Clip Hair Extensions

Quality Clip Extensions|Ultimate Quality 100% Human Indian-European Remy Hair Clip Extensions
Have you ever wanted to add bold bright colors to your hair but scared you would damage your hair? Introducing EMEDA Clip in hair! 
Emeda Clip in hair  are a fun, fast, and non-damaging way to add a dash of color or natural highlights to anyone's hair. They are made of 100% human hair extensions so they can be curled, flat ironed or styled just like natural hair. Emeda Hair Colors clip-in hair extensions are easy to apply and remove providing instant color without the commitment. Go ahead and shock your friends or glam up your look with Emeda Hair clip-in hair color.
Ultimate Quality: 100% Virgin Indian Remy Hair(unprocessed). 
EMEDA Ultimate Quality Clip Extensions is simply pure, shiny, silky ultimate quality 100% Virgin Human Indian Remy Hair Clip Extensions. Professionals carefully select Virgin hair from the finest Hindu Temples of Northern India.
EMEDA labs have redefined the delicate art of processing 100% Human Virgin Indian Remy Hair Clip on Extensions, without compromising its quality. EMEDA Labs gently lighten the hair with UV Light, and dye the hair with harmless heat activated pigments, avoiding harsh ammonia & damaging peroxide, while locking in shiny healthy color.
Why is Clip Extensions hair quality important? 
EMEDA Clip in hair Extensions means that you get the absolute best quality 100% Human Hair which stays shiny, silky and flowing as though it were your very own healthy growing hair.
Why Chooes EMEDA Clip hair extensions?  
We are a factory
Highest quality Clip in hair extensions 
100% Indian Remy virgin human hair,close to European human hair, very soft and easy to be styled.
Have Raw Virgin And Remy hair 3000KG in stock(unprocessed)
Our clips are imported from Japan. Very strong and durable.
Our clips are silicon attached, to avoid sliping and damaging to your own hair.
Undetectable & ultra comfortable 
Easy to apply and remove
Thick ends 
competitive prices
Wholesale/stockist packs available
No heat, glue or painful wefts required
Available in 32 shades & 18-24 inch packs
Fast delivery
Profesional service

Emeda hair
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Hy-rubbers Rubber sheet(3)

We are professional manufacturer of various of rubber sheet with our own factory, Our products have passed the certification of ISO 9001:2000 quality management system, And have been exported to south America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle east more than 20 countries and regions, Welcome new and old customers visit our factory.

rubber sheet manufacturers
We are professional manufacturer of rubber sheet, Our products is good for anti-aging and temperature, and have high tensile strength. It is widely used in Gaskets, Matting for protection, Door & Walkways.

Food -grade rubber sheet roll
We are professional manufacturer of food grade rubber sheet, Our products made with FDA approved and meet ASTM, It is widely used in countertops, skirting, and food pharmaceutical.

High temperature Silicone rubber sheet
We are professional manufacture of silicone rubber sheet, Our silicone rubber sheet have good resistance to sunlight, ozone and many gases, It is excellent resistance to temperature and electrical insulation properties and water repellency. It is widely used in matting for protection and rings and gaskets.

Good heat resistance viton rubber sheet
Good heat ageing resistance viton rubber sheet, Acid & alkali resistance, chemical resistance. 
Work under high temperature.

Wide & Fine ribbed rubber sheet roll
We are professional manufacturer of Anti-slip rubber sheet, Our products is good for anti-slip, It is widely used in Gaskets, Matting for protection, Door & Walkways.Anti-slip

Fine ribbed rubber sheet roll
We are rubber sheet factory and exporter,Our products have very good tensile strength and low compression set and high tear. It is widly used for gaskets, rings and seals.

Diamond anti-slip rubber sheet roll
We are professional manufacturer of Diamond rubber sheet, Our products is good for anti-slip, It is widely used in Gaskets, Matting for protection, Door & Walkways.

Wided ribbed rubber sheet rolls
We are professional manufacturer of ribbed rubber sheet, Our products is good for anti-slip, It is widely used in Gaskets, Matting for protection, Door & Walkways.

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Qingdao Zoranoc’s Mission statement

Qingdao Zoranoc Oilfield Chemical Co., Ltd, as a subsidiary of Cangzhou Xinchang Chemical Co., Ltd, born out of Sinopec Group, based on the inheriting of the fine tradition and work style of Sinopec, actively absorbed and used the advanced idea and excellent enterprise culture of modern companies both domestic and abroad, and continuously deepened the construction of the enterprise culture of itself, and made efforts in building the good atmosphere of “people oriented, hard striving, pursuit of excellence and results shared”, as to supply strong mental power in pushing forward the scientific development of the company.

We can supply Xanthan gum product,Corrosion inhibitor product, carboxymethyl cellulose product,Sodium bromide product.

“People oriented, Hard striving, Pursuit of excellence and Results shared”
——we bear social responsibility, trying to make welfare for society, customers and employees.

Enterprise Vision
“Through the waves, strive to achieve the petrochemical industry leader”
——Our commitment to industry development, systematical solutions for petrochemical enterprises, and the achievement of the industry dominator as the goal.

Enterprise Spirit
“Integrity, Quality, Innovation, Development”
——Relying on technical innovation, making efforts to catch up with the world’s advanced levels, representing the innovative strength of the national technology and becoming the industry leader!

Enterprise Style
“Strict enforcement and prohibitionsof orders, Doing quickly and resolutely, Solidarity and friendship, Working attentively”
——Trying to build an eagle-team with strict self-discipline, quick decision and resolute execution!

Operation Principle
Your requirement is our standard.
Our development needs your support.
——Going forward hand in hand with oilfield and refinery enterprises, and creating brilliance together!

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Pleas feel free to contact us.

D.O RFID TAG company

D.O RFID TAG company is a subsidary of D.O RFID Group, which is a reliable manufacturer established by professionals in China. We’ve been specializing in RFID field over 14 years. Based on our experience of manufacturing several million RFID products for projects from all application and frequency ranges(LF,HF,UHF).Numerous RFID projects already realised in a large variety of sectors prove our high-level RFID skills.The comprehensive market overview and a long-term partner network ensure that our products are also always in high quality.Our production line have the most modern test and inspection systems to ensure the best RFID quality.
We offer our customers value-added with innovative, high-quality products, guarantee the security of your data with certified processes,and stand for personal, first-class customer service.These are the benefits that have attracted customers from all fields of business since 2003.
D.O RFID tag company is a renowned supplier of RFID products for RFID solutions and IT services in every industry. These include the health,logistic, animal husbandry,access control,assets management,manufacturing industry, insurance and financial services industries. We exploit the benefits provided by our shared knowledge and experience. This structure ensures long-term financial stability and provides continuity for the customers.
The business model of D.O RFID tag company is geared to sustainable and profitable growth. We have achieved leading market positions thanks to our high-quality products, our deep commitment to security products,security financing,security time,security solution, data protection, our innovations and the personal dedication and commitment of our employees. These are continuously advanced with new technologies and fields of business.
D.O RFID Tag company established in 2003 years. We have more than 14years experiences in card industry. 3000 square meter plant with 350 employees.
Some of our equitment:
2 set Heidelberg 4 colors offset printers
1 set 2 Color Printing Machine
Automatic Punching Machine
Film Laminating Machine
Chip Bonding Machine
Electronic Soldering Machine
Lamination Magnetic Machine
Automatic Winding Machine
Card Packaging Machine
Hole Punching Machine
Laser Labeling Machine
Shrink Packing Machine
UV Code Machine
Hot Stamping Machine
Chip flip Machine
Automatic Package Machine
Chip testing machine
Ink-jetted code machine
Encode machine
Some of our Production Capacity
RFID card Inlay 60million Pieces
RFID Tag 25million Pieces
RFID Wristband 30million Pieces
NFC Tag 65million Pieces
RFID label 55million Pieces
Smart card 80million Pieces
PVC card 70million Pieces
RFID reader 25million Pieces
RFID lock 10million Pieces

D.O RFID TAG company

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Clip in hair extensions

EMEDA Clip on Extensions | Ultimate Quality 100% Human Remy Hair Clip in Extensions
Welcome to the world of EMEDA Clip in Remy hair extensions.
EMEDA Remy clip in hair extensions are made of purest, shiniest, silkiest 100% Human Indian Remy Hair, carefully selected from the finest Hindu Temples of Northern India. Virgin remy clip in hair extensions, with cuticle directional top quality Human Hair. EMEDA clip on extensions human hair has locked in healthy shiny color, with absolutely no animal hair content and absolutely no synthetic hair content!
EMEDA Extension Labs redefine the art of creating the finest quality 100% Human Indian clip in Remy Hair Extensions. 28 procedures, strict checks,safety and health.
EMEDA real hair clip in extensions are simply the Ultimate Quality 100% Human Indian Remy Hair Clip Extensions you can buy, at the best possible price!
Colored using a very gentle and non-peroxyde non-ammonia process
Have high quality stainless steel clips with silicone grips to ensure that they stay on without damaging your scalp and hair (you can use them even if your natural hair is silky smooth and fine)
Hand crafted to ensure high quality
At EMEDA Extensions, we go to great lengths to make your hair dreams come true!
EMEDA Clip Human Hair Extensions Durability
EMEDA Ultimate Quality Clip Extensions lasts 6 x Longer than Most other cheap Clip Hair Extensions.
EMEDA Ultimate Quality Clip Hair Extensions may cost you more at first, but it's way less expensive in the long term, because it lasts so much longer.
Most importantly, EMEDA Ultimate Quality Clip Hair Extensions will not damage your hair.
Cheap clip hair extensions tangle terribly pulling out your hair at the root each time you brush, and breaking your hair causing significant damage.
Unlike Cheap clip hair, EMEDA Extensions has absolutely no animal or synthetic content.
EMEDA Extensions: Supreme Platinum Grade quality Clip in Hair Extensions, pure 100% Human Indian Remy Hair, at the Absolute Best Price!
Most other cheap Clip Hair Extensions
Human Hair is like a has a cuticle on its outside to protect the inside of the hair just like the bark protects the wood of a tree. On the inside human hair has a cortex, just like the wood of a tree.
Most hair extension brands strip their hair's cuticle with acid exposing the core of the hair or cortex. Their hair is then bleached, dyed, and dipped in silicone at high pressure, for temporary silkiness & shine.
The problem is, the silicone lacquer washes out days later, the hair looses it's shine and begins to crack & tangle terribly.
Many companies actually use animal hair from the Yak for inexpensive long hair. Then they take the coarse Yak hair, strip off it's rough cuticle with acid and stretch it with perm lotion for length. Then they bleach & dye the animal hair & lacquer it with silicone.
They still sell that to you as 100% Human Hair.
Many other companies add 20-30% high temperature resistant synthetic fibers to their extensions, and still have the nerve to call it 100% Human Hair!
That's the reason why the extensions look like a mop after a couple of washings.

Emeda hair
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Gift Bag

We are the manufacturer of this kind of gift paper bags. We can do the OEM. And also, we can design the gift paper bags based on your request.

Custom printed christmas children candy paper bag

*Materials:190gsm white paper c1s
*Printing:CMYK/Pantone color (can be customized)
*Finishing:matte lamination
*Lead Time:15 days

Luxury gift paper bag

*Materials:157 art paper
*Printing:CMYK (custom)
*Finishing:matte lamination
*Lead Time:15 days

Wholesale high quality origami paper gift bag

*Materials:128gsm art paper
*Printing:pantone color process
*Finishing:matte lamination
*Lead Time:15 days

well-designed gift paper bag

*Materials:190gsm art paper c1s
*Printing:4 colours process
*Finishing:matte lamination
*Lead Time:15 days

Small paper gift bags with handles

*Materials:190gsm art paper c1s
*Printing:4 colours process
*Finishing:mattle lamination
*Lead Time:15 days

Gift Bags for Christmas

*Materials:120gsm C2S art paper
*Printing:4 colours process
*Finishing:Gloss Lamination
*Lead Time:15 days

1. High quality and competitive price is always our top advantage. 
2. Accept the MOQ 1000-3000pcs 
3. High efficiency delivery 
4. Best service lasting the whole cooperation

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The Maintenance of Steam Boiler

I. Maintenance Methods
1.The feed water of the boiler must be qualified by treating, which is important matter to extend the life of the boiler and ensure the safety of the operation.
2. The temperature of the feed water should be close to the temperature of the boiler body as far as possible, and it had better be in more than 20 ℃.
3. Users should check the maintenance and cleaning of the low water level cut-off device. The water level controller is cleaned at least once a month, and the water level gauge is washed at least once a day. The water level should be in the highest water level when it is washing; after washing the water level should not be lower than the lowest safe water level. If it is not clean after washing once, it can be washed many times, but it must be washed at the highest water level.
4. The boiler needs to carry out a regular sewage operation. At least once a day (a class). After discharge of sewage, drain valve should be checked if there is a leakage phenomenon because of the effects of dirt. If there is, it should be removed.
5. When the boiler is stopped and doesn’t keep the steam pressure, the room of the steam boiler will create negative pressure and keep air in the body. So the main steam valve should be opened firstly when the boiler is started again.
6. If the ash is accumulated in the smoke tube, the smoke temperature will rise so that the efficiency of the boiler will reduce and the consumption of the fuel will increase. So users should regularly open the front and back door cover, and brush or blow the ash of the smoke tube.

II. Shutdown Maintenance and Corrosion Protection
1. After shutdown, the boiler should be maintained to prevent corrosion of the boiler chamber.
2. Short term maintenance. Can use wet maintenance method: namely,  fill the boiler with water and exhaust all the air.
3. Long term maintenance. Adopt the dry maintenance method, namely, drain all water out of the boiler, open the bottom hand hole, dry the water left, and throw in desiccant through the bottom hand hole, and the desiccant should be replaced regularly. At the beginning, it can be checked and replaced once a month and later can be once three months. But it should be noted, before the boiler is started, users should be sure to remove all desiccant.

III. Monitoring and Maintenance
1. During the operation of the boiler, users should check the equipment once one hour, especially check the operation situation of the safety components and the rotating equipment of the boiler.
2. Users should make specific provisions about the project cycle such as the inspection, testing and regular operation of the boiler, and load the scene in the form of an icon.
3. The operation personnel fill in the record in time according to the situation of the inspection.
4. The site must be kept clean, and no debris, no fouling, no water, no grease. 

Qingdao East Power Industry Equipmen
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How to wear eyelash extensions

The first step:
Before gluing the mink eyelashes on, please check and size the lashes. You have to make sure that the eyelashes are not too wide for your eye. Hold the eyelash strips up against your eyelid, and trim them down on the sides if it is necessary.
If you feel the eyelashes are too long for your taste, please consider trimming the individual lashes down to achieve more natural feeling. Eyelashes should be longer toward the outer corner of your eyes.
The second step:
Using an applicator or brush to apply the lash glue to the outer seam of the eyelash strip. Make sure the glue to dry for a moment before applying it to eyelashes.
You also can squeeze a thin line of eyelash glue onto your hand. Then, gently run the outer seam of the lash strip along it.
The third step:
Place the eyelash strip on your eyelid, make it close to your natural eyelashes. Bring the strip down from above, not from the front. This is to ensure that you get close to your lashline.
The fourth step:
Make the glue dry naturally. When the strip is in place, you do not need to press or hold it.
The fifth step:
Apply mascara to your lashes. This will help to blend your natural eyelashes with the false ones, achieving a more natural feeling. You can use black, brown, or dark gray mascara.
The sixth step:
Apply liquid eyeliner along your upper lids. Make sure to fill in any gaps between the false lashes and your own to make them look more natural. Use black, brown, or dark gray liner.

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What is Molecular Sieve?How to use molecular sieve?

Principle & Application:
A molecular sieve is a material with very small holes of precise and uniform size. These holes are small enough to block large molecular while allowing small molecular to pass. Molecular sieve has a very wide range of applications, can be used as a efficient desiccant, selective adsorbent, catalyst, ion exchange, etc., mainly used in automobile, building glass, medicine, paint, packaging and other fields.
3A, 4A, 5A, 13X molecular sieve, Insulating glass molecular sieve, Air separation special molecular sieve etc.
1.       Methods for regeneration of molecular sieve include pressure change (as in oxygen concentrators), heating and purging with a carrier gas (as when used in ethanol dehydration), or heating under high vacuum.
2.       Regeneration temperatures range from 175℃to 315℃depending on molecular sieve type. In contrast, silica gel can be regenerated by heating it in a regular oven to 120℃(250℉) for two hours.
3.       However, some types of silica gel will “pop” when exposed to enough water. This is caused by breakage of the silica gel spheres when contacting the water.

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Business and commercial event favorable Banquet Chair

Qingdao Welhome Group Corp dedicate in producing business and commercial event chairs and tables. As a leading manufacturer we also specialize in producing and supplying banquet chairs and tables for satisfying customers’ need. Due to the formal form of business event and meetings, banquet chairs are designed to be classic, concise, and practical. Metal body frame with soft cushion can provide a strong durability for long time usage. And a wide range of textile color options is the fundamental factor to ensure customer’s satisfaction. Meanwhile, we provide high quality banquet chair covers with outstanding elasticity and stretch ability. Our event banquet chairs are stackable and in a good weight balance, which can save your space when storing and packaging. The fire proof and water resistance technology ensure safety when people using them in crucial condition. Our banquet chairs are designed to perfectly equip with the plywood event folding table, which can be made into different shapes like round, rectangular, round in half and squared. Please contact us right away for further specification and details. Our professional trade services will assist you and solve all your confusion.
# Chiavari chair supplier
# Event chair manufacturer
# Business chair manufacturer

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