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Jennifer Garner: micro fat also fashion
Sexy sunshine Jennifer Garner love career double harvest in recent years, although figure gradually from thin become full, charm and flavor. She make free with the waist or tall cartier love ring replica waist dress to draw the outline of figure, show thin black and a contrast of black and white outfit build relaxed and modelling, folding bag hip skirt highlights feminine and create plump and sexy figure, even slightly fat still fashion, a woman's body all are not perfect, maybe find suits own design can create perfect modelling.
Black is the color of eternal, select accept waist of black dress can make attention to the waist, highlight shape curve, and show thin effect, black big handbags or cool sunglasses all star flavour is dye-in-the-wood, the modelling of a black is suitable for the item or ornament bright lip color.
Jennifer Garner to collect waist skirt, dressed in a black shirt, black big handbags and low heel sandals, modelling acme show thin, black waist design highlights the curve, to pay attention to the waist, shirt, skirt and a complete with sexy, big sunglasses add star quality.
Michael Kors black waist dresses design simple elegant, tie-in black Michael Kors handbags, creating mature city girl, Marni perfect point clear black and white high heels, let all black modelling is not boring. Victoria phenomenon to collect waist dress replica Cartier love bracelet collocation Jimmy Choo black shirt, handsome and dye-in-the-wood, dress waist design foil waist line, Linda Farrow Luxe sunglasses let modelling star flavour is dye-in-the-wood.
Black and white alternate with, visual contrast, at the same time, relaxed and easy collocation, white jacket black skirts or match skinny jeans is right choice.
(left): Jennifer Garner in NO. 21 white bud silk shirt and NO. 21 black lace skirt, black peep-toe heels, fluctuation of bud silk is full of feminine flavour, let integral modelling harmony of black and white with concise and lively, full of simple sense.
(right): Jennifer Garner, dressed in a loose white shirt, black out the street, with light blue jeans and black sandals, casual and relaxed modelling instantly show thin 5 catties.
NO. 21 white shirt match NO. 21 black lace skirt, black and white alternate with, simple atmosphere, lace sense makes woman flavour. Going white decoration jacket black Acne light blue jeans, make the fashionable modelling of clean and relaxed, 3.1 Phillip Lim black handbags add formality, modelling is easy to handle attendance travel a variety of occasions.
Who says a chubby figure can't wear cultivate one's morality dresses? Sexy package hip shift dress with a fuller figure is highlighted particularly charm, choose the feminine fold dress and tall waist design is a very attractive look.
(l): Jennifer Garner, dressed in a red Lanvin dress to attend the movie premiere, simple collocation shiny high heels and a bracelet very grab an eye, magnificent red let Jennifer Garner appear attractive, charming and sexy. (right): Jennifer Garner Cartier love bracelet replica in Jason Wu, high waist skirt to attend the activities, stretch the leg curve on the vision, tall waist design highlights proud breasts at the same time, show the elegant figure, conceal flaws, make the micro fat shape also glorious takes a person.
Lanvin bag red buttock dress because fold design perfect cultivate one's morality, red build super confident aura, with gold Oscar DE la Renta bracelet, full-on goddess. McQ cortex waist high waist skirt collocation Miu Miu bracelet, unique flavor restoring ancient ways. A chubby figure fashion model, a fine jewelry enough.
Streamline line segmentation of dress to wear thin body appears to be more forceful, even slightly fat body can handle, good match with concise design or bind design high heels. For micro fat shape, surrounded by some fine accessories than cascade BlingBling body compose ACTS the role of the charm of more persuasive.
(left): Jennifer Garner wore Yves Saint Lauret peep-toe heels blue dress collocation, mood is good fake Cartier love bracelet for the fans signature, line segmentation dress makes her look tall and thin.
(right): Michael Kors dress a black contracted design let Jennifer Garner looks mature atmosphere, red and black belt high heels and a gold bracelet perfectly fine.
Yves Saint Lauret dark blue dress because of fluent line segmentation and cortex splicing and appear delicate and mature, Christian Louboutin heels collocation, make elegant clothes. Michael Kors black dress zipper decoration perfect highlight shape curve, belted waist more extreme cultivate one's morality, show thin capability, first-class match Maison Martin Margiela gold bracelet, contracted and fashionable.

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Marked yellow deduce romantic autumn day
If you want to draw attention to, be sure to try the yellow. Yellow but not large area is used, a small sheet is tasted can attract enough attention. Yellow shirt, skirt and trench coat is your choice.
Yellow for Asian people very pick color of skin, if skin white yellow can let skin become more luster, if the color is dark, yellow, would have the opposite effect. Anna Kendrick replica Cartier love bracelet in a lemon yellow chiffon blouse is tie-in a James Jeans grey denim trousers of cultivate one's morality, stamped on the flat bottom shoe that a pair of nude, bright yellow very suck.
Lemon yellow fit of Acne is tie-in a J Band cowboy's gray trousers, feet a pair of Chinese Laundry nude shoes with flat, vigorous give a person a kind of innocent beauty; Rag&Bone yellow shirt is tie-in a Citizens of Humantiy grey wash jeans, stamped on the pair of Topshop nude shoes, full of vitality.
Wearing Burberry NiNi apricot double-breasted trench coat, his foot on a pair of black fish mouth high-heeled shoes, simple but do not break window, let her in an instant affinity full confident yellow.
MSGM profile of lemon yellow coat with a pair of high heels, that Alexander Wang take the black Lanvin hand bag, black and yellow contrast let whole the graceful intellectual; RED bowknot adornment Valentino's yellow coat with a pair of Christian Louboutin fish mouth high-heeled shoes, hand Diane Von Furstenberg lace hand caught, melting and lovely little woman.
Jessica Alba wore a locomotive small leather is tie-in a yellow plaid umbrella skirt, stamped on the Cartier love bracelet replica T zone water table high-heeled shoes, retro plaid skirt with cool feels dye-in-the-wood locomotive coat collocation, fashionable avant-courier.
Topshop rivet decoration locomotive coat collocation a Erdem yellow printed skirt, stamped on a pair of Audrey Brooke fish mouth high-heeled shoes, bright yellow to make the characteristics of locomotive coat hale is much softer; Acne zipper decoration coat with a yellow printed pleated skirt, stamped on the pair of Christian Louboutin high-heeled sandals, vintage color pleated adornment dress collocation is very modern motorcycle jacket, dash out the beauty of the fashion of the ancient clever odd choice.
Dree Hemingway ginger yellow shirt and a brown cake skirt, stamped on the Ermanno Scervino high-heeled sandals, then caught with the hand that sapphire nods eyeball.
If you feel bright lemon yellow too try ginger, turmeric hue for lemon yellow to profile a lot. Equipment ginger yellow shirt is tie-in a Ralph Lauren Black Label level chiffon skirt, a woman flavour is dye-in-the-wood. Tory 'Burch ginger, no led lantern sleeve fake Cartier love bracelet gown with a T Bags brown pleated decorative skirts, sending out the pastoral style restoring ancient ways.

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Due to sichuan long bao ling (Rei Kawakubo) under the influence of many cartoon animation, fashion design style this season also show works with last quarter from afar to make people can not help but want to ask: next season Comme des Garcons fashion designers will show what? «Broken» is the answer. As nuclear fusion, Kawakubo was to release energy in the season series clothing in this way. Especially this season, pure white irregular cascading collocation thick cotton canvas linen fabrics, clothing, and the waist with a large area of irregular skirt body cartier love ring replica falbala fold shape design, combined with integral collocation gives a person truly somewhat futuristic sense of pulling away. This season clothing, though most are black and white color, but the level of use of countless has elegant falbala Comme des Garcons also let elegant blended in itself is very cool.
Riccardo Tisci exhibited at Givenchy this beautiful, elegant after 2013 chun xia series with «return to nature» four word describes this series, which may also be used to describe himself. As early as seven years ago, Tisci at Givenchy showed his Italian Catholic hangover, then his views even dull gothic style emotional appeal of romance. This time, he added to some of the sun. Not only reflected in his tone, light blue, on the choice of the color joined a different shade of white, black, and obscure, but also on the fabric. And in the middle of the shoulder and back transparent yarn weave falbala is a highlight of this series, falbala, as the pace of fluttering like angel wings general vitality at ease. Because of the positioning of Tisci this one season, and his super control execution, although there is no showed his best this season the depth of the sexy route, but also use the falbala of these fewer but better for women's elegance did a lot of the ornament.
In this season of the series, fusion of various styles of GUCCI is absorbed the essence of all kinds of cutting and design, Frida Giannini make them sparkle in a suit and sexy mature style combined with itself and then send out another kind of charm. No complicated pattern, multiple cropping, but with the pure gorgeous created ripe female sexy style. Nobody don't want to wear such a pure good, show a perfect myself. In the clothing, falbala is also as one of a large display the details of the charm, Giannini like such falbala fold effect — along the dresses of every sleeve, paint replica Cartier love bracelet and arc around the shoulders and back, let originally v-neck dress enhanced elegant feeling, and the design of these details also make clothing in clipping, color, printing on the concise and relaxed at the same time is more appreciate the results.
Look gentle and handsome Anderson, enterprising and love a challenge. Unlike most designers, Anderson would never remember his past works, he even used the word «hate» expresses the emotion of the old series, because of always pursue the new target is his ideas and success. The design of this season, Anderson is completely out of the first two seasons the characteristics of «chaos» and «distortion» on the concise, relaxed style. Falbala as the main characteristics, both the jacket and skirt, big and small, can be seen different falbala design, of course, the effect of the fold and the choice of cloth also is according to the integral style and different transformation. From fresh to mature, Anderson, use this season a lot of falbala tells us that looks like pure and fresh and sweet falbala can also luxuriant so varied.
Marni is because of the Cartier love bracelet replica unique design and printing, but this time, Castiglioni seems more interested in proportion of harmonic proportion, the best way to show this is to use solid colors, these showed Castiglioni relaxed sense are refreshing to design, there are a series of dark solid-colored dresses, pay attention to the outline of the building, very able to arouse people's interest. In the cutting of the profile design has to say to the Castiglioni used for falbala, chest and waist of falbala not only improved the degree of fresh and elegant clothing itself, also makes the visual effect of a single tone against the falbala fold contour appear energetic, no ordinary sense, the overall effect of the single color series also will increase.
Designer Christopher De Vos and Pilotto/" target = "_blank" > Peter Pilotto is a large digital pattern design of the main innovators, in their latest collections, adopted their unique signature pattern design. When Pilotto and De Vos in pattern design of this new field and similar splicing combination ways, a visual feast in season; more colorful than before. At the same time they also continue to promote the development of printing design three-dimensional direction, this kind of style is embodied in printed fabric and all kinds of drape lace pattern design at the edge of a lotus leaf. Adding so stereo in elegant silk printed with rich fake Cartier love bracelet lotus leaf edge is really let a person shine at the moment, and then wear beads and embroidery, the whole series in the dizzying array showed amazing detail.

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Spring/summer 2013 womenswear the falbala of detail
For a successful costume design, cutting of the outline and the overall style is important, but details of clothing seems more can explain the imagination of the designers and the cutting capability. From each brand can be found in the different series of this fake Cartier love bracelet season, ruffled the details of a classic in the hands of the designers and go again, from which we can chose the top 10 on behalf of the lotus leaf edge details of the brand (sorted by brand initials) for everyone to enjoy, know falbala present a variety of charm in the clothing.
Brand designer Jonny Johansson Acne has long been renowned for simple beautiful, spring and summer series, large fluffy umbrella skirt, natural ruffles poet fairy bone blouse, and the design of tooling stripes are also common. Because of tonal gentle, Johansson, use the word «romantic» to describe the series of women's clothing. And some details on the costumes also can be a very good highlights the romantic artistic conception, such as cuffs, falbala adornment and neckline part down the falbala of a word appears pure and fresh and natural, gentle and romantic. The aesthetic feeling of the details are inadvertently broke out, and women's gentle in the ingenious use of falbala natural outpouring.
Since last autumn and winter series victory, Altuzarra have issued by the American association Cartier love bracelet replica of fashion designer CFDA swarovski couture awards, the audience also for this talented young designer had higher expectations. This time Altuzarra to tailor capability as well as to the profile and the details of the design also makes people shine at the moment, full of vitality and unique personality materials also let garments' integral with rich and varied. Can be seen from this season's series, although as a new designer, but Altuzarra for the details of the falbala master does, especially in the cuffs and waist falbala details are showing a different region amorous feelings, coupled with rich embroidery patterns with golden tassels for moving collocation, the magic of Altuzarra clothing has already started to emerge.
Although Nicolas Ghesquiere has worked at the end of last year left for Balenciaga creative director for the last fifteen years, but he indeed has become the last show he said «the sexiest a performance». As a veritable self-taught master design, Nicolas Ghesquiere choice this time agile clipping, clean without any spare place. The most eye-catching would be special for the use of clothing on the falbala, Ghesquiere let each lace and heavy and complicated three-dimensional cock, upper body straight and thin, but, plus lower body indecision chimes is colorful, have different level, must have unique charm of women should be like replica Cartier love bracelet this, tender and high tenacity and not pull out. Composed of lotus leaf edge slitting and almost to the hip deep black pleated skirt with a white coat, both pure and fresh and natural, and sexy charm, female charm show. Nicolas Ghesquiere also use such a sexy performance for his creative career in Balenciaga.
For Clare Waight Keller the Chloe just creative director, designer just three years, now is the time to establish their own design style, however at this time, Chloe is celebrating its 2013 chun xia series as the 60th anniversary of the big show, was founded in 1952 the brand has made numerous famous designers create elegant elegant classic reached in 2012. This time of the series, Clare Waight Keller fully showed the confidence of women, and they have French temperament seems more than ever. At the same time, she will wind and neuter temperament of England successfully into the clothing style and structure. Focus on the cut, long, long, designers try to create a clean appearance, at the same time, make full use cartier love ring replica of hierarchical «lotus leaf edge» design skillfully wander between transparent and occlusion. A lot of new material is adopted in this work, fully embodies the creative spirit of the brand, designer with hard geometric lace and fold structure of Japan's polyester material to create the stereo sense is very beautiful. In his works also appeared a few in the retrospective exhibition of classic form, such as Karl unabashed Lagerfeld in the 1980 s in the design of color transparent gauze fold Chloe dress.

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