CT Slip Ring with High Voltage

At present, the CT machine has been developed to multi-row spiral scanning stage, and the technique of slip ring ring must be adopted, Slip ring plays an important role in CT, transfer control instruction and data collected by scan, supplies power to the rotating part of the scanning, have influence on CT performance.

In the field of industrial technology, there are many applications where the data on the rotating body needs to be transmitted to the fixed body, typical applications such as in industrial CT systems, Safety equipment and medical CT system. In order to detect objects, the information that is detected on the rotating body is transmitted to the fixed body at high speed and with high reliability in real time. The initial data transmission system is achieved by means of brushes and conductive rings, But because of the constant change in the electrical resistance between the electric brush and the conducting ring during the rotation, the change creates a large signal noise. This reduces the reliability of the data transfer and therefore cannot be used to transmit high-speed data signals. Especially in high-pressure environments, the high-pressure discharge between a rotating body and a fixed body causes high pressure noise.

In addition, The contact friction between the carbon brush and the CT is also affecting the service life of the data transmission system. with multiple rows of X-ray detector high-speed industrial CT system and medical CT system is widely used in the actual detection, The system in the unit time to collect the test data greatly increased, The use of carbon brush and CT slip ring contact way to achieve data transmission is more and more unreliable and not ideal. Therefore, The industry has proposed a wireless capacitance coupling to replace the carbon brush, But wireless capacitively coupled electromagnetic field more vulnerable to external voltage, current and electromagnetic interference, so the accuracy of the high-speed data transmission and transmission rate is limited and affected.

Marine Monitoring Ship Slip Ring

China's maritime surveillance in the sea areas under the jurisdiction imposed on regular patrols rights law enforcement, Conduct monitoring and supervision of illegal oil and gas exploration and development, marine survey and military reconnaissance activities under the jurisdiction of China. The Focusing on the South China Sea to carry out a series of major special rights enforcement action. In addition, We will continue to supervise and inspect foreign affairs such as marine scientific research, laying and maintenance of submarine cable pipelines, It provides convoy escort for China's investigation and development of oil and gas and other activities.

Due to the large tonnage of sea monitoring vessels, the larger the engine and generator sets are required, The conductive slip ring as a key component in the generator equipment, which can be applied to electromechanical systems where unrestricted continuous rotation of the transmission current or data signal is required, Conductive slip ring can improve the mechanical properties, simplify system design, avoid wires can lead to losses in the rotation. This series of products is a high-quality dedicated slip ring that installed in the crane rotation center, which applied to transfer power and signals between the upper and lower vehicles. The main purpose of increasing the spacing of the motor collecting ring is to prevent the unit from suddenly pulling the machine and lead to short circuit between the upper and lower motor collecting rings, reducing the probability of ablation of the motor ring.

Marine surveillance ship belongs to the field of military application equipment. Military conductive slip ring not only requires stable performance, long life, maintenance-free, but also to fully meet the different applications in the field of military equipment for its special requirements. Such as high degree of protection, high and low temperature resistance (-60 ℃ ~ +200 ℃), anti-vibration, impact resistance, high pressure, low electrical noise, isolation greater than 60db, low signal transmission loss etc.

Production of military slip ring need to obtain the relevant departments of the certification, slip ring manufacturers need to get GJB / E 9001A quality management system certification, and made «weapons and equipment research and production license». Only to obtain the «license» of the slip ring manufacturers are eligible to undertake military slip ring research and production tasks. JINPAT Electronics has been always maintain long-term cooperate closely with the domestic several military units and in 2011 received the national military standard certification, to obtain the license. Which become a large number of military units designated conductive slip ring suppliers. Is the only one private slip ring enterprise that obtain certification of military industry in domestic, also received classification societies certification, to fill the gaps in the field of marine!

High Current Slip Ring for Packaging Machine

With the extensive application of the mechanical equipment and automation equipment technology upgrade and enhanced functionality, a growing number of machinery and equipment adopted conductive slip ring, Because of mechanical equipment used in the conductive slip ring can help improve the performance of the wire transfer for mechanical equipment operation efficiency greatly, so a lot of industry of machinery are conductive slip ring is used to improve operating efficiency, But each machine for the slip ring requirements are different, because each mechanical work environment is different, current, voltage, different levels of protection, rotation speed, etc. Which also contributed to the emergence of various models, types of conductive slip rings. For example, high current slip ring is often used in communication equipment and equipment, to avoid the system in operation, the transmission cable will not be broken due to twisting. Through the use of conductive slip ring, to ensure the smooth electrical connection. So how do we design a high current conductive slip ring?
As the transmission of a large current device, the primary consideration is the contact material and brush contact, installation, to ensure that the high current conductive slip ring in the working state of contact reliability and service life. secondly by the installation performance of conductive slip ring to ensure the normal. As the high current conductive slip ring needs to be used in seawater environment, its shell material must use corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The main components of the conductive slip ring ring and brush for the conductive slip ring of the key components, the surface of the use of thick gold as the electrical contact material, the brush is mainly sheet spring brush and linear spring brush, and A brush made of metal and graphite
The main parts of conductive slip ring ring body and brush as key components of conductive slip ring, its surface using thick gold plating as electrical contact materials, the brush has a plate spring brush and linear spring brush and made of metals, graphite block, Which produces high current density and minimal wear, but the resistance is large, The flake spring brush is more suitable for high-speed environment. The linear wire has excellent elasticity and electrical conductivity. Combined with the characteristics of all kinds of brushes, finally adopted by a certain number of brushes as the final brush. The insulator can use PBT as an insulating material, PBT has excellent dielectric properties, chemical resistance, fatigue resistance and lubrication performance. In the aspect of mechanical structure, it is necessary to consider the characteristics of the conductive slip ring of the large current, also need to fully consider the design of electrical insulation, and installation, maintenance performance and so on.
First, the high current conductive slip ring Advantages:
1, the choice of top imported graphite alloy;
2, the current can be up to several hundred amps;
3, compatible with the data bus protocol;
4, long life, maintenance-free, no lubrication;
5,360 ° continuous rotation transmission power or data signal;
6, compact appearance.
Second, the high current conductive slip ring options:
1, the number of channels;
2, the signal and power can be individually or mixed transmission;
3, current, voltage;
4, the length of the wire;
5, connecting terminals;
6, protection class;
7, outlet direction;
Third, the high current conductive slip ring Typical applications:
1, industrial machinery — machining centers, rotary table, lifting equipment towers, reel round, test equipment, packaging machinery;
2, magnetic actuator, processing program control equipment, turntable sensors, emergency lighting, robots, radar and so on;
3. Manufacture and control of equipment.
High current conductive slip ring with unique contact and connection type, Excellent electrical contact performance, long service life, flexible structure, comprehensive performance can reach the level of similar foreign products. Jinpat can customize different diameter of axle size, different specifications, current size, number of channels, speed, protection level and other parameters of the slip ring according to customer requirements, which can be widely used in security, automation, electricity, instrumentation, chemical, metallurgy, medical, aviation, military, ship, transportation and other electrical and mechanical equipment.

High Speed Slip Rings In Alternator

The slip ring for high-speed precision equipment, in between stationary platform and rotary platform of low current or signal transmission precision equipment provides effective solution. High speed slip ring, also known as high rotation speed slip ring, ultra-high speed slip ring, high-speed rotating slip ring, high-speed collector ring, high-speed conductive slip ring.

In recent years with the conductive slip ring hot applications, many manufacturing machinery and equipment have applications, which greatly solve the problem of equipment transmission electrical winding.

In order to improve the production efficiency, many enterprises have introduced high speed precision equipment, JINPAT follow the footsteps of machinery and equipment, Slip-ring development based on more than ten years of accumulated experience, combined with the friction mechanics, electronics, material science, and the relevant military standards, and through advanced processing technology, developed the high-speed equipment dedicated high-speed slip ring. The speed can reach more than 10000 RPM, without cooling equipment, providing an effective solution for the need for high-speed operation of low-current or signal transmission between the rotating platform and the stationary platform. Which fundamentally overcome the traditional conductive slip ring the disadvantages of low speed, low wear resistance. High-speed slip ring series of products have the function of automatic fine-tuning concentricity to ensure that the reliability of the products at high speed.

Jinapt high speed slip ring adopt specific and high technology, select high wear resistance and long life materials.

Special feature of low torque, low loss, high reliability and long life time.

High speed through bore slip ring could be up to 8000rpm or higher.

High speed capsule slip ring could be up to 2500rpm or higher.

Adapt for inspection instrument, lab equipment, helicopter and CNC machine.

Capsule High Speed Slip Ring

Working speed: 10,000rpm

Working life: 3 × 109 rotate

Dynamic resistance fluctuation value: 10mΩ

Transmission of various signals

Hollow Shaft High Speed Slip Ring

Working speed: 2500rpm

Working life: 3 × 108 rotate

?? Dynamic resistance fluctuation value: ≤ 10mΩ

Transmission of various signals

Typical application areas: testing equipment, laboratory equipment, helicopters, CNC machine tools and other equipment

JINPAT Electrical Conductive Slip Ring With High Temperature Resistant

The conductive slip ring for the signal and current transmission of the rotating part of the device with the fixed part is now widely used in all walks of life. It mainly includes the ring body composed of many metal ring, and the ring body contact of brush, a fixed role of support and protection housing and so on several parts.
Which is made of ring body with injecting into and laminated pressed into two ways, In the metal ring and the surface of the brush wire are usually required to do high-quality plating surface treatment, And most of the plating is precious metals, which mainly to meet the conductive slip ring of good conductivity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and other requirements.
Due to the application of conductive slip ring are quite widely, many of them are high-tech, high demand, and often to under the condition of high temperature, vibration, such as high-speed continuous work, this puts forward very high requirements for the performance of conductive slip ring.
Want to be able to operate safely, you need the quality of conductive slip ring and other aspects of excellent performance, and through a series of experiments to prove the conductive slip ring in a special environment to work the reliability.
If you want to be able to operate safely, it is needed to be conductive slip ring in excellent quality and so on various aspects of performance, and through a series of experiments to prove the conductive slip ring reliability of the work under special circumstances. While It can be carried out in the vacuum state of the conductive slip ring in a variety of temperature and speed under different tests to see the temperature and speed changes caused by the transmission of the voltage signal changes and signal-to-noise ratio. After the experiment proved that under the vacuum state, increasing the speed and raise the temperature will lead to the signal-to-noise ratio of the voltage signal to become larger. But even if the temperature rises to 100 degrees, the rotation speed increased to 1.3 m / s, the signal to noise ratio is still greater than 279/1. So we can conclude that the conductive slip ring temperature and speed have little effect on the transmission of electrical signals. Which can basically able to meet the same environment applications.
Jinpat independent research and development of high temperature resistant Hydraulic electrical slip ring which can work under 500℃. which not only achieved the infinite rotation, but also With high security and reliability.

Ship Equipment Slip Ring From JINPAT Electronics

Along with our country's emphasis on Marine economy and the rapid development of world shipbuilding industry, as well as my company's conductive slip ring in production strength, testing equipment, research and development technology and product quality advantages, Marine conductive slip ring will become our new leading products, the formation of a new development point. We obtain GJB certification in 2011 and certified professional «classification society» in 2013. Classification society certificate on behalf of JINPAT slip ring has been successfully applied to the field of the ship. nothing for the country's national defense made the point!

Product advantages:
◈ Stable performance, long life, easy maintenance
◈ High degree of protection (IP68), high and low temperature resistance (-60 C ~ +240 ℃ C), high pressure
◈ harsh environment to use: anti-salt spray, anti-acid, anti-corrosion, anti-vibration, shock resistance
◈ low electrical noise (less than 5 milliohms), isolation greater than 60dB, very low signal transmission loss
◈ can simultaneously transmit analog signals, digital signals, touch signals, call signals, telephone lines and other signals
◈ can simultaneously transmit high current (current up to 2000A)
◈ According to the requirements of the design and production of various special slip ring

Typical applications: marine propulsion systems, port machinery, oil drilling platforms, sea monitoring vessels, scientific vessels, ship machinery.

Jinpat Electronics has many years of R & D design and manufacturing experience in the field of marine equipment, the production of precision conductive slip ring has been widely used in the ship, shore-based military and civilian equipment, while help customers to solve transmit a variety of signals under the harsh using environment at the same time the protection grade issues, and get the customer’s praise!

High Frequency Military Slip Ring For Radar

Radar is the use of electromagnetic waves to detect the target of electronic equipment, Radio waves to illuminate and receive the echo of target, to acquire target electromagnetic launch distance and distance rate (radial velocity), azimuth, altitude and other information, Which used in the military field. With the development of modern science and technology, while the radar technology requires more and more transmission frequency between the fixed part and the rotating part, and often require the transmission frequency in the range of tens of MHz or hundreds of MHz to reach the high-frequency signal transmission. Among them, UHF, UHF radar frequency between 0.3 to 30GHz, wavelength between 1 cm to 1 meter, this type of radar is mainly used for digital communications; satellite communications; international maritime satellite communications and other remote requirements of the communication system. Then In this type of radar equipment, what parts can reach so high demand?
High frequency conductive slip ring (also known as high frequency rotary connector) can solve the radar equipment required performance and parameters,
JINPAT produces LPF-02A and LPFO-03A, such as the high frequency slip ring size is: 4.5 GHz;Peak power: 1500 W;Average power: 4.5 GHz, 50W; Voltage standing wave ratio: less than 1.18, Specifically design for the UHF, ultra-high frequency radar equipment, The LPHF high frequency slip ring with a variety of models such as: single channel multi-channel, which can customizable frequency size, and small size, light weight, compact design. In the same slip ring in the leading level.

Product advantages
■ Transfer analog and digital signals
■ Compatible with data bus protocol
■ long life, maintenance-free, no lubrication
■ 360 ° continuous rotation transmission power or data signal
■ Service life: 5 × 107R (reference value)

High frequency slip ring can be applied to the radar type:
1, early warning radar, search alert radar,
2, guided command radar, gun sight radar,
3, height radar, battlefield surveillance radar,
4, airborne radar, radio altitude radar,
5, radar fuze, weather radar,
6, navigation control radar, navigation radar
7, collision and enemy identification radar and so on.

Wind Turbine Generator Slip Ring

slipring is just a small part in the industrial production and manufacturing, the slip ring plays a very significant role in the operation. The slip ring usually is installed in the engine hood fan and used for providing a variable propeller power and control the electrical signal & power, so slip ring could transmit power and signal through a rotating interface.
The slip ring working principle: the contact materials of slip ring through rotating connections to transfer electrical signal and energy, brush or contacting brush slide on the rotating slip ring and keep continuous contact during operation. That is to say, in order to ensure the correct electrical signal transmission, also the static brush between brush block need to have precious metal contacting materials.

一.Technical Index
1.Working temperature: -40°C ~ +80°C
2. Working humidity: 0~95%RH
3. Protection grade: IP65
4. Power rating: when voltage is 400VAC, and current is 70A
5. Telecommunication line: when voltage is 24VDC, speed rate is100Mbps
6. Power of heater: 15W, voltage 120VAC/240VAC
7. Impact test: 50g (11ms)
8. Contact material: precious metal/graphite
9. Working life: one hundred million revolutions/20 years

二.Matters need to be communicated
1.Working life of slip ring
A: Structure of brush
a.Contact structure: Such structure adopts fiber brush material, which is lubrication free, low contact pressure, less abrasion, and super long working life. Material of copper ring is H62, and surface roughness is Ra0.4 with gold-plating (30uin) handling, which can strengthen the abrasion performance, anti-corrosion performance, and antioxidant performance of ring trail.
b.Contact pressure of brush and ring trail: At present, we use theoretical calculating formulate, which has been data optimized by testing.
c.Arrangement way of brushes: There are two ways of brushes arrangement, one is parallel arrangement, and the other is plugging all the brushes into the copper pipe. We need to discuss whether there is any impact on working life for these two methods, and whether overload quantities are the same of contact point.
d.Machine work and assembling precision of elements (such as coaxial degree / tolerance of fit )

2.Design of vibration
a.In order to prevent tripping operation of brush, we adopt anti-shock brush structure at present.
b.Cooperating part adopts vibration absorbing material and structure, and the locking up block we all take anti-loosen measure.
c.Connecting way of wires: The first one adopts Harding connector, and the second one wire outlet, which is taking PG connector to fix wires.
B:Carbon brush structure(As the following picture,details refer to 3D drawing)

Slip ring enjoys wide applications, also including wind turbine generator industry. Jinpat slip ring enjoys excellent performance of low temperature resistance, wind resistance, corrosion resistance, high humidity & protection, shock proof, maintenance free etc in wind turbine generator.which Adopt international advanced precious metal multi-contact materials. Unique sealed housing design to prevent outside pollution. Could be used in harsh environment for moisture, shock, vibration and sandstorm.

Jinpat Waterproof Slip Ring

Waterproof slip ring refers to the conductive slip ring, mainly waterproof work problems can be solved in the water environment, generally can be divided into 8 waterproof level.
At present, Jinat can produce IP60 to IP68 all waterproof grade slip ring, Of course, there are some users require slip ring can work in a high humidity environment, this product is also within the scope of waterproof slip ring. Waterproof slip rings have been widely used in a variety of equipment in the water work, Which have high degree of protection.

Application industry
1, oil drilling
2, offshore wind power
3, maritime system
4, port machinery and so on

Slip ring characteristics
◆ unique mechanical and electrical structure, waterproof and dustproof
◆ Precious metal contact material, maintenance-free.
◆ power supply, signal combination, to meet the different requirements of applications
◆ customizable shell, high quality aluminum alloy or stainless steel
◆ Customizable sealing method
◆ high sealing grade optional, up to IP68
◆ can be in accordance with customer requirements, to provide fast delivery, reliable quality

The Difference Between Hydraulic Slip Ring And Conductive Slip Ring

Hydraulic slip rings and conductive slip rings are often referred to as rotary joints, Distinguish from the access to the medium, hydraulic slip ring is usually pass into the liquid, pneumatic and gas flow media etc. While the conductive slip ring normally passes the current, the signal, and so on. Now we analyze the specific difference between the two slip ring. The hydraulic slip ring is mainly powered by the power element (motor), the same conductive slip ring as well. From the use of fundamental sense, the hydraulic slip ring is mainly transmitted fluid and gas medium, the air source and fluid source are transferred from a dynamic state of 360 ° to the desired part. From the use of fundamental sense, Conductive slip ring is mainly transmitting current and electrical signals, the current or electrical signals from the dynamic state of 360 ° transfer to the need for components. The common feature is the role of media transmission, are a common industrial joints. From the structural analysis, the hydraulic slip ring is mainly composed of the rotor, shell, bearing and seal. Conductive slip ring is made up of the brush, insulation film, conductive wire, shell, hollow turn.

From the technical parameters, the hydraulic slip ring is mainly the number of channels, pressure, speed, temperature, conductive slip ring is mainly resistance. Current size, voltage size, number of circuits, speed, temperature. The most important quality performance of hydraulic slip rings and conductive slip rings is essentially different. The most important things of the hydraulic slip ring both of the rotation speed and sealing, While the conductive slip ring is mainly the size of the over-current brush, brush wear resistance strength, From the processing technology and design also has a fundamental difference (design process belongs to confidential documents of Jinpat Electronics Co., Ltd. ) hydraulic slip ring outside is mainly connected to the tube, While outside the main conductive slip ring connection wires. There is also a difference from media access, The hydraulic slip ring can be selected from the flange hole into the medium or from the object side into the medium, Whereas the conductive slip ring could input medium from the top wire, also can input medium from the bottom wire. Conductive slip ring is basically to use flange connection, and hydraulic slip ring is connected with flange and screw thread. While can also be use a special connection.

Set up according to equipment condition, we can basically from the structure, connection mode, access to different media analyze the difference between the hydraulic slip ring and conductive slip ring. Hydraulic slip ring and the conductive slip ring are a 360 ° unlimited rotary transmission media, is a kind of industry commonly used industrial joints.