Radar Antenna Slip Ring

First, the radar antenna slip ring description
     Slip ring is a key component of the radar antenna, and its role is to make the radar rotational part and fixed part formed between power and signal connection. Jinpat Electronics slip ring produced nothing has a wealth of technical experience in the field of radar. Commonly used in radar technology convergence of intermediate frequency ring had a through hole type and electrical (high frequency).
Second, the radar antenna slip ring products
The radar slip ring is usually linked to a high frequency rotary joint, so sometimes the need to hollow shaft. Jinpat Electronics hollow shaft slip ring technology is already very mature, and open mold set up hollow shaft production line, Jinpat engineers can also according to the specific requirements for your selection or custom slip ring.
LPT038-1805 is a hollow shaft slip ring that have 18 circuit 5A current, in the middle of slip ring is 38.1mm center hole, to ensure that low friction, low contact resistance, frictionless debris, high life.
Number of Circuits: 18 Circuits
Per current: 05A
Working speed: 0-500rpm
Working temperature: -20 ℃ ~ +60 ℃
Operating humidity: 60% RH or higher
Rated voltage: 380VAC / DC or higher
Pressure strength: between the two ≥ 1000V @ 50Hz
Insulation resistance: 1000MΩ @ 500VDC
Dynamic resistance fluctuation value: Small up to 1mΩ
Contact Material: Precious Metal
Wire length: standard 300mm
Housing material: aluminum alloy
Torque: ≤9.25 g? M (reference value)
Protection class: IP54 or higher
Third, the characteristics of radar antenna slip ring
■ Transfer analog and digital signals
■ Compatible with data bus protocol
■ long life, maintenance-free, no lubrication
■ 360 ° continuous rotation transmitting power or data signal
■ compact appearance, easy installation, which can work in harsh environments

Jinpat HD Slip Ring And VR Virtual Reality Technology

Virtual reality technology (VR for short) is one of the world's cutting-edge science and technology today, a large number of world technology giants regard them as guest, including Google, Google, Apple, Samsung, Sony and other well-known technology companies.

The real revolution of virtual reality technology is that it has changes the human perception of the real world, For the first time from the technical to change the human visual, but also to change the human hearing and touch, can give humans a new virtual world. From technology to change human vision for the first time, also includes the change of human hearing and touch, can show a new virtual world to human beings.

It is because the virtual reality technology to subvert the visual effects of human eyes, so it can burst out a lot of exciting application space. Such as in the field of games, education and training, telemedicine, online shopping and other aspects to create an unprecedented excellent user experience.

The major head-mounted displays will be upcoming in 2016, Gaming market is huge transformation. According to Fuji Kaimai Lai research, The 2018 global headset display output will reach 1.5 million. The existing virtual reality head-mounted display uses a wire directly connected to the PC, TV, or other multimedia devices. The use of the process will inevitably because of the rotating winding problem and other issues limiting the rotation angle, reducing the experience of the results. Aimed at this situation Jinpat Electronics company R&D a type of high performance slip ring that integrated HDMI signal and USB signal, instead of the original system with wire directly connected, This slip ring meets the requirements of 1080P @ 60Hz (frame frequency can be higher), no error signal, and the high-definition signal and USB signal does not interfere with each other to ensure that the signal lossless transmission.

HD slip ring can be customized according to customer specific requirements, such as increasing the current and other signal ring, customer custom line length and product dimensions etc. As shown in the figure below, this program can make users in the use of virtual reality when wearing a display 360 ° unlimited turned, greatly improve the effect of the user's experience.

The smooth performance of the slip ring products has been highly recognized by domestic and overseas customers, and with the rapid development of virtual reality equipment, this kind of HD slip ring will get a wider range of applications.

Influence of Conductive Slip Ring on Industrial Robot

Contemporary, with the rapid development of industrial automation, industrial robot has been used in a variety of occasions. In this context, industrial robots gradually replace some of the labor intensity, poor operating environment. China's industrial robot market mainly in the automotive, motorcycles, electrical appliances, construction machinery, petrochemical, etc., Enterprise demand for technological progress is more intense, The main robot users are still in the automotive industry, engineering machinery industry and electrical, electronics industry. China's demand for industrial robots and varieties will increase significantly year by year, some new robots have emerged, which also increased the demand for conductive slip ring.

With the development of electronic technology, numerical control and robot application technology, industrial robots in the production of technology is becoming more mature, it has some notable features, which can improve the quality of production operations, can effectively improve the efficiency, and can also improve the working conditions of workers and labor intensity, shorten the product preparation and replacement cycle, reduce the corresponding equipment investment. In the process of producing robots, the application of conductive slip ring improves the automation level and productivity of the robot parts production, while making production more flexible, the quality of work has been guaranteed, and the robot is suitable for a variety of high quality production mode.

1.Conductive slip ring makes the robot internal cable structure has a good order, and convenient to use, maintenance, debugging features, work with the overall layout is reasonable, beautiful.
2.Conductive slip ring using imported materials, stable performance, making the robot has a high life, maintenance-free features. Robot conductive slip ring using the leading military-grade high-standard surface treatment process, compact design, gold to gold contact to ensure that very low contact resistance and long working life, in order to transmit weak signals.
3.Conductive slip ring can improve system performance, simplify the system structure, to avoid the wire in the rotation process caused by sprains.

In the future development, the conductive slip ring with the development of various industries has grown, the robot conductive slip ring as a new type of industry will be essential for fine equipment industrial parts, the prospects are very broad. Our company produces robot slip ring, robotic arm slip ring, automation equipment slip ring, stacker slip ring, packing machine slip ring, gripper slip ring, welding robot slip ring, headlights spraying robot slip ring, auto spray painting robot slip ring, wireless robot slip ring, medical robot slip ring, carrying manipulator robot slip ring, intelligent robot slip ring, industrial robot slip ring, etc. if you do not find the right products in our products, please contact us promptly, we will provide you with the most scientific and economical slip ring solutions!

Jinpat Decrypt Central Swivel Joint

Central rotary joint can be called multi-channel rotary joint, collector ring, the main function of the central rotary joint is possess of good sealing structure, transfering the same media source to the desired working parts in any direction, which has flexible structure. This connector is convenient, safe, stable performance, from the economy in terms of saving energy waste, from the environment, refused to environmental pollution. The general center swivel joints are made of porous into, porous out, Such as two holes into the medium, two holes out of the medium, which is the standard rotary joint, sometimes according to the working environment, the need for two holes into the medium, four holes or even more holes out of the medium, sometimes in order to reduce the size of the connector, you can enter a number of holes into the media, the same hole out of the media and so on, In this case the working joints are called center swivel joints, very flexible and convenient.

In our economic point of view, if the more holes, relatively speaking, the larger the size of the joints, processing time is relatively lengthened, internal seals, bearings and other accessories prices are relatively expensive, In producer cost increase, therefore when purchasing center switch joints according to the specific work condition to choose. At the same time the central rotary joint has a good sealing performance, there will be no leakage and other issues, reduce the use of maintenance cost, decrease by energy waste. From the environmental point of view, after media through the central swivel connector, when the medium source passes through the required parts to the recycling units from time to time, the media direction can be recycled to the media source by the power of the motor. This can be repeated use of energy, do not cause waste, which can be used to reduce the cost of business, do not pollute the environment.

There is also a feature of the center swivel connector that the media entry hole can be accessed from the top of the flange or the side of the flange. And there are a variety of installation methods:
1, hanging type
2, contact type
3, horizontal and vertical and so on

Determine the center rotary joint of the media into the way and installation is based on the working environment. The most important part of the central rotary joint is the seal structure, while the most important part of the seal is the wear resistance, In order to ensure that the rotary joint have a good sealing, which use of imported Teflon materials to made of seals, This material has both wear resistance, high temperature, acid and alkali, corrosion resistance and many other features. The swivel joint is supported by two high-precision bearings, so as to center swivel jointt can quickly and smoothly to high speed rotating, Hollow turn using stainless steel material after finishing, Check whether the hollow turn is machined, which adopt to horizontal measuring instrument, it is only to ensure that there’ll have a good level can keep up the good concentricity. Jinpat Electronics has been enjoying a leading position in the aspect of center rotary joint production research and development among the domestic enterprise. The production of rotary joints more smoothly, higher concentricity, hollow shaft surface smooth, effectively reduce the internal friction, thereby extending the life of the rotary joint. The overall use of mechanical balance seal, the appearance possess of european design style, which has been in line with international standards.

Turntable slip ring

Turntable slip ring is specifically designed for the use of turntable slip ring, Turn table slip rings also is through hole slip rings or hollow shaft slip rings, According to its use of places, which can be divided into simulation turntable slip ring and test turntable slip ring. For the reason that the turntable slip ring is generally used in relatively high-end areas such as military turntable, the product size, signal, performance requirements, the need for slip ring manufacturers not only have strong technical strength, product quality control and also have stringent requirements for after-sales service. Jinpat can be aimed at the actual needs of customers, recommend the appropriate model, at the same time we can provide intermediate frequency signal and high-frequency signal transmission, customers can tailor-made higher requirements of the slip ring.

Typical Application:
1, electrical test equipment
2, high-definition PTZ
3. Rotate the table

We specialize in customized solutions, until now, our model have over 12000, and over 80% model customized with customer request and base on technology and full experience, our slip ring solution including traditionary carbon brush, gold wire contact, gold fiber brush contact, no contact transmit, each solution application depend on the customer real application request with economically, high quality and reliability. In the future, through-hole slip ring will be a lot of applications in the turntable slip ring, automated monitoring equipment, automated robot and other areas, when the structure of the slip-ring slip ring and the technical parameters of a higher requirements, therefore, Jingpat in the production of existing products, at the same time study of new products, the new structure that has been adapted to the future of the through hole slip ring requirements.

The Function Of Conductive Slip Ring In Defense And Military Industry

With the development of science and technology, various countries have been developing high-tech military equipment, which in some key parts demanding 360-degree rotation and transmission of current or signal, and greatly reduce the installation of military conductive slip ring space. In order to provide high-quality military units and meet the military standard slip ring. In military industry market, the diversity and complexity of the signal and current power determines when rotating joint transmission and transfer signal it must be used to high quality, high reliable performance of conductive slip ring.

Military conductive slip ring requirements: 1, high precision design, which can fully meet the vibration requirements of the equipment; 2, Gold to gold contact material; 3, Very low rotating torque; ultra-high working temperature, which can work in over 200 degrees centigrade; 4, the whole military materials, suitable for sensor signal such as weak signal of high-quality transmission in harsh environments, multi-channel signal transmission, anti-jamming design.

Unprecedented military machinery for quality requirements, more and more request for conductive slip ring manufacturing technology, the use of conductive slip ring properties, the requirements of the stability of the power transmission is becoming more and more high. It must rely on the conductive slip ring to solve the activities of the automated military machinery rotary joint power and electrical signal rotation transmission problems. This requires the slip ring manufacturing process to further improve and strengthen, whithe reliable performance of conductive slip ring must be guaranteed.

Jinpat slip ring there will be a great platform for display and usability. High quality slip ring to adapt to harsh working environment: such as: high temperature, low temperature, shock, vibration, impregnation, rain, Salt spray, drop, alternating hot and humid. Based on the special application of rotary slip ring, we have a special department and developers for your to design various practical requirements, development and production of particular specifications of the product.