How to send delayed gmail?

Gmail is full of features that user can use and manage his emails. User can add different kinds of signatures with his emails, can add an image with the email, can attach any kind of attachment, can send one email to a group of people, can mark email as per his choice, put the email into desired folders etc. etc. A lot can be done with the email in gmail. Continue in the list is the option to send any email not at the time of composing but at later. If user doesn’t send the email at the time of composing,that mail get saved in the draft folder.

If there are very few emails and user know that he has to send those emails right after few minutes or few hours then its fine. User can access that email from the Draft folder and click on Send button.
What if few emails user wants to send after few days.? If user is having a busy schedule then he requires a reminder so that on the very day he can remember to send his drafted emails. For this purpose, user have to set a Gmail Scheduler.

In the Google spreadsheet, install the Email Scheduler.
Allow installation of the add-ons.
Authorization is required for emails to be out from Gmail.
Now from the Google spreadsheet, go to Add-ons then click on Email Scheduler and then click on Configure to Launch Email Scheduler.
User can see here all the drafted emails.
Select any of the email and click on Schedule.
A wizard will open.
Follow the steps to set the scheduler.

Few schedulers like Boomerang or Sidekick are also there but they are browser dependent. This Google email scheduler is a Google in built application so user can get it no matter what the browser is. For any issue, gmail customer service is always there to help. User juat have to call at the gmail help number and the executive will provide the tech support quickly and effectively.

How To Forward Multiple Emails From Your Gmail Account At Same

Many times Gmail users wants to reply a mail through a forwarded email. Here user doesn't need to type the mail addresses or message content again and again. Though this feature is not directly available but at the same time can be done very easily using filter technique. Following is the process to forward multiple mails from your gmail account at same time.
Login to the Gmail account.
Now click on the label «more „and from the drop down, click on “create folder ».
The dialogue box will be displayed.
Enter the required entries and search criteria.
Provide the email ids.
Enter the required conditions.
Click on the icon «Create Filter with This Search ».
Look for the link, «add forwarding address » link.
Enter the address and click on the button «add forwarding address ».
Check the check box «forward it ».
Click on the link, «Also Apply Filter To X messages ». Here X is the number of emails.
Finally click on the button Create Filter.
The only important thing that user should keep in mind that all the emails meeting the provided search criteria will be forwarded to the provided email address. So user will have to manually delete those ids where he doesn't want to forward.

There is no direct option so user have to do some technical changes. If there is any issue then he can contact to the executives. The executives at gmail customer service are qualified and professionals. They provide the effective gmail tech support. User can contact them through email. live chat or phone call. The executives will be always on the line to guide the users.