Cleveland Browns: The absurd Myles Garrett hate needs to stop

Cleveland Browns fans who don’t want to draft Myles Garrett based on a harmless video need to rethink what makes a football team great.

Talent should be what Cleveland Browns fans want the franchise to acquire in the 2017 NFL Draft. Yet somehow, there is a group of fans against taking the most talented player available based on a harmless video.

The video is one featuring Myles Garrett, in which he playfully pleads for the Dallas Cowboys to trade up and select cheap jerseys him in the Draft.

On the surface, this makes sense. Garrett was born in Texas, went to college in Texas, and wants to play professionally in Texas. Yet this lighthearted plea has no effect on the Browns’ ability to draft Garrett.

But don’t tell that to some Browns fans, as a small group of fans lost their minds that Garrett would utter such words. He is not on the Browns, and may not even be selected by the team, but this didn’t stop some from declaring the Browns should not draft him. This is just dumb.

Garrett is a 21-year-old cheap nfl jerseys kid who was kidding around, and explained just that in a recent article on

He never once said he doesn’t want to play for the Browns, and has done nothing to warrant anyone’s hate in Cleveland. So why do some Browns fans take this so personally?

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It seems that the fear of spending a No. wholesale jerseys china 1 overall pick on a player who doesn’t wholeheartedly want to be here has fans worried. But a player wanting to play in Cleveland doesn’t automatically mean he will be great for the team.

It would be interesting to take a poll of NFL first-round draft picks to see where they ideally want to play. The Browns would not likely end up high on the list.

And that should come as no surprise. After seeing how bad the Browns have been for years, it would be hard to expect a college kid to want to play here. But that is why the NFL Draft exists. It gives teams like the Browns a chance to take talented players who can make the team better, thus changing the team’s reputation.

That is why the Browns need to take Garrett No. 1 overall. He is the best player available, and while he would ideally like to play in his home state of Texas, cheap jerseys from china he can come to the Browns and help make the team a winner. He would also not complain about making No. 1 overall money.

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So Browns fans who are angry at Garrett need to calm down and actually look into the young player’s comments. Don’t get caught up in clickbait headlines and don’t read his quotes out of context. Once that is done, it is clear to cheap jerseys china see that Garrett is still a great option for the Browns at No. 1 overall.

Cleveland Browns: The benefits of signing a free agent quarterback

The Cleveland Browns have several options when it comes to finding a starting quarterback, and signing a free agent has its benefits.

The Cleveland Browns surprised fans in 2016 by signing Robert Griffin III to a two-year deal, thus ending the talks of drafting a quarterback with the No. 2 overall pick.

The talks of Jared Goff or Carson Wentz ended, and Griffin became the starter, even though that doesn’t seem like the best decision in hindsight. The good news now is that the Browns got the first year of the rebuild out of the way, and can look to invest in a quarterback who can hold down the role for more than just a single season.

Jimmy Garoppolo was the first serious name linked to the Browns, although no one knows if the Browns would actually offer up a big trade for him, or if the Patriots actually want to trade him.

Then there are the rookie quarterbacks, such as Mitch Trubisky, Deshaun Watson, and wholesale jerseys china DeShone Kizer, who could be options at either No. 1 or No. 12 in the draft.

But another potential option is a quarterback in the free agent market, with Tyrod Taylor being the current favorite from that group, especially after the Browns recently signed his former quarterbacks coach from Buffalo.

Taylor is expected to be let go by the Bills, who have seemingly moved on now that Rex Ryan is no longer in charge. There is a small chance he does stay, but the $90 million extension he signed last year was mostly non-guaranteed, allowing the team cheap nfl jerseys to cut him and move on after once again missing the postseason.

If he is cut by the Bills, Taylor becomes an instant favorite to be the Browns’ starter in 2017. cheap jerseys china

While the goal is to find a franchise quarterback, ideally through the NFL Draft, the Browns are still several years away from being a playoff contender. The rest of the roster needs to be built up, and Taylor offers a solid option at the quarterback position in the meantime.

The 2018 draft class also has some solid quarterback options cheap jerseys from china if the Browns decide no one this year is worthy of being taken in the first round.

Signing Taylor before the draft would cheap jerseys allow him to come to Cleveland right away and assume the starting role, giving the young team an experienced player to hold down the position.

Other options in the market include players like Mike Glennon and Tony Romo, but neither of those seem smart for this Browns team. Glennon is rather inexperienced wholesale jerseys while Romo is even more injury-prone than Griffin, and is too old to be relied upon in Cleveland during this current rebuild.

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So when it comes to potential free agent quarterbacks, Tyrod Taylor would be a smart choice. He still needs to hit the open market, but if he does, expect the Browns to pursue him right away.

Cleveland Browns: Front office too smart to overspend on Garoppolo

The Cleveland Browns have plenty of cap space in 2017 and beyond, but the front office is too smart to invest in a backup quarterback like Jimmy Garoppolo.

The Cleveland Browns are not a franchise known for instilling confidence in its fans. Bad personnel moves have been a cheap nfl jerseys staple of the team since 1999, and every year fans hope that things will change.

2017 could be the year things finally do change, as the current group in the front office has taken a long-term approach to improving the Browns. This is in contrast to the short-term approaches that saw players like Dwayne Bowe, Donte Whitner, and Josh McCown be brought in past their primes to try to take the team to the playoffs. It just wasn’t possible.

The new approach involves a full rebuild of the roster, which began last season. A 1-15 season was not ideal, but it certainly shouldn’t have cheap jerseys china been unexpected.

Yet even while the whole roster needs improvement, all everyone can talk about is the quarterback position. And that makes sense, as the Browns have never had that franchise guy who fans know will open the next season, regardless of what the team’s record was the previous year.

A big name floating around is that of Jimmy Garoppolo, who has been linked to the Browns all offseason. His role as Tom Brady‘s backup in New England has inflated his value, even though he only made it through six quarters as a starter this season when Brady was suspended.

While Garoppolo is still on the final year of his rookie deal, a trade for him may cost a first-round pick. That itself should be an automatic no for the Browns. But let’s say wholesale jerseys china it only takes a second-round pick, and the Browns get him.

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He would only be here for one season before he would ask for cheap jerseys from china a major contract, which should also be another automatic no. The Browns cannot afford to overspend on a player who is unproven, just because his value is inflated in the market.

This would be a disaster, but it doesn’t seem like this front office would ever consider such a thing. The strategy seems to be building through the draft, and potentially acquiring some proven free agents to come in and help the team. That could even mean signing players like Kirk Cousins or Tyrod Taylor, as cheap jerseys they have legitimate starting experience. But it does not mean the front office will take a gamble on a project player, as the Houston Texans did with Brock Osweiler.

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The fact the front office passed on Carson Wentz last year shows that they are not impatient when it comes to finding a quarterback they like, and at the right price. And while Garoppolo would come cheap in 2017, he would demand major money in 2018 and beyond. That just isn’t feasible, and this front office seems smart enough to realize that.

Cleveland Browns: Boats, mystery boxes and the options at quarterback

The Cleveland Browns’ quarterback options this year could be categorized into two categories based on a Family Guy clip. Which option do you like?

While watching Family Guy a few nights ago I came across an episode I found to be quite interesting. From Season 2 Episode 8, the episode is called “I am Peter, Hear Me Roar,” and here’s the clip I found humorous:

Around the cheap jerseys china :13 mark you’ll see the exchange between the shady salesman and Peter about his boat compensation. My favorite line is, “A boat’s a boat. But the mystery box could be anything.” This quote has far too many parallels to the Cleveland Browns’ current quarterback scenario.

The reason I pulled this clip was to shine a light on some of the different quarterback options as well as the different perceptions from both sides. To make this easy, I’m splitting the players into two groups:

The Boats: Current NFL quarterbacks
Kirk Cousins, Jimmy Garoppolo, Tyrod Taylor, A.J. McCarron
Mystery Boxes: Incoming/future rookie quarterbacks
Deshaun Watson, Mitch Trubisky, DeShone Kizer, Pat Mahomes
In one group, you have the boats. The boats represent a current NFL quarterback because of the simple fact they are current players in the NFL. However, these options have various levels of talent and experience, and the popular thinking behind the theory is that because they’re already in the NFL, you may think you know what you’re getting.

The second group, the mystery box, represents the crop of rookie quarterbacks that comes in every season to provide each organization with the fascination of the unknown. They’re even more of a mystery because so far there is no clear indication of where/when/or in what order these players will be taken in the draft, so teams must decide what they’re willing to do if scenarios play out in certain ways come draft night.

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Whether a GM chooses a boat or a mystery box is neither right wholesale jerseys nor wrong, but rather one’s perception of what they think is a better choice. One person could think the boats currently on the market aren’t worth all that much, and are more likely to take a calculated risk in the mystery box.

Another could believe they see serious value in one of the boats, making the decision easier in their eyes. It comes down to each organization’s evaluation on specific players.

The cheap nfl jerseys Boats

Kirk Cousins: I am all aboard the Kirk Cousins bandwagon. If Washington is dumb enough to let a franchise quarterback walk, then the Browns should jump at the chance to grab him. People say his stats are deceiving, but any quarterback that can fire a football the way he does could be a franchise quarterback for me any day.
Prediction: Washington tags Cousins for a second straight year, potentially to work out a trade?
Jimmy Garropolo: Multiple teams are rumored to have interest. I think he provides an instant upgrade to the QB position. No learning curve is enticing, as well as understanding how to prepare each week. Rumor has it the Patriots aren’t willing to part cheap jerseys from china with him, however.
Prediction: Pats trade him to the highest bidder to best maximize their Super Bowl window with Tom Brady.
Tyrod Taylor: A solid option if Buffalo decides to let him walk. He gives a team that bridge quarterback with starter upside while providing an opportunity to develop a young quarterback. Also keeps your draft picks to provide impact players on the roster. Contract numbers are something to keep an eye on.
Prediction: Bills retain him as their own bridge QB to develop Cardale Jones.
A.J. McCarron: Some believe he may be more valuable than Garoppolo due to the extra contract year/another year of evaluation and then is a RFA. I don’t see Cincinnati giving a team in the division a potential franchise QB, but who knows.
Prediction: Stays put in Cincinnati for the time being. Andy Dalton makes a lot of money, but regressed last season. I also don’t see the Bengals trading within the division to the Browns.
The Mystery Boxes

Deshaun Watson: Makes big time plays in big time moments. Athletic, drives the ball but threw too many picks. Will do really well in interviews, but I want to know more about why he didn’t utilize a chance to separate himself in a rough QB class at the Senior Bowl.
Prediction: Drafted in the top 15
Mitch Trubisky: My hometown pick. I may be biased because I watched him dominate at my beloved Mentor High School, but Mitch has the chance to be the best QB out of this class and he will prove as such as the draft process progresses. Like all of the top QBs this year, he will need some time to adjust to the NFL learning curve but the arm talent and dual-threat capabilities are there.
Prediction: Drafted in the top 15
DeShone Kizer: The forgotten man out of this group thus far. A guy that will get back into the conversation at the combine with his size and athleticism. Great build for the AFC North, and has a live arm but struggles to see the field and had a questionable finish to his final season at Notre Dame. Will be interested to learn more about his ability to read through progressions and understand pre-snap coverages.
Prediction: Drafted in the second round
Pat Mahomes: The more I watch him, the more I like his size, athleticism and arm talent. The air raid system scares me, as well as the transition to taking snaps under center. Draft stock will rise at the combine due to athleticism.
Prediction: Mid-to-late first round selection
As you can probably tell, the Family Guy clip was a mere metaphor for different ways of thinking. The mystery box lends itself to a general manager who doesn’t see value in the current quarterbacks available outside of the draft. The boats are viewed as a perfect opportunity to upgrade your team with an asset you believe can succeed in the NFL now.

Personally, I’m all over the place on what quarterbacks I want. I love the fascination of the unknown, but also think that if you’ve wholesale jerseys china got real value sitting in front of you, you’ve got to capitalize on it.

NEXT: The potential pursuit of Kirk Cousins
In my opinion, Kirk Cousins is a giant yacht that the owners for some reason doesn’t want to commit to. And if he hits the market and the Browns can use their $100 million to pry him away, it could give them a chance to join the Yacht Club that is NFL playoff cheap jerseys contenders.

Browns would be foolish to pursue quarterback Kirk Cousins

The Cleveland Browns need to fix the quarterback issue, but pursuing Washington’s Kirk Cousins will do more harm than good now that he has been cheap jerseys from china franchise tagged.

From Buffalo’s Tyrod Taylor to New England’s Jimmy Garoppolo, just about every possibility at quarterback this offseason has been linked to “fix” the Cleveland Browns quarterback issues. Go ahead and add Kirk Cousins name to that list.

According to Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole earlier today, Cousins “would be open” to wholesale jerseys china playing for teams other than the Washington Redskins (his current team) or the San Francisco 49ers (a rumored destination to reunite with head coach Kyle Shanahan), noting that the Cleveland Browns are “intriguing.”

Jason Cole ✔ @JasonColeBR
Source: QB Kirk Cousins would be open to playing for teams other than #Redskins or #49ers if that's how it works out. #Browns intriguing
8:50 PM — 28 Feb 2017
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Since that news, cheap jerseys however, the Washington Redskins decided to place the exclusive franchise tag on Cousins and he reportedly does intend to sign it. The Redskins can still negotiate a longterm deal with Cousins until July 15. If no deal is struck by then, Cousins will play to the tune of $23.94 million in 2017.

Adam Schefter ✔ @AdamSchefter
Washington placed exclusive franchise tag on Kirk Cousins.
2:50 AM — 1 Mar 2017
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This news however, does not mean that the Cleveland Browns or any other team for that matter is cheap jerseys china out of the running for the services of Cousins.

The Redskins own all negotiations rights to Cousins once he signs that exclusive franchise tag. The Redskins could still wheel and deal him for the right price if a teams shows interest, but Washington would likely have to allow Cousins to negotiate with a potential trade partner on a longterm deal before being traded. Let’s take a look at some background on Cousins’ current tour for Washington.

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Cousins and the Redskins seem to have come to another standstill this offseason when it comes to determining what the four-year veteran is worth, forcing the Redskins to use the franchise tag on Cousins once again. After having a cheap nfl jerseys good season statistical wise as a starter in 2015, Washington placed the franchise tag on Cousins for the first time. Later that offseason, Washington offered him a contract that included $16 million per year and $24 million in guaranteed money after his one season as a full-time starter.

Cousins felt disrespected and decided to bet on himself and play under the franchise tag in 2016. Cousins ended up throwing for more yards in 2016, but had a worse completion percentage, a worse record, fewer touchdowns and more interceptions along with missing the playoffs after making them the year prior.

Cousins had believed has proven his worth and was reportedly seeking a contract north of $100 million this offseason, before eventually being tagged by the Redskins today.

Cousins has put up good numbers over his tenure as Washington’s starter, but there is only one stat that matters in this league – wins – and Cousins has gone 19-21-1.

The even more concerning stat is that Cousins isn’t beating “playoff caliber teams.” Cousins record against .500 teams is 5-13 and that number drops to 2-11 when he is facing teams with nine or more wins.

Last season Cousins also had one of best receiving units in the NFL and the seventh best offensive line (according to Pro Football Focus). Another concerning stat regarding Cousins is his touchdown to interception ratio. In his first season as a starter, Cousins was ranked 15th with a 2.6 ratio. That number dropped in 2016, with a better offensive unit, to 2.1.

So the one question still remains, if you are the Cleveland Browns, do you offer a trade to the Washington Redskins for Kirk Cousins? The answer is no. Taking on a quarterback who played with one of wholesale jerseys the best offensive units in the league last year, couldn’t take them to the playoffs, who doesn’t have a winning record as a starter, who’s demanding near north of $100 million and his own franchise is still unsure on whether or not he is a franchise quarterback by tagging him two years in a row? Yeah, let’s pass on that headache.

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The Cleveland Browns have around $108 million in salary cap space and a basket full of draft picks this offseason with many other needs to address outside of the quarterback position. The Browns should use that money and those draft picks in other places, rather than overpay for a quarterback who can’t carry a team with as many weapons as Washington.

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