict requirement.

The turntable slip ring developed by the Jinpat electronics has been successfully tested on multiple test turntables, simulation test turntables and other equipment, Jinpat turntable slip ring has low torque, low resistance fluctuation, compact appearance, channel number, many signal types, dimension compact, high performance requirements, get the consistent high praise! Often used in capsule slip ring and hollow shaft slip ring.

Jinpat can according to the actual needs of customers, recommend the appropriate model, at the same time, we can provide the intermediate frequency signal and high frequency signal transmission, can be tailor-made higher requirement slip ring for the customer.
Main application areas
1, unmanned aircraft turntable
3, hand-held camera
4, UAV and so on
On behalf of the product
1, test turntable representative products
①LPC-36A specifications
36 Road @ 2A
240VAC / DC
300rpm working speed
Gold — gold contact points
Metal or engineering plastic housing optional
Can transmit all kinds of analog and digital signals
Both ends of the connector and wire length optional
② Model: LPT012-0605A Specifications
6 circuits @ 5A, 240VAC / DC
12.7mm bore diameter
3000rpm working speed
Metal contact, metal shaft and metal shell material
2, simulation turntable representative products
LPC-125A Specifications
125 @ 2A
240VAC / DC
300rpm working speed
Gold — gold contact points
metal shell
Can transmit all kinds of analog and digital signals
Both ends of the connector and wire length optional

Capsule Slip Ring For Radar Antenna

JINPAT Electronics is a professional manufacturer of conductive slip ring, The product design, manufacture and testing process of cable reel slip ring is advanced. The reliable quality and good service. Jinpat slip ring has been sold to more than 100 countries around the world, We have received favorable reviews from our customers! To ensure that the electric cable is always smooth, it can't be separated from the slip ring. According to the installation of conductive slip ring in different ways, divided into slip ring built-in type, slip ring mounted outside, cantilever type three kind of structures. The slip ring built in compact structure, beautiful; slip ring outer-type easy to maintain; The cantilever is suitable for coiling longer heavy cable.

According to the installation method of the conduction slip ring, it is divided into three kinds of structures, including built in, mounted outside and cantilever type. The built-in slip ring is compact and beautiful; The external mounted slip ring is easy to maintain; The cantilever is suitable for winding the longer and heavier cable.
cable reel slip ring
Cable reel is divided into: spring-driven cable reel and motor-driven cable reel. Spring-driven cable reel is used to control the rolling and releasing of cables, which are mainly used for cranes, stacking devices or waste water treatment technology. The spiral spring drive reel are more reliable and cheaper and can be replaced with electric ones, The main characteristics of the slip ring are: vibration resistance, high power, high protection level, You can choose the through hole and fiber optic slip ring.

Specifications (Model: LPFO-1F2402)
Single-channel fiber, 24-circuit @ 2A
1310/1550 nm wavelength range
240VAC / DC, -40 ℃ ~ +65 ℃ Operating temperature
Gold — gold contact, engineering plastic shell
IP68 protection class
Cable length and connector options

Choose the reasons for the JINPAT slip ring:
1.Jinpat only choose high-quality raw material suppliers
2.Jinpat conductive slip ring using advanced precious metal fiber brush technology to ensure that the current, the signal data stable and reliable transmission
3.Jinpat factory each slip ring have been rigorously tested, and for you to send our on-site test test report
4.Each of the slip rings from JINPAT has been rigorously tested and sent our on-site testing reports for you.
5. Through scientific calculations, Maximize the service life of the rotary slip ring by making the pressure between the brush and the loop
6.Provide a comprehensive after-sales service

RF Coaxial Connector Slip Ring Electrical

Rf coaxial connector is a component installed on the cable or instrument as an electrical connection or separation element of a transmission line, which is a mechatronic product. In addition to acting as a bridge, the RF coaxial connector has the functions of processing signals, such as filtering, phase modulation, mixing, attenuation, detection, limiting and so on. And low VSWR, low loss to meet the needs of weapons systems and precision measuring instruments. The Large capacity, high power are mainly used in the development of information highway.

Jinpat RF Slip Ring Features:
1, Precious metal contact to ensure long working life;
2, Gold — gold contacts, contact resistance is very low;
3, Compatible data bus protocol;
4, Smooth operation
5, Low torque
6, Compact structure

Customization Options:
1, Higher speed optional
2, Metal shell optional
3, Higher sealing grade optional
4, The frequency range optional
5, Wire end connector optional

Typical Application:
Precision measuring equipment,
Military weapons systems,
Communication network equipment,
Radar, exhibition / display equipment,
Medical equipment.

Marine Cable Winch Slip Ring

The LPA series of conductive slip rings are designed for harsh environments. With waterproof, corrosion resistant, salt spray and other characteristics, rotor and stator are directly equipped with air sockets and integrated design, which designed specifically for winch series equipment. Our factory has been developed their own in 1996, After many improvements, which has become a mature product, And successfully applied to full rotating tug, harbor tug, container ships, marine oil multi-functional guard ship, naval landing ship, coastguard cutter, patrol boats and other kinds of ships.
The traditional cable winch has two forms. One is a no slip ring winch and the other is a end slip ring winches. The former can only be used to store the cable, and the cable will still be removed or connected when the cable is placed, the latter is based on end slip ring, and using common brush, It is easy to cause the brush to be not close, cause lack of phase, heat and other failures, which can only be used for less demanding, the current is not large occasion.
Marine cable winch with radial slip ring, The brush adopts the special alloy materials we developed, in very low friction to ensure reliable contact, rated current up to 800A, with high current, high conductivity, wear-resisting, corrosion resistance, maintenance-free features, LPA series slip ring type marine cable winch easy to use, reasonable structure, reliable work, greatly reducing the work intensity of the cable release, is the modern ideal shore power equipment of the ship.

LPA000-05165-3003 Technical data:
Operating temperature: -35 ℃ — +80 ℃
Working speed: 0-100rpm
Rated voltage: 400VAC
Rated current: 3 * 5A, 20 signal
Compressive strength: 2500VAC @ 50Hz
Insulation resistance: 500MΩ @ 500VDC
Contact Material: Copper Graphite

Applicable scope:
Marine cable winch slip ring, drilling platform applications, marine motor rotation center, marine cable reel, etc.

Conductive Slip Ring Used in Wind Turbine Generator

The 21st century is an era of science and technology, The technological innovation brought by the development of science has greatly improved the level of our productivity, There are new opportunities for development in all walks of life, especially in new energy, electronic technology, information engineering, control systems and aerospace, The conductive slip ring provides the perfect unrestricted rotary connection solution for a variety of high-tech fields.

Since the industrial revolution, The wealth created by mankind is far greater than the sum of the wealth created over the past few thousand years, one of the most important reasons is to solve the power problem, Power development so far, there are almost every kind of power tool that is unique to every subindustry to address some of the industry's problems, One of the central problems of motivation is energy, which, after so many years of over-exploitation, is running out of fossil fuels around the world.

From the beginning of this century, around the world, governments are pouring money and technology into new energy sources, mainly for clean and renewable energy, Such as wind power, solar energy has increased over 30 percent in these years, By 2009, the total installed capacity of global wind energy is more than 100G watts, and Europe alone more than half. As the wind power in all other new energy projects in the most mature technology, high stability, and wind energy resources in the distribution of reserves in nature, so the development of wind power will be placed in the most important position.

Wind power is the most mature and stable of all other new energy projects, And there are large reserves of wind power in nature, so the development of wind power will be placed in the top priority. Wind turbine slip ring, which must be part of the wind power generation, will also be quickly developed, Like the previous high performance wind turbine slip ring all rely on imports, these years, China has been improving the production and development of conductive slip ring, and some small installed capacity of wind power slip ring can be achieved localization.

Because of this, the wind power industry has a lot of room to grow, China is a very rich country of wind resources, the eastern coast of nearly 10,000 square meters of coastline, perennial sea breeze constantly. Wind resources in the western plateau are also abundant. There are other miniature wind power generation that will be used in more places.

JINPAT Drone Slip Rings In Aerial Equipment

In recent years, with the rise of UAV technology, drone aerial photography is also increasingly widely used in various fields. The company has received a growing number of slip ring orders from domestic and foreign drone manufacturers. Now that all these drones are using the same kind of conductive slip ring of a drone that has been developed and produced, what is the effect of a drone slip ring in aerial equipment?

UAV aerial operation,conductive slip ring is needed to solve rotation problem while camera 360 ° operation as well as any equipment that needs to be energized in rotation. Conductive slip ring belong to the category of electrical contact sliding connection application, it is also called the collector ring, slip ring, collecting ring, return ring, which is a precision transmission device that implements two relative rotation mechanism images, data signals and power transmission. Particularly suitable for applications where unrestricted continuous rotation is required while transmitting power or data from a fixed position to a rotating position.

We have had 18 years of r&d design and sales experience since 1996, It has designed a series of LPS conductive slip ring that of rotor and stator separation for use of the UAV, aerospace industry, Which has high design precision, using the leading domestic military surface treatment technology, low contact resistance, long life, low torque, reliable operation. 2-16 circuits optional, commonly used circuit number is 4 /6 / 8 / 12 circuits. The through hole slip ring and capsule slip ring are widely used in the mobile and unmanned aerial vehicles. The following will list the models and parameters of some of the unmanned aerial vehicles and turntable commonly used slip ring.

Through hole slip ring
This series of slip ring designed with easily hydraulic channel, air pressure or central hole for the shaft installation, which use of advanced brush type multipoint contact cluster, ensure reliable contact under extremely low friction.

Number of channels: 1 to 24 channels or more
ID: 7.9mm or can be customized smaller
Working Speed: 300rpm higher
Dynamic resistance fluctuation value: minimum up to 1 milliohms
Protection class: ip54 or higher

Capsule slip ring, miniature slip ring
This series of slip ring looks small, which use of the domestic leading military level high standard surface treatment process, the gold contact to ensure fast contact resistance and long working life, the video signal transmission is stable.
Number of channels: 1 to 36 channels
Working speed: 300rpm higher
Contact Material: Gold / Gold
Protection class: ip54 or higher

CT Slip Ring with High Voltage

At present, the CT machine has been developed to multi-row spiral scanning stage, and the technique of slip ring ring must be adopted, Slip ring plays an important role in CT, transfer control instruction and data collected by scan, supplies power to the rotating part of the scanning, have influence on CT performance.

In the field of industrial technology, there are many applications where the data on the rotating body needs to be transmitted to the fixed body, typical applications such as in industrial CT systems, Safety equipment and medical CT system. In order to detect objects, the information that is detected on the rotating body is transmitted to the fixed body at high speed and with high reliability in real time. The initial data transmission system is achieved by means of brushes and conductive rings, But because of the constant change in the electrical resistance between the electric brush and the conducting ring during the rotation, the change creates a large signal noise. This reduces the reliability of the data transfer and therefore cannot be used to transmit high-speed data signals. Especially in high-pressure environments, the high-pressure discharge between a rotating body and a fixed body causes high pressure noise.

In addition, The contact friction between the carbon brush and the CT is also affecting the service life of the data transmission system. with multiple rows of X-ray detector high-speed industrial CT system and medical CT system is widely used in the actual detection, The system in the unit time to collect the test data greatly increased, The use of carbon brush and CT slip ring contact way to achieve data transmission is more and more unreliable and not ideal. Therefore, The industry has proposed a wireless capacitance coupling to replace the carbon brush, But wireless capacitively coupled electromagnetic field more vulnerable to external voltage, current and electromagnetic interference, so the accuracy of the high-speed data transmission and transmission rate is limited and affected.

Marine Monitoring Ship Slip Ring

China's maritime surveillance in the sea areas under the jurisdiction imposed on regular patrols rights law enforcement, Conduct monitoring and supervision of illegal oil and gas exploration and development, marine survey and military reconnaissance activities under the jurisdiction of China. The Focusing on the South China Sea to carry out a series of major special rights enforcement action. In addition, We will continue to supervise and inspect foreign affairs such as marine scientific research, laying and maintenance of submarine cable pipelines, It provides convoy escort for China's investigation and development of oil and gas and other activities.

Due to the large tonnage of sea monitoring vessels, the larger the engine and generator sets are required, The conductive slip ring as a key component in the generator equipment, which can be applied to electromechanical systems where unrestricted continuous rotation of the transmission current or data signal is required, Conductive slip ring can improve the mechanical properties, simplify system design, avoid wires can lead to losses in the rotation. This series of products is a high-quality dedicated slip ring that installed in the crane rotation center, which applied to transfer power and signals between the upper and lower vehicles. The main purpose of increasing the spacing of the motor collecting ring is to prevent the unit from suddenly pulling the machine and lead to short circuit between the upper and lower motor collecting rings, reducing the probability of ablation of the motor ring.

Marine surveillance ship belongs to the field of military application equipment. Military conductive slip ring not only requires stable performance, long life, maintenance-free, but also to fully meet the different applications in the field of military equipment for its special requirements. Such as high degree of protection, high and low temperature resistance (-60 ℃ ~ +200 ℃), anti-vibration, impact resistance, high pressure, low electrical noise, isolation greater than 60db, low signal transmission loss etc.

Production of military slip ring need to obtain the relevant departments of the certification, slip ring manufacturers need to get GJB / E 9001A quality management system certification, and made «weapons and equipment research and production license». Only to obtain the «license» of the slip ring manufacturers are eligible to undertake military slip ring research and production tasks. JINPAT Electronics has been always maintain long-term cooperate closely with the domestic several military units and in 2011 received the national military standard certification, to obtain the license. Which become a large number of military units designated conductive slip ring suppliers. Is the only one private slip ring enterprise that obtain certification of military industry in domestic, also received classification societies certification, to fill the gaps in the field of marine!

High Current Slip Ring for Packaging Machine

With the extensive application of the mechanical equipment and automation equipment technology upgrade and enhanced functionality, a growing number of machinery and equipment adopted conductive slip ring, Because of mechanical equipment used in the conductive slip ring can help improve the performance of the wire transfer for mechanical equipment operation efficiency greatly, so a lot of industry of machinery are conductive slip ring is used to improve operating efficiency, But each machine for the slip ring requirements are different, because each mechanical work environment is different, current, voltage, different levels of protection, rotation speed, etc. Which also contributed to the emergence of various models, types of conductive slip rings. For example, high current slip ring is often used in communication equipment and equipment, to avoid the system in operation, the transmission cable will not be broken due to twisting. Through the use of conductive slip ring, to ensure the smooth electrical connection. So how do we design a high current conductive slip ring?
As the transmission of a large current device, the primary consideration is the contact material and brush contact, installation, to ensure that the high current conductive slip ring in the working state of contact reliability and service life. secondly by the installation performance of conductive slip ring to ensure the normal. As the high current conductive slip ring needs to be used in seawater environment, its shell material must use corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The main components of the conductive slip ring ring and brush for the conductive slip ring of the key components, the surface of the use of thick gold as the electrical contact material, the brush is mainly sheet spring brush and linear spring brush, and A brush made of metal and graphite
The main parts of conductive slip ring ring body and brush as key components of conductive slip ring, its surface using thick gold plating as electrical contact materials, the brush has a plate spring brush and linear spring brush and made of metals, graphite block, Which produces high current density and minimal wear, but the resistance is large, The flake spring brush is more suitable for high-speed environment. The linear wire has excellent elasticity and electrical conductivity. Combined with the characteristics of all kinds of brushes, finally adopted by a certain number of brushes as the final brush. The insulator can use PBT as an insulating material, PBT has excellent dielectric properties, chemical resistance, fatigue resistance and lubrication performance. In the aspect of mechanical structure, it is necessary to consider the characteristics of the conductive slip ring of the large current, also need to fully consider the design of electrical insulation, and installation, maintenance performance and so on.
First, the high current conductive slip ring Advantages:
1, the choice of top imported graphite alloy;
2, the current can be up to several hundred amps;
3, compatible with the data bus protocol;
4, long life, maintenance-free, no lubrication;
5,360 ° continuous rotation transmission power or data signal;
6, compact appearance.
Second, the high current conductive slip ring options:
1, the number of channels;
2, the signal and power can be individually or mixed transmission;
3, current, voltage;
4, the length of the wire;
5, connecting terminals;
6, protection class;
7, outlet direction;
Third, the high current conductive slip ring Typical applications:
1, industrial machinery — machining centers, rotary table, lifting equipment towers, reel round, test equipment, packaging machinery;
2, magnetic actuator, processing program control equipment, turntable sensors, emergency lighting, robots, radar and so on;
3. Manufacture and control of equipment.
High current conductive slip ring with unique contact and connection type, Excellent electrical contact performance, long service life, flexible structure, comprehensive performance can reach the level of similar foreign products. Jinpat can customize different diameter of axle size, different specifications, current size, number of channels, speed, protection level and other parameters of the slip ring according to customer requirements, which can be widely used in security, automation, electricity, instrumentation, chemical, metallurgy, medical, aviation, military, ship, transportation and other electrical and mechanical equipment.