The most popular tourist destination is Malaysia

Traveled in Malaysia, through the ancient quiet alley in Penang, the time seems to return to the last century. Walking through the tranquil river in Malacca night, everything is like the rest of the time. The old man on the street smiled at me in good faith, and everyone had a story on his face. I wandered in the streets of the city, the front of the scene so that I moved to reluctant to leave. This way, through the traces of the years, the vicissitudes of history, quietly feel all around, they are so quietly, it seems that for a long time has not changed. A slow tours started in Malaysia without end.

Travel to Malaysia is actually an experience, is the desire of the unknown world, is the attempt of the self. Accustomed to living conditions, through travel changes, this change brings discomfort, tension, happiness, so that life becomes more level, texture more texture. Like life fast, tired, stopped to rest and breathe, experienced complex, but eager to return to simple; experienced a tense, easier desire; experienced a noisy, but eager to calm.

I like to travel, like walking in the autumn and autumn leaves of the forest, like the night in the quaint, quiet desert village, in the quiet look up at the stars, in the rain to embrace the tranquility of the quiet and peaceful, this is A happy and unrelated to the fame and fortune, with the dignitaries of the happy. People often inadvertently, we will find that we are struggling to pursue things in our side, the original irrelevant distance in our hearts.

Malaysia journey gave me a nice experience, historical inheritance and cultural infiltration, doomed no one who can walk alone in this world, which is wherever we go, will produce the feeling of familiar feeling. But this feeling will be in different places, in different forms exist, so that travelers have the old experience, with a new supplement. The beauty of the world's change lies in the experience of each trip, even if the old re-visit, there will be new discoveries.

A person's travel experience

I like quiet, but also like to travel, prefer a person to travel quietly. A person's world is also very beautiful, the kind of beautiful from the heart of the «see open», noisy world, will only make me feel depressed, temper will be bigger and bigger. Alone, traveled through every familiar street, quiet world beautiful, beautiful people indulge in a long time wandering in the quiet ocean. Memories of my trip to Thailand, especially Chiang Mai of thailand, really let me memorable.

Travel, the greatest travel is the life of people, the arrival of people, after years of frost, sad, Huan, from, together the change, after all, to reach a quiet world, the end of life. In this way, a trip terminated, the termination of the silent, even the memory of the journey, but also breeze blew away.

Travel is really a wonderful thing, travel is the beginning of entertainment, travel, can make their impetuous heart, calm down, then, slowly enjoy a beautiful life, and even breathe the air is sweet. I often travel, of course, with the real tourists far worse, I was at the top of the walk, and not much of much travel. But I still like to travel. I like the kind of travel by car, quietly sitting in a soft seat, sometimes close your eyes, Imagine, then, a string of beautiful words words will float in my mind, sometimes feel that it is full A car that carries me too much to miss. And then opened his eyes, enjoy the past a scene of a thing, if in the spring, but also to see that layer of muddy atmosphere, the mother of the earth pet Chongni green wheat field, that wheat field exposed fragrance children, Will make you jealous, it seems that it is to show off to you, it is how happy.

I really like this trip, simple, without any burden, no one bothers, no bustle, everything is so quiet, in the quiet world blooming themselves, any bold imagination, unfettered. Sometimes, too obsessed with such a comfortable imagination, indulge in the beautiful flowers and hills outside the window, soil, houses, every street, every piece of wonderful scene. Those who have not experienced, will not feel, the kind of beauty will not experience.

A person, sometimes a person is also very good, a person should have their own happiness, but also should make their lives become colorful, a person's life should be full of love, a person's travel, is also so People memorable, full of hope everywhere. Travelling to Thailand after the play will have more ideas, but also want to go to more places in Asia tourism, hope this desire can be achieved soon.

You are playing over these, be considered really came to Singapore

Singapore is one of Asia's most important financial, service and shipping centers. According to the Global Financial Center Index, Singapore is the fourth largest financial center in the world after New York, London and Hong Kong. Singapore in the city of cleaning success, it is «Garden City» reputation. if you want to make a plan for Singapore tours, which are worth to play?

The Sentosa Island is the most famous gathering place in Singapore, and it is also a «paradise» in the hustle and bustle of the city. Known as the most charming resort island, covers an area of 390 hectares, with a variety of recreational facilities and leisure activities area, known as «joy gem» reputation. Island of the pure bay and the beach or swimming play, enjoy the sunny places. Riding a bridge connecting the island, you can reach the southernmost tip of the Asian continent, standing on the endless rooftop can see the beautiful sunset sky.

The Singapore Night Zoo is the world's first shelter for nightlife. Tourists sometimes watch hippos in the quiet lake play, sometimes listen to ferocious African lion in the jungle issued roar. In the park tour bus, in the bright moonlight personally feed giraffe, feed zebra. With the darkness of the weather, the voice of the instructor will be accompanied by leaves, birds, insects, really have some fun.

The Dutch village is a place where foreigners like to stay in Singapore, because of the leisurely charm here. If you only want to spend a whole day leisurely, meet with friends or listen to music, this is definitely a perfect place to go. For those who do not have much time to explore every corner of the vacation, the Dutch village is a miniature of Singapore, offering a number of unique Singapore-style shopping and entertainment venues.

Migrants from all over the world not only bring a lot of foreign cultures, but also the unique local cuisine gathered in Singapore. Chinese, Malay, Indian, Middle Eastern and the most characteristic of Singapore.Singapore specialties are concentrated in the old Pakistan brake, roadside stalls, Maxwell Road and other cooked food center. Of course, Chinatown, Little India, Kampung Glenn, these exotic areas also brought together a lot of exotic cuisine.

Travel to see the beauty of Malaysia

A trip to Malaysia no something good to look however When I went there and I found myself wrong. Malaysia is so beautiful if you come to Southeast Asia must travel to Malaysia.

Coming to Malaysia not to go to the twin towers is equal to not to come. National Oil Company Twin Towers is currently the world's tallest two connected buildings. The whole city of Kuala Lumpur is full of beauty. Especially in the evening when the light is bright, the scenery is particularly beautiful, and the sensation of connecting the stars is somewhat like a dream.

Mermaid Island is a great place to enjoy the sunset, the evening while tasting the resort's food while indulging in the sunset beauty, enjoy the leisure time. The resort's waiter is also very warm everyone at night to drink chat singing, the atmosphere is very harmonious. The first day of the trip to Kota Kinabalu is the Mermaid Island. For a seaside people to see such a sea is no resistance.

Tanjung Aya Beach is undoubtedly one of the most popular landmark places in the capital city for locals and visitors. Here stand numerous trees Casuarina when you walk under the shade you can see the sea and sky of the beautiful scenery. Visitors can sit here in the seaside corridor, while drinking fruit juice cocktail while enjoying the sunset exquisite.

Dutch red house is the essence of Malacca, the most special place rarely see the whole red building, it give a bright spot that is with a sense of beauty when out of its photos we can recognize it is Malacca Netherlands red house. Dutch red house have hundreds of years of history but also has a little sense of culture. For hundreds of years it has been the seat of government agencies until 1980 it become Malacca Museum.
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Brunei is a good place to travel

Brunei has the world's largest Chinese village, built in the water on ancient settlement, bustling city in the quiet village, with the «Oriental Venice» reputation. Take the unique water taxi in the river around the rapid shuttle, with wooden path, visit the lifelong drifting in the water, and never set foot on land residents experience the water the way they lived for thousands of years to hold.A lot of tourist spots in brunei that you may visit.

The stars in the world for the number of luxury hotels — The Empire Hotel and Country Club, feelings of Brunei's wealth, only the royal family can enjoy the experience of luxury life, even without accommodation, can also enter. The luxury resort, once built for the royal family, is now open to all the people and visitors.

The boat in the Brunei River, enjoy the proboscis monkey in the evening sun, or in the gallop of the speedboat through Sri wing Island, find the proboscis monkey in the dense mangrove forest trail, explore the mysterious species unique to borneo. and have a good time in Brunei.

Brunei, a Muslim country under the monarchy, is also a country that lacks nightlife. If you have the habit of metropolis scene of debauchery don't worry, you can eat supper in the quiet city (no wine), go shopping, see a movie, «Brunei» night life will give you a wonderful night.
Brunei four seasons are suitable for tourism. February 23rd national day and the current Sultan birthday in, the day will be held a major celebration, visitors can be a grand carnival with the locals. But be aware that if during Ramadan (Islamic calendar September) travel, do not violate local taboos.

Thailand is a country that is worth to travel

Thailand is one of the most important tourism countries in Asia, and the charming tropical style and unique Buddhist culture of Thailand Wat Haw Pha Kaew are the important factors to attract tourists. Thailand is a long history of the Buddhist country, this is called «White Elephant Kingdom» beautiful country, has its own unique cultural traditions and ethnic customs, such as festivals, rich and colorful, fresh water living people, famous classical and folk dance, interesting mime and Chon drama have a unique style of Muay Thai, chicken, fish and play beautiful shemale, is reluctant to leave "". Here is full of beautiful decoration, sharp towering temples, pagodas, there are exquisite and beautiful statues, stone carving and painting, the monuments in years under the coconut palms shade of green, as seductive beautiful Tropical scenery of Thailand added infinite gorgeous color. Thailand will go to the scenic spots recommended? Follow the footsteps of friends to come to Thailand to look for different exotic bar.

Angels of Bangkok is located in the Chao Phraya River, located on the Chao Phraya River Delta, Thailand is the political, economic and cultural of center, is the largest industrial and commercial city. In the city the Chao Phraya River branch as a stream never stops flowing. Since 1782 the world too yellow Rama capital here, Bangkok became a new way of life brings together the entire Thailand kaleidoscope. 200 years of vicissitudes of the ancient capital of Bangkok to leave a large number of cultural relics, and the modern urban atmosphere of each other, complement each other. There are numerous scenic spots and historical sites in Bangkok, with the largest number of Buddhist temples and more than and 400 temples. In Bangkok can see the high streets and back lanes, temples and monasteries everywhere resplendent with variegated coloration, the Wat Haw Pha Kaew is the most famous, therefore also known as «Buddha temple».

Chiang Mai is the ancient capital of Thailand, a famous historical and cultural city, built in 1296. As the capital of the dynasty, blue 1556, Thailand has been the religious, cultural and commercial center, most of it preserved city wall built. Today the Chiang Mai world renowned for its beauty and the rose ", it is not only the northern Thailand political, economic and cultural education center, is the second largest city in Thailand. Chiang Mai 700 kilometers away from Bangkok, at an altitude of 300 meters altitude in the basin, surrounded by hills, the clear river flows through the city, cool climate, lush trees, beautiful scenery, numerous monuments, is a famous summer resort in Southeast asia.

malaysia holidays--Langkawi SkyBridge

If you want to go some special Malaysia tourist spots, the Langkawi Sky Bridge will be a good place for you.
The Sky Bridge is located in the Langkawi Islands ,Malaysia .Completed in 2004, this suspended bridge is built on top of the Machinchang mountain. Accessible from the Top Station, the bridge is suspended from a 82m high single pylon, hangs at about 100m above ground and it can accommodate up to 250 people at the same time. It swings out over the landscape to give visitors a unique spatial experience, and to bring them into otherwise unattainable locations, above virgin jungle with spectacular views. Notably, in contrast to a straight bridge, where the end is always monotonously in sight, a curved bridge offers spectacularly changing perspective that reinvent themselves, as one proceeds along it.
(1) before going to the Sky Bridge, you need to take a Sky cab. The cable car has two drop-off point, the first drop-off point in the mid levels, you can get off to see the scenery of the mid levels and then get on the train to reach the peak of the bridge to the sky. Of course, you can also choose not to get off, go directly to the peak.

(2) the sky bridge will not be closed in bridge repair time, you take the cable car to reach the top of the mountain ,but can’t walk on the bridge. Ready to travel ,you can visit more places.

(3) you'd better to tour when the weather is fine. You can see the beautiful scenery. The scenic area of the town, you can visit, if you have time. The scenery on the mountain is really great.

(4) Walking on it, people can feel a slight shaking. And wind is so strong. although it is important for you to play happily ,you should pay attention to safety.
If you wantMalaysia tours, I will introduce you to some scenic spots. And ,if you want to travel to other Asian countries, I can also help you.

Malaysia Tours — come to the place where you do not want to leave -Kapalai Island

If you want to travel to Malaysia, remember to go to Kapalai Island. Because the scenery will make you feel it is worth, no matter how hard you get in the journey.

Kapalai island from Semporna by boat about 50 minutes. This is one of the most famous diving paradise in the world. The water here is very clear. Kapalai Island is like a heaven floating on the water. Here you can experience the fun of diving. You can dive into the water and dance with the little fish. Or take a look at the beautiful turtle. beautiful sea view and soft beach, only the text is not described it.

Kapalai Island is the most famous Kapalai water village resort. The style of architecture reflects the local characteristics. Living here will be elegant and simple. Before the Kapalai resort only 51 rooms, and later built, are a total of 61 rooms now. From the beginning of 52 to room 61, belong to a more modern style. Room number is not known in advance. Only if you go to the island, you will know that the staff assigned to you. Because the room is small, so be sure to book in advance. It's better to book 3 months ahead of schedule, or you may not be able to live in this room. Here are three meals a day buffet, you like to eat what to take.

Kapalai is a sandbar on the sea, so compared with the traditional Island. The sea is also very small, the relative calm, clear water through the end of the day. Here is simple and pure, don't think too much, people naturally relaxed happy. Here you will be intoxicated with beauty. Don't want to go out.

If you want to experience the beautiful sea view, come to Kapalai Island is a right choice. If you want to learn more about the tourist attractions, you can follow with interest me. I will give some suggestions about Asia tours.

Thailand tours — How to have fun in Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island is one of the most famous offshore island in Phuket Island. There are sunshine and soft sand and green water. PP island is a place to be worth touring to Thailand.

Introduction: Phi Phi Island consists of Phi Don Island and Koh Phi Le Phi Island Phi. It is one of the national parks in Thailand. Phi Phi Don Island area larger. Here are the main focus of Hotel hotels, restaurants, bars and a variety of entertainment venues. Phi Phi Le Island area is small and can’t live. But here is the famous snorkeling point.

Public Ferry: affordable. Different date, different ship operators, different starting point, time will be different, you need to ask the ticket.

chartered boat: If the companions are many, you can consider. The boat is faster than the ship. And it is not easy to get seasick.

Ps: in the island, the road is relatively narrow, only to walk.

Accommodation location:

Ton Sai Bay: convenient transportation, PP Island's pier is located here. Food and beverage are entertainment convenience. The place sign up for deep diving is here. Disadvantages: more people, too busy and noisy at night.

Long Beach: relatively quiet, less people, the environment is better, but inconvenient transportation.

Laen Tong Bay: PP island in the most quiet area. Good water quality can be directly snorkeling. but less Select Hotel and inconvenient transportation.

Scenic spot:

Monkey Beach: snorkeling, feeding monkeys

PP View Point: mountain climbing, sunset, panoramic view

Experience deep diving: experience the beauty of the deep sea;

Double kayak: a different kind of experience of sports and scenery;

See the sunrise and sunset: Rhoda Wood Bay to see the pink sunset, Laen Tong Bay to see the sunrise fresh;
Bar street and Beach Party: hot fire show

Some other small projects, such as water parachute, see amateur Muay Thai in the bar.

The best travel time is from November to March, the average temperature of 28 degrees, and the breeze is not overheating, but you still need to do heatstroke sunscreen.

Would you like to have a holiday? Come Phi Phi Island. You can experience the pleasure of Thailand tourism. If you want to tour to Asia, I can give you some help.

Vietnam Tours-Ba Na Hills

Do you want to experience a cable car? Ba Na Hills has the longest single cable car system in the world. If you want to experience the pleasure of the cable car, come here! you can also feel the other fun here.
Ba Na Hills is a popular tourist attraction in Asia tours. Panama mountain is about forty kilometers in the west of the city of Da Nang, 1487 meters above sea level. The resort of Ba Na Hills has become a comprehensive hotel, high altitude cable car and theme park as one of the integrated entertainment attractions. The average temperature on the mountain lower than the foot of 8 degrees Celsius. The cool feeling of The people of Da Nang who live in tropical is very good.
The cable car system is one of the longest track records in the world. Cableway up to 5801 meters. Single ride takes need about 20 minutes. If it is sunny, you can see the whole Da Nang city on the top of the mountain, very beautiful. If the weather is bad, you'll feel like you're surrounded by Water mist. When you reach the top of the mountain, you will find more fun waiting for you.
There is a group of castles on the mount of Bashan, originally built by the nobility of French in order to give the nobility a summer holiday. It was converted into a playground. Here, you can choose to take a small train or walk to the original French winery. You can also play free Fantacy Park or play jumping machines and other recreational facilities or enjoy the church and castle buildings. In short, you will not feel here only has cableway, you will find it is a magical amusement park.
The climate is very cool, but also changeable. Easy to rain, you are better to pay attention to the changes in the weather.

If you want to tour to Vietnam to look at the Ba Na Hills, contact me. I will help you .Of course, if you want to tour to other Asian countries, I can also help you.