malaysia holidays--Langkawi SkyBridge

If you want to go some special Malaysia tourist spots, the Langkawi Sky Bridge will be a good place for you.
The Sky Bridge is located in the Langkawi Islands ,Malaysia .Completed in 2004, this suspended bridge is built on top of the Machinchang mountain. Accessible from the Top Station, the bridge is suspended from a 82m high single pylon, hangs at about 100m above ground and it can accommodate up to 250 people at the same time. It swings out over the landscape to give visitors a unique spatial experience, and to bring them into otherwise unattainable locations, above virgin jungle with spectacular views. Notably, in contrast to a straight bridge, where the end is always monotonously in sight, a curved bridge offers spectacularly changing perspective that reinvent themselves, as one proceeds along it.
(1) before going to the Sky Bridge, you need to take a Sky cab. The cable car has two drop-off point, the first drop-off point in the mid levels, you can get off to see the scenery of the mid levels and then get on the train to reach the peak of the bridge to the sky. Of course, you can also choose not to get off, go directly to the peak.

(2) the sky bridge will not be closed in bridge repair time, you take the cable car to reach the top of the mountain ,but can’t walk on the bridge. Ready to travel ,you can visit more places.

(3) you'd better to tour when the weather is fine. You can see the beautiful scenery. The scenic area of the town, you can visit, if you have time. The scenery on the mountain is really great.

(4) Walking on it, people can feel a slight shaking. And wind is so strong. although it is important for you to play happily ,you should pay attention to safety.
If you wantMalaysia tours, I will introduce you to some scenic spots. And ,if you want to travel to other Asian countries, I can also help you.

Malaysia Tours — come to the place where you do not want to leave -Kapalai Island

If you want to travel to Malaysia, remember to go to Kapalai Island. Because the scenery will make you feel it is worth, no matter how hard you get in the journey.

Kapalai island from Semporna by boat about 50 minutes. This is one of the most famous diving paradise in the world. The water here is very clear. Kapalai Island is like a heaven floating on the water. Here you can experience the fun of diving. You can dive into the water and dance with the little fish. Or take a look at the beautiful turtle. beautiful sea view and soft beach, only the text is not described it.

Kapalai Island is the most famous Kapalai water village resort. The style of architecture reflects the local characteristics. Living here will be elegant and simple. Before the Kapalai resort only 51 rooms, and later built, are a total of 61 rooms now. From the beginning of 52 to room 61, belong to a more modern style. Room number is not known in advance. Only if you go to the island, you will know that the staff assigned to you. Because the room is small, so be sure to book in advance. It's better to book 3 months ahead of schedule, or you may not be able to live in this room. Here are three meals a day buffet, you like to eat what to take.

Kapalai is a sandbar on the sea, so compared with the traditional Island. The sea is also very small, the relative calm, clear water through the end of the day. Here is simple and pure, don't think too much, people naturally relaxed happy. Here you will be intoxicated with beauty. Don't want to go out.

If you want to experience the beautiful sea view, come to Kapalai Island is a right choice. If you want to learn more about the tourist attractions, you can follow with interest me. I will give some suggestions about Asia tours.

Thailand tours — How to have fun in Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island is one of the most famous offshore island in Phuket Island. There are sunshine and soft sand and green water. PP island is a place to be worth touring to Thailand.

Introduction: Phi Phi Island consists of Phi Don Island and Koh Phi Le Phi Island Phi. It is one of the national parks in Thailand. Phi Phi Don Island area larger. Here are the main focus of Hotel hotels, restaurants, bars and a variety of entertainment venues. Phi Phi Le Island area is small and can’t live. But here is the famous snorkeling point.

Public Ferry: affordable. Different date, different ship operators, different starting point, time will be different, you need to ask the ticket.

chartered boat: If the companions are many, you can consider. The boat is faster than the ship. And it is not easy to get seasick.

Ps: in the island, the road is relatively narrow, only to walk.

Accommodation location:

Ton Sai Bay: convenient transportation, PP Island's pier is located here. Food and beverage are entertainment convenience. The place sign up for deep diving is here. Disadvantages: more people, too busy and noisy at night.

Long Beach: relatively quiet, less people, the environment is better, but inconvenient transportation.

Laen Tong Bay: PP island in the most quiet area. Good water quality can be directly snorkeling. but less Select Hotel and inconvenient transportation.

Scenic spot:

Monkey Beach: snorkeling, feeding monkeys

PP View Point: mountain climbing, sunset, panoramic view

Experience deep diving: experience the beauty of the deep sea;

Double kayak: a different kind of experience of sports and scenery;

See the sunrise and sunset: Rhoda Wood Bay to see the pink sunset, Laen Tong Bay to see the sunrise fresh;
Bar street and Beach Party: hot fire show

Some other small projects, such as water parachute, see amateur Muay Thai in the bar.

The best travel time is from November to March, the average temperature of 28 degrees, and the breeze is not overheating, but you still need to do heatstroke sunscreen.

Would you like to have a holiday? Come Phi Phi Island. You can experience the pleasure of Thailand tourism. If you want to tour to Asia, I can give you some help.

Vietnam Tours-Ba Na Hills

Do you want to experience a cable car? Ba Na Hills has the longest single cable car system in the world. If you want to experience the pleasure of the cable car, come here! you can also feel the other fun here.
Ba Na Hills is a popular tourist attraction in Asia tours. Panama mountain is about forty kilometers in the west of the city of Da Nang, 1487 meters above sea level. The resort of Ba Na Hills has become a comprehensive hotel, high altitude cable car and theme park as one of the integrated entertainment attractions. The average temperature on the mountain lower than the foot of 8 degrees Celsius. The cool feeling of The people of Da Nang who live in tropical is very good.
The cable car system is one of the longest track records in the world. Cableway up to 5801 meters. Single ride takes need about 20 minutes. If it is sunny, you can see the whole Da Nang city on the top of the mountain, very beautiful. If the weather is bad, you'll feel like you're surrounded by Water mist. When you reach the top of the mountain, you will find more fun waiting for you.
There is a group of castles on the mount of Bashan, originally built by the nobility of French in order to give the nobility a summer holiday. It was converted into a playground. Here, you can choose to take a small train or walk to the original French winery. You can also play free Fantacy Park or play jumping machines and other recreational facilities or enjoy the church and castle buildings. In short, you will not feel here only has cableway, you will find it is a magical amusement park.
The climate is very cool, but also changeable. Easy to rain, you are better to pay attention to the changes in the weather.

If you want to tour to Vietnam to look at the Ba Na Hills, contact me. I will help you .Of course, if you want to tour to other Asian countries, I can also help you.

Malaysia tours -Mantanani Island

Friends want to go to Kota Kinabalu must know MERMAID ISLAND, also known as Mantanani Island. Mantanani Island located in the northwest coast of Kota Kinabalu City, comprise Mantanani Nibe Island, Lingisan Island and Mantanani Kecil Island three islands. If you want to tour to Malaysia to play on the beach, you can choose Mantanani Island that is a nice place.
Because there is a limit of accommodation every day, the island from Kota Kinabalu is far away, so environmental protection is very good, the water quality is very clear Life on the island is very simple, only after 6 pm every day, there is electricity, other times there is no electricity.
Mantanani Island has a diving hostel built on a shoal. The remains of three shipwrecks unearthed near the island. It is the home of various marine creatures there are lion fish and Glass fish and Octopus. In particular, Here the growth of a kind of seaweed, it is marine food dugong. Dugong sometimes appear in the Mantanani Island’s South Beach, occasionally in the area near for a few months. Mermaid island’s name from this.
Snorkeling here is a good choice. If you can't swim Never mind, there will be a coach to teach you snorkeling Snorkeling in the sea, you can see the clear seabed, there are a variety of small fish. You will feel you like a mermaid Mermaid island is also an ideal place to enjoy the sunset in the evening while enjoying the food side of the resort while intoxicated in the sunset scenery, enjoy a leisurely vacation time. Resort service is also very warm. drinking together to chat and sing at night, the atmosphere is very harmonious.
Limit the number of people on board every day, you can’t go by yourself, only participate in groups. If you are interested in Mantanani Island, come here! If you are interested in Asia tours, I can help you.

Thailand tours-Chalong Temple

To travel to Asia, you will be tangled where to choose. Today, I will introduce the attractions of Thailand --Chalong Temple, I hope it can help you.

The Chalong Temple is located in the middle of Phuket Island. And The Chalong Temple is the largest Buddhist temple of the Phuket Island. Most of the people who visit here are local Buddhists. The status and influence of Chalong Temple far less than Bangkok's Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew, But the temple is far away from the hustle and bustle, and there is no crowded and surging crowd of Bangkok's Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew, it is a quiet world of the Buddhism world.
Wat Chalong architectural style combines of southern, central and northeastern in Thailand. The latest addition to the building is a 61.4 meter high tower. There are relics of Phra Borom Sareerikatat. It Is a block from Sri Lanka brought Buddha bone. The temple dedicated to the two people respected monk statue. The temple enshrines 108 Buddha Temple to leave a deep impression. It is the first place in the region to collect the sacred objects.
Because of the restrictions of law and the temples of Thailand does not like to set off firecrackers, but Phuket Island has become the only exception and different places. Chalong temple is one of the local people allowed to set off fireworks temple. You may be able to see set off firecrackers in festival.

Opening hours: all day

Address: located in central and southern, Chalong Bay; 8 km away from Phuket Town; about 25 minutes by car.

Note: to enter the building can’t wear a hat, can’t wear shorts, can’t take pictures, take off shoes.
If you want to tour to Asia or Thailand tours, I can help you to design the route and itinerary.

One of places to worth visiting in Philippines the be Tours-Manila

Manila is known as the «New York of Asia»and is one of largest city in Asia. Manila have modern edifices.There are the old city in the hundred year history of Spanish style street and the church. There are dense Green Garden Lane blossoming. Come here, you will like it very much. Now I'd like to introduce some of the sights.

No.1 Intramuros

Intramuros also known as the Walled City, is the original site of Manila. In 1571, the Spanish built the castle in order to rule Philippines, covering an area of 1 square kilometers. In the Intramuros visitors can feel the time back, The old carriage carried the tourists through the streets. There exudes the Spanish elegant breath and retained the ancient architectural characteristic. The city has the largest church in Manila — Manila Church. These are worth watching.

No.2 St.Agustin Church

St.Agustin Church was founded in 1571, The original building was built of bamboo, coconut and mud and destroyed by fire. rebuilt in 1599, changed to masonry. It is Philippines's oldest stone church, after the five earthquake and the two World War and can survive, is considered by many to be a miracle. San Agustin Church is characterized by relief on the stone, detailed and realistic. There are paintings on the ceiling and walls of the church, Augustin and Jesus in the middle. Philippines senior officials of all the ashes are buried in the church, the floor is engraved with the death of the deceased year.

No.3 Fort Santiago
Fort Santiago is one of the oldest fortifications of royal city. the Spanish rule of the castle in Philippines to become the main defense against potential invaders. The legendary castle building is the most characteristic of the gate on the Santiago story of wood paintings. This ancient imperial Spanish defensive fortress, so in the visible surface sea walls and turrets, there are many deep shuilao, during World War II to imprison people and guerrillas. Fort Santiago is also known as the «holy land of freedom» to commemorate the Spanish and Japanese occupation during the detention and killing of filipinos. The castle was destroyed in the two World War, and it has now become a good place for parks and walking.

If you are interested in the above, you can travel to Philippines! Of course, if you are interested in other Asian countries and want Asia tours, I can help you.

Amphoe Pai- the valley town of Northern Thailand scenery

If you want Thailand tours in order to relax, Amphoe Pai must be the most correct choice. Amphoe Pai is a quiet and elegant town. There are not so many Thai style temples. It just a small corner of the world in the valley of the green, but it is an attraction for artists and musicians. The most attractive spots are all kinds of special buildings designed by artists in Amphoe Pai. Cute and playful car cabin, returning to the natural tree top cabin, the swing of the big tree in the resort and a small house full of romantic those are not allowed to miss the scenery.

Baan Pai Fah Fun- landmark attractions in Pai

Baan Pai Fah Fun was built for the Thailand film «pai in love». Now, Baan Pai Fah Fun has become a landmark attractions. The sky is blue, the grass is green and the cottage is yellow and the bicycle is white. all the colors and elements are so perfect. Once you walk into the picture, you don't want to leave. You can check in, there is a small swimming pool inside, but the need to book in advance, the price is quite high.

Coffee in Love- most of the coffee shop

coffee in love is next to the Baan Pai Fah Pai Fun. Although it's a coffee shop, it's more like a theme park. There are a few white tables and chairs of the viewing platform and a small coffee house, an old red truck, flowers and green grass all over the hills. All this background is a large green fields and rolling hills. Just drink coffee here while enjoying the beauty of a daze all day, there will be no sense of boredom. Of course, the most important thing is to taste the delicious coffee here.

Yun Lai Viewpoint- worship County highest point

Yun Lai Viewpoint is the highest point of Amphoe Pai. It is also the perfect place for in the entire county to see the sunrise and the sea of clouds. Standing on the top of the hill, people want to stay for a lifetime, reluctant to leave. You can enjoy the scenery while drinking tea and eat bananas.i f you have time, sit here and look at the clouds in the sky.
Fresh and simple is the biggest bright spot in Northern Thailand scenery. If you come to Amphoe Pai, You won't be disappointed. If you wantAsia tours, I can help you.

Top 3 tourist attractions- Malacca

You may have heard of the Malacca straits. Maybe you think Malacca is a port and it's not fun. This is wrong. Malacca is a popular city in Malaysia tours. Now let me take you to see the horse Malacca the top 3 spots, you will love this place.
No.1 The Stadthuys
The Stadthuys was founded in 1650. It has been the seat of government agencies for hundreds of years. And it was not government agencies until 1980 that it was changed to the Malacca museum. The red house is divided into six museums, with a history of Malay, Portuguese, Holland and the United kingdom. One of the largest museum of history and ethnology exhibits the relics of the ancient Malacca dynasty, where Malacca and even Malaysia's royal family, money, navigation, wedding and other aspects of a profound understanding. Although here is in Malaysia, but you can feel the atmosphere of Europe.
No.2 Jonker Street
Jonker Street, a cultural street in Malacca, is just opposite the The Stadthuys. Here you can see the unique architecture. Every house has its history. There are a lot of delicious food. Try to get here before 3 in the afternoon, otherwise the food will be sold out and need wait until night. In the evening, it will become a bustling food street.
No.3 Malacca River
The Malacca river is absolutely most looking forward to Malacca tours. There are many characteristics of Malacca River .one sides of the hostel, hotel, cafe, graffiti. On the other side are some old docks and warehouses. Walking along the river bank is a good enjoyment. At night, you can navigate the river bank on either side of the river or sit in a cafe and enjoy the beauty of the river.

Malacca is a beautiful city. Only when you come here can you feel it. If you are interested in traveling to Malaysia. It must be a great choice.

Vietnam Travel -Dalat

Dalat is a very ancient town, full of European style. It is a Vietnamese Flower City. The people want to take a good photo do not miss here. Colorful buildings, winding streets and colorful flowers, there are the best embellishment in the photo. At dusk, Sunset glow will appear in the sky. The photos will be very fantastic in the time.

1.Crazy House Dalat- fairy tale world

Crazy House is a hotel. It’s the famous scenic spots in Dalat because of its strange and exaggerated. It looks like a dead rotten tree. you need go through a huge tree hole, stepping on the wooden ladder. Here you will subvert all the concept of the house. There are strange design, psychedelic scene, but also full of forest fairy tale flavor. Here you can climb the unique ladder and visit the real spider room, tiger room, bear room.

2.Ga Da Lat- retro French style railway station

Ga Da Lat was designed by French architect Moncet and Reveron in 1932, opened in 1938. Abandoned in the Vietnam War at the end of the war, it was restarted until 1990s. the reopening of the railway line length of 7 km (4.3 miles), from Dalat to the nearby town of Trai Mat, mainly as a tourist attraction. The main colors of the train station are orange, the three pointed roofs and stained glass reveal the ancient foreign flavor. The part of the railroads that were used during the 1928-1964 still retain. Railway traffic connects Dalat to Thap Cham. This route has become a tourism project.

3.Xuan Huong Lake

Xuan Huong Lake is located in the center of Dalat, founded in 1919, named after the nineteenth Century female poet--Xuan Huong name. The area of the lake is 5 square kilometers and lake is about 5 kilometers. lake is Surrounded by green willow Here, The swan forages in the clear water of the lake. The environment is elegant. Pleasant scenery is a good place to enjoy the recreation. You can go fishing and boating in the lake and you can rent fishing gear and boats in the shops by the lake.

Dalat is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Vietnam, which is popular with many people. if you are interested in Vietnam tours or Asia tours,I can help you.