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Not long ago I wrote an interesting piece discussing how all of the kids doing their text message with their fingers was reformatting their brains, and changing the way they think, albeit only slightly. Still, if teenagers spend 10,000 hours every few years doing Raid The Bookies Review text messaging, their brains will reformat due to the dexterity and motor skills they are developing along with the way they think, and due to the fact that they are instantly answering simple questions in their replies and responses to friends, or events which pop up in front of them.

There is of course good and bad in everything, and it might be that they are developing incredible skills for things like operating video games, or perhaps flying unmanned aerial vehicles telerobotically for the United States Air Force. Now then, it would be almost impossible to have a legitimate debate about this topic, or to deem my reasoning incorrect.

After all, we do know the kids that play musical instruments at an early age also tend to format their brains in such a way that they are also better at math, reading symbols, and a different way of thinking. Some would say because of these activities in their younger years they end up with higher IQs, or certain types of reasoning which allows them to answer the questions on IQ tests better than other people. There is some value in that.

Now then, on March 17, 2012 in the Saturday edition of the Wall Street Journal there was an interesting set of articles by Christopher Shea, one of them titled «typists Take Sides,» which stated; «the act of typing may shape how we feel about words, a study suggests.» And the author noted that people which are right-handed can more easily reach the keys on the keyboard such as quotation marks, slash marks, and the question mark much easier than folks that are left-handed — while people that are left-handed are better able to reach the exclamation point, being as they are better with left-handed dexterity.

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