New concept of wedding jewelry: love is unique fashion

The pursuit of unique, the pursuit of individuality, the pursuit of a unique, as this year's roses new diamond jewelry is not an excessive pursuit. And it is precisely this pursuit, so that the designer's inspiration broke out one after another «spark» — «love», cheap van cleef & arpels bracelet«margin», «love», «love», «heart» and so on Rose wedding Hundreds of new diamonds design, so that new roses praise. As the roses wedding dress designated Donghua diamonds, the designer's thinking is like a blossoming wonderful flowers.

Every new diamond ornaments, is a beautiful love of the interpretation of fashion

    Round and lovely heart-shaped four-jaw ring, volley hold up the bright round drill, entitled «heart with» the design, so that the whole diamond at a glance, and thus transparent diamond fire show is love deep, The same is the four-jaw inlaid diamond ring,Knockoff van cleef & arpels clover earrings entitled «edge partner» of the semi-package design, ring ring extended oval-like line smooth and soothing, like a soft fingertips Hold up the eye-catching love of the diamond; in the design of the ring, highlight the traditional rigid and some other heaven and earth, you see, entitled «love» on the ring, 6 round diamond tightly inlaid, Ring, as if the god of love affects each other's heart, male ring is a special three-dimensional slope inlaid, vowed forever kneeling, accompanied by life; with a special double-sided design of the «love», such as rainbow-like streamlined, The etiquette of the rose wedding in 2006…

    So that the roses have their own unique diamond ornaments, Donghua diamonds designers also specifically open up personalized custom and seal the name of the service. However,Knockoff van cleef & arpels clover ring this year's popular fashion and different in previous years, many new people are often their own imagination of the unique and unique symbol, to please the designer landscaping, it is said that the performance of the symbol on the diamond ornaments on behalf of life love complex in foreign countries is very popular The It is reported that this year to participate in the roses wedding of the new, there are many custom in the special personalized diamond ornaments to get the quota, wearing such a beautiful diamond ornaments, get roses wedding new car, let alone in the fall of October Dancing in Shanghai, even travel abroad, will certainly attract the attention of the world.

French Pierre Cardin jewelry in the sea blooming light

French famous jewelry brand Pierre Cardin (Pierrecardin) recently opened in Pearl City, Haikou City, which is the first stationed in Hainan Pierre Cardin jewelry brand stores. As we all know, the world-renowned Pierrecardin brand is from the French design community originator Pierre Cardin master's handwriting. In 1950, Mr. Cardin created a fashion company named after his own name, launched the first fashion show,Knockoff van cleef & arpels clover bracelet and let the high-end fashion down the sacred T-type Taiwan, becoming the first high-end designer clothing. However, Pierre Cardin's creativity is not limited to fashion, aircraft, cars, construction, jewelry and other industries he has been involved.

    In order to let Pierrecardin jewelry heritage of European art model, the distribution of charming freehand feelings of France. In 1977, Pierre Cardin masters and EganaGoldpfeil (Union International Group), and through the company's marketing network in the global sales. 2003 Pierrecardin into the Chinese market, has been favored by consumers. At present, the brand has been produced and sold in more than 130 countries.

    «Life itself is an irresistible art, with diamonds reflect the light of the interpretation of the colorful life»fake van cleef & arpels alhambra earrings has been the minds of Mr. Cardin mind jewelry brand concept, so he used a unique artistic talent with a variety of different fancy Cut diamonds, designed a hundred pieces of fashionable diamond ornaments.

    Pierrecardin jewelry elegant temperament, such as the afternoon blooming roses, it is fine production technology, smooth style modeling, gorgeous color people put it down. In the increasingly pay attention to personalized today, people are always in the pursuit of a unique luxury. Pierrecardin all kinds of jewelry is very beautiful chic,Knockoff van cleef & arpels clover ring its 18K gold jewelry shape is very unique, size, thickness, different colors, fully cater to people for fashion trendy jewelry shape of the pursuit. The most important thing is the store jewelry style is not bulk sales, each jewelry is only one to two. Even with the same style, each will have a slight difference, you can definitely let you have a different beauty.

The world's three top jewelry brand design style

First, Chanel jewelry 30 years Byzantine style dominate

Chanel jewelry is currently developed from the brand-name clothing, the most outstanding performance of the jewelry brand. Ms. CoCo has designed many wonderful Byzantine-style jewels in the 1930s, like her own great crosses, big bracelets, and the details of the beads covered with beads,cartier jewelry and her inspiration for the development of Chanel jewelry Of many classic products. The following are the same as the "

The most representative of Chanel's totem is camellia, stars, lucky grass, rhododendron, pearl, double CLogo, etc., are filled her goods, the continuation of her taste.

Limited by the price, the most popular goods in Asia are the ring, especially the Chanel mark the more obvious the best-selling. This spring and summer, Chanel in particular the introduction of several full of totem stamps of goods, including a whole circle are covered with camellia, pearls, fake Cartier jewelry lucky grass ring: from the famous rhyme purse bag extends out of the platinum check ring, The design of the knit ring is also inspired by Chanel's well-known Tweed material, the staggered design is like an interwoven latitude and longitude yarn; the other from the Double CLogo developed out of the C-ring, from the entire set of high-priced jewelry star star developed by the stars ring, are filled with Chanel symbol.

Chanel jewelry in the real sense of the number of newest arrival of the latest series of sterling silver jewelry,fake cartier juste un clou bracelet minimalist geometric lines, cold silver, echo the package of cold design. Chanel jewelry has been divided equally two — high-priced jewelry is the history of Chanel's spirit; new cheap sterling silver jewelry, pointing to Chanel's future spirit.

Second, where Saisi jewelry show the spirit of Greece

Vincent in the late 80s began to launch jewelry accessories, in 1996 won the Debeer diamond design award.knockoff cleef & arpels jewelry The biggest contributor to the merchandise of Vessel's jewelry is Donatella, the sister of Vincent.

Fernandez jewelry that the first full of wild statues of the Medusa statue of large jewelry, have become a brand logo, the real fixed launch and sales but is more simplified, easy to match the series, now divided into three lines, namely Medusa Series, the Greek goddess series, as well as the most modern diffuse personality series.

The beauty of the sea

And went to the summer of the water, all of all seems to have intentionally or unintentionally convey the temptation of the ocean. When you put on a section highlights the lines of the heat swimwear,knockoffvan cleef & arpels alhambra bracelet please do not forget to match the ocean full of shiny jewelry, they join, will definitely let the wandering in the blue coast of you, shining bright sun The light.

Elegant faction elements — shiny pearl

Compared to other accessories, the pearl jewelry from the ocean seems to have always maintained a unique noble and elegant image. Therefore, for their own time to show the elegant temperament ladies ladies,fake van cleef & arpels alhambra earrings the pearl jewelry is definitely the preferred object to wear the seaside.

Special recommendation: a sense of heaven and earth, fire and water, black and white strong contrast, Montblanc launched in this season, black and white magic magic series, so that white freshwater pearls and contains the mysterious charm of the sea Tahitian black pearl luster arbitrary Compared. Bright and charming pearl light hanging in the stream of 18K white gold chain, coupled with the two MontBlanc star buckle composed of unique chain buckle, change into or short chain or long chain string shape, exceptionally elegant and noble.

Nature essential elements — ocean blue

Will be like a deep sea like unpredictable blue wearing upper body, bold and eye-catching color to bring the ocean feeling, even if the homes, you can also be a deep sea atmosphere wrapped.

Special recommendation: Artini this summer with colorful coral and rich natural color as the main tune,imitation van cleef & arpels alhambra ring put together different natural spar and Fritillaria, while adding the performance of the marine world of biological elements such as starfish, small fish, shellfish and corals And so on, so that the entire summer sunshine smell of the ocean.

Boucheron launched the deep blue gem earrings, peace of color gave birth to the dazzling bright. Swarovski's marine necklace, imitation hermes jewelry ring chain hanging all kinds of pendants hanging, hanging and inlaid with authentic color top S-class crystal, metamorphic dazzling luster, such as exposure to the sea in the mermaid princess charming.

Love series of life to create a new wave of British jewelry

In order to commemorate the Queen Victoria and Prince Albert this happy marriage, the British high-level jewelry brand FANCYCD designed «love life» series of jewelry set, in order to commemorate this legendary romantic love. «Love with a lifetime» series of accessories are divided into brooches, earrings two parts, using the top natural star blue gem,imitation van cleef & arpels jewelry with the top Sha Fuli stone, collection level flawless diamonds made of diamonds. As a global leader in the jewelry industry, FANCYCD designed «love life» not only won the annual classic design award, but also become one of the most popular jewelry in 2014

Happiness Glory — Morning Glory

Morning Glory's Chinese name is morning glory, and morning glory is the «love forever». Showing the eternal remembrance of love, as dreams are generally beautiful and true. «Love with life»Knockoff van cleef & arpels clover necklace set from the first draft to the finished product lasted a year and a half, is the FACYCD brand one of the most outstanding works, called excellence design model. From the initial concept, design, to the gem of the carefully selected, every link contains «love life» on the perfect interpretation of happiness, love and love life, love faith from generation to generation.

«Love the life» to show the FACYCD ultimate jewelry production process, the top Sha Fulai stone, the collection level of no time transparent diamonds and color sapphire and sapphire combination under the dazzling bright, and as the perfect to the perfect stone 6.5fake van cleef & arpels alhambra earrings carat top star sapphire In the role of the sun even more shiny. The most noteworthy is the designer will be designed to wear two kinds of brooches, ingenuity of the unique design concept so that this series is the unique necklace necklace is captured a large number of jewelry lovers.

Rock wind blowing blowing jewelry industry out of fashion sense

American jewelry brand Tiffany & Co this year to participate in the Queen's Square in Central heldKnockoff van cleef & arpels clover necklace «flashing joy winter love» Christmas activities, bringing giant Christmas tree and imitation in the United States New York Central Park fairy tale. In such a strong atmosphere of the festival against the background, and then by the model wearing a brand new high-level jewelry series, immediately showing some gorgeous joy scene.

Jewelery has always been the most sought-hearted ladies favor, plus the end of the year is the major companies to send bonus time, shopping is bound to surge. Tiffany & Co. The latest high-level jewelry series,replica van cleef & arpels perlee bracelet including earrings, pendants, rings and brooches, most of the use of platinum manufacturing, with different cutting white diamond, expansive and gorgeous.

In order to meet the joy of the festive atmosphere, most of the jewelry are inlaid color gemstones, including aquamarine, spinel and pink sapphires, ladies attended the party and banquet, to provide a good mix of choice. However, the number of the most festive atmosphere,Knockoff van cleef & arpels clover earrings is a snowflake shape of the platinum pendant, its shape to the main line, and dense diamonds, light in the light of the blooming flashing light, like Huang Hao snow scattered Dazzling light.

Tiffany & Co latest high-level jewelry series sapphire party with
Inlaid pink and blue sapphire platinum pendant necklace, platinum diamond earrings, inlaid five rows of diamonds platinum bracelet, platinum diamond ring inlaid giant emerald gemstone.

Men's jewels are tough

Men's jewelry also began to take the «flower beauty» line, break the arrogant and concise style of men's jewelry began to become soft and sexy, like a woman's waist, more points is too cumbersome,fake cartier juste un clou bracelet less one is too rigid A line of fine graceful, is the right temptation! More three-dimensional bracelet, slightly wider than the normal or slightly narrow design, given a rational design of the men's jewelry, and color gem, color gold, enamel, Broken drill and other materials mix and match use, it is rich in the texture of men's jewelry. Quality design, multi-level mix and match, men's jewelry, you can feel sexy again ?!

Men's jewels are tough
BOUCHERON Quatre Series Cufflinks, Four-color Gold Diamond Ring BOUCHERON Lucky Quatre Series Rings,imitation van cleef & arpels jewelry Three-color Gold White Pottery Rings BOUCHERON Quatre White Edition Rings, Ladies Leopard lace underwear PEACH JOHN

Men's jewels are tough
Women 's Chain Necklace Tiffany & Co, «Love»replica van cleef & arpels necklace Pendant Tiffany & Co, Heart Pendant Tiffany & Co, Rectangular Pendant Tiffany & Co, Chain Silver Necklace Tiffany & Co, Black Lace Underwear PEACH JOHN

Tiffany & Co, Men's Silver Bracelet Tiffany & Co, Men's Silver Bracelet Tiffany & Co, Men's Silver Bracelet Tiffany & Co, Men's Silver Bracelet Tiffany & Co

Dumping the princess of the luxury jewelry wedding dress

In 1955, when the goddess of the history of Hollywood film Grace Kelly, announced the farewell glorious screen career and millions of fans, married into the ancient Monaco royal family, the world was shocked.imitation van cleef & arpels jewelry This is known as the «20th century, the most touching» love, creating a history of the century wedding.

In the spring of 1956, Grace wore a beautiful and beautiful Julie cap, dressed in thousands of fish-shaped pearl-shaped veil, dressed in ivory wedding, manners into the Monaco Cathedral, imitation van cleef & arpels necklace sections to her The groom — «the world's most ideal man», graceful Monaco Prince Rainier III. This wedding is designed by the Oscar-winning designer Helen Rose, using 98 yards chiffon, 25 yards silk taffeta, 300 yards with 125 years of history of the Valentine rose lace carefully tailored.

Cartier Premium Jewelry Sortilège de Cartier Series
With the royal commission of the royal statue of the emperor Cartier for the wedding of the heroine specially ordered a series of wedding head, including wedding ring, necklace and a platinum crown, knockoffvan cleef & arpels alhambra bracelet which witnessed the dawn of this great and solemn advent of God. Grace favorite pen diamond ring, a mosaic of 10.47 karats of diamonds, both sides were lined with a stick-shaped diamonds, dazzling and calm and charming together, in the design concept known as «less Is more », it is simple and elegant design style reflects the artist princess creed: simple, pure, elegant.

In the official photo of the wedding ceremony, the Grace prince wore a platinum crown consisting of 40 sticks of diamonds, a fine jewelery frame, and a splendid circle between each flower Shaped ruby. Cartier designer ingenuity, the crown of the three flowers can be split into a group of corsage, so that the princess can usually wear in the usual use. Grace also wore a sparkling necklace consisting of three chains of round and stick-shaped diamonds, with a total weight of 58 carats. It shows the gentle femininity, cheap van cleef & arpels earrings as well as its impeccable fashion style, the real interpretation of Grace's unique perfect femininity.

Cartier Premium Jade Bells Earrings
This is only for the feast of love, was made into a short film in the world, becoming the most beautiful scenery of the last century. When Kennedy had not yet become president of the United States read the news, sorry to frown: «marry her, could have been me!»

80s of last century, a flying accident to make a generation of Allure fragrant jade die. Since then, Grace's grace is always fixed in the most graceful years. So far, there is no one in the world can be comparable to the princess Grace glory — her elegant and noble, as well as behind her life without marry the infatuated king. Not let people light sigh, the world and then no lace.

Van Cleef & Arpels light beauty

Butterfly beauty fleeting, but Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels to High Jewellery fine jewelry series, the butterfly's dancing in the eternal time and space, to retain the weak beauty. Papillons series combined with Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels works in every aspect of the unique temperament, replica hermes kelly double tour bracelet such as the extraordinary personality of the gem, it is slamming heart. The use of a variety of exquisite jewelry technology, such as the 1933 R & D has been improved Mystery Setting stealth mosaic method, mesh-shaped, package, etc., so that the works of precious jewelry of the natural beauty of light. Whether it is works of the front, back, or even hidden place, hand are extremely perfect. According to the shape of the jewelry cut the gem in the mosaic and then carefully crafted to meet the design of each arc, ingenuity and Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels selection of precious stones not so much, the whole series of colors to The realm of extraordination. Finally, Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels inherited a century of imagination and creativity, into the butterfly's smart temperament, with a very dynamic outline of its eternal beauty.

Van Cleef & Arpels fake Hermes clic clac h bracelet Papillons Butterfly Pink Blue Brooch

At present, the world has a total of 200,000 known butterfly varieties. Butterfly has been the world's cultural and artistic imagination. In Japan, butterflies are considered to best reflect the charm of women; and China is the butterfly for the eternal true love of the incarnation. The Indians in the Amazonas believe that they will be willing to pour out to the butterflies. Numerous art treasures have been featured on butterflies, including Renaissance paintings, Flanders and Holland still life paintings, and Art Nouveau works. Butterfly has always been a scientist to love to explain the scientific theory or mathematical philosophy proposition of the metaphor, their transformation process mysterious and beautiful, so that the butterfly coated with supernatural magic temperament.Knockoff van cleef & arpels clover necklace

Jewelry custom in the whimsical

Advanced custom jewelry is the dream of many women, in addition to bright diamonds and a variety of rare colored gemstones intertwined into a fascinating top works of art, it is more hit Knockoff van cleef & arpels clover necklace in our heart is that it can achieve all your dreams, Let it be with eternity…

Advanced custom jewelry is the dream of many women, in addition to bright diamonds and a variety of rare colored gemstones intertwined into a fascinating top works of art, it is more hit in our heart is that it can achieve all your dreams, Let it with the eternal gems shine.fake van cleef & arpels alhambra earrings
Star favorite
Hollywood actress and supermodel are high-quality jewelry custom loyal fans, they are difficult to resist jewelry customization to bring the exclusive fun. Demi Moore, Naomi Campbell, Kelly Rowland Favorite De Grisogono Premium Jewelry, Julianne Moore, Supermodel Eva Herzigova, Stripper Dita Von Teese often wear Chopard Advanced Custom Jewelry to attend various events.
This necklace is Van Cleef & Arpels in 1956 for the Monaco Princess Grace Kelly's privately crafted high-level jewelery Necklace of Grace Kelly 1956 imitation van cleef & arpels ring/ Van Cleef & Arpels.
Hai Rui Winston's most classic Cluster mosaic earrings design will Winston style show most vividly. Is one of the most popular Hollywood red carpet jewelry / Harry Winston.

Advanced custom jewelry is the dream of many women, in addition to bright diamonds and a variety of rare colored gemstones intertwined into a fascinating top works of art, it is more hit in our heart is that it can achieve all your dreams, Let it with the eternal gems shine.knockoff hermes jewelry

Actress Maria Felix has carried a juggling with a small crocodile jar to visit Cartier jewelry, insisted that Cartier in the shortest possible time for her to create a mosaic of precious stones in the reptile necklace, because as a prototype Small crocodile growth rate amazing. A naive dream from the adult world so come to the jewelry workplace.