Steam games pay to buy sales include CSGO

According to PCGames reports, Steam games on the pay to buy sales the phenomenon is actually very serious, and csgoskins the price is very cheap, only $5. According to their survey conducted in the public Fiverr site survey shows that a lot of sales information is marked, will experience your game on steam, and gives the evaluation. "

Foreign media also listed the game in more than two navy game library, you can see where a world-renowned game actually also appeared in the list, but considering the national character of the game was estimated to be the Navy also likes playing it. This is lying in the gun the.

PCGamesN investigators Phil Iwaniuk in order to confirm this, deliberately carried out personally test. Although these brush evaluation in their information and no marked will give a clear from, but in the process of asking Phil Iwaniuk. Most people are given a clear answer, said that it would give praise, when asked «will you recommend from what? » When people are asked to say, «of course, the basic will give the recommendation of the evaluation. » «Yes, not only will give recommendations, but also in writing a positive review. » Of course, there will be a comparison of the evaluation of the conscience of the brush praise, I can only guarantee that my evaluation is true, if you want to find a good brush, and to find the other people Fiverr it. "

Steam as the world's largest PC game sales platform, a lot of players are depends on evaluation to buy game, especially some non, is very dependent on Evaluation and for the brush from the behavior, not V society in the future take how to stop.

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