Qingdao Zoranoc’s Mission statement

Qingdao Zoranoc Oilfield Chemical Co., Ltd, as a subsidiary of Cangzhou Xinchang Chemical Co., Ltd, born out of Sinopec Group, based on the inheriting of the fine tradition and work style of Sinopec, actively absorbed and used the advanced idea and excellent enterprise culture of modern companies both domestic and abroad, and continuously deepened the construction of the enterprise culture of itself, and made efforts in building the good atmosphere of “people oriented, hard striving, pursuit of excellence and results shared”, as to supply strong mental power in pushing forward the scientific development of the company.

We can supply Xanthan gum product,Corrosion inhibitor product, carboxymethyl cellulose product,Sodium bromide product.

“People oriented, Hard striving, Pursuit of excellence and Results shared”
——we bear social responsibility, trying to make welfare for society, customers and employees.

Enterprise Vision
“Through the waves, strive to achieve the petrochemical industry leader”
——Our commitment to industry development, systematical solutions for petrochemical enterprises, and the achievement of the industry dominator as the goal.

Enterprise Spirit
“Integrity, Quality, Innovation, Development”
——Relying on technical innovation, making efforts to catch up with the world’s advanced levels, representing the innovative strength of the national technology and becoming the industry leader!

Enterprise Style
“Strict enforcement and prohibitionsof orders, Doing quickly and resolutely, Solidarity and friendship, Working attentively”
——Trying to build an eagle-team with strict self-discipline, quick decision and resolute execution!

Operation Principle
Your requirement is our standard.
Our development needs your support.
——Going forward hand in hand with oilfield and refinery enterprises, and creating brilliance together!

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D.O RFID TAG company

D.O RFID TAG company is a subsidary of D.O RFID Group, which is a reliable manufacturer established by professionals in China. We’ve been specializing in RFID field over 14 years. Based on our experience of manufacturing several million RFID products for projects from all application and frequency ranges(LF,HF,UHF).Numerous RFID projects already realised in a large variety of sectors prove our high-level RFID skills.The comprehensive market overview and a long-term partner network ensure that our products are also always in high quality.Our production line have the most modern test and inspection systems to ensure the best RFID quality.
We offer our customers value-added with innovative, high-quality products, guarantee the security of your data with certified processes,and stand for personal, first-class customer service.These are the benefits that have attracted customers from all fields of business since 2003.
D.O RFID tag company is a renowned supplier of RFID products for RFID solutions and IT services in every industry. These include the health,logistic, animal husbandry,access control,assets management,manufacturing industry, insurance and financial services industries. We exploit the benefits provided by our shared knowledge and experience. This structure ensures long-term financial stability and provides continuity for the customers.
The business model of D.O RFID tag company is geared to sustainable and profitable growth. We have achieved leading market positions thanks to our high-quality products, our deep commitment to security products,security financing,security time,security solution, data protection, our innovations and the personal dedication and commitment of our employees. These are continuously advanced with new technologies and fields of business.
D.O RFID Tag company established in 2003 years. We have more than 14years experiences in card industry. 3000 square meter plant with 350 employees.
Some of our equitment:
2 set Heidelberg 4 colors offset printers
1 set 2 Color Printing Machine
Automatic Punching Machine
Film Laminating Machine
Chip Bonding Machine
Electronic Soldering Machine
Lamination Magnetic Machine
Automatic Winding Machine
Card Packaging Machine
Hole Punching Machine
Laser Labeling Machine
Shrink Packing Machine
UV Code Machine
Hot Stamping Machine
Chip flip Machine
Automatic Package Machine
Chip testing machine
Ink-jetted code machine
Encode machine
Some of our Production Capacity
RFID card Inlay 60million Pieces
RFID Tag 25million Pieces
RFID Wristband 30million Pieces
NFC Tag 65million Pieces
RFID label 55million Pieces
Smart card 80million Pieces
PVC card 70million Pieces
RFID reader 25million Pieces
RFID lock 10million Pieces

D.O RFID TAG company

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We are hair extensions, wigs manufacturers & suppliers, china hair pieces factory- organic hair.
We are a very professional and motivated team, to efficiently provide our customers with high quality hair extensions and full service. Full of passion, we never stop learning and improving, passionate, give you better support. Send us an inquiry! We want to help you!
We are a very professional and motivated team, to efficiently provide our customers with high quality hair extensions and full service. Full of passion, we never stop learning and improving, passionate, give you better support. We want to help you!
Organic Hair
*100% PREMIUM GRADE hair, softest without dry condition. * 100% Virgin Remy Hair with full cuticle aligned and facing the same direction. Healthy, thick hair and very natural look hair, no split.

* 100% Natural hair can be dyed and designed to any style.

* Collected by ourselves and with professional production skill and strict quality control.

* Processed only with pure water,shampoo and hair conditioner,without any chemical treated and in steam permed textures as well.

* Inspected strictly for removing Grey hair, lice and nits and eggs etc.
* Full Cuticle Hair
Hair is made of different layers. The cuticle is the outer layer of the hair. It is made up of overlapping layers of long cells. All cuticles are aligned in the same direction like the tiles on a roof. Their free edges are directed towards the tip. The cuticles protect the hair from outside elements and lock in the necessary moisture. It is not just a protective layer. A healthy cuticle makes the hair shine. Light reflects from their glossy surfaces. This gives the hair its characteristic appearance in addition to the pigment within the cortex. Hair with damaged cuticles or no cuticles at all would appear dull and lifeless. It would dry out and break easy.
* Fine Remy Hair
The highest quality human hair will still have all cuticles perfectly lined in the same directions. This is called Remy hair and it is the and it is the best quality available. Remy hair is carefully collected from a single donor in such a way that the cuticle is kept pointed in the same direction as the hair next to it. Because of its natural flow Remy hair is softer and silkier. It is also less sensitive to tangling and knotting. When shopping for hair extensions you will hear the name «Remy hair» a lot. Virgin Remy Hair is Remy hair that has not been permed, colored or chemically treated in any way. 
* European Hair
European hair comes mainly from Eastern Europe (Russia) and Italy. Because of its quality it is popular to use for extensions. Natural blond or red hair is less common but it can be dyed in any color just like your own natural hair. Typical European human hair is relatively thin and has an oval cross-section.
* Indian Hair
Indian hair has a very similar basic structure as European hair. In general this hair type is of a very high quality. However the method of collection is very essential. India is one of the largest exporters of human hair. Indian temple hair is a name you will hear when you deal with hair extensions. Many Indian women offer their hair in Hindu temples as a sign of respect and gratitude. This hair is bundled and bagged with cuticles lined up for each individual separately. Collected in the right way this hair is one of the best hair types available for use in a human hair extension. Not all Indian hair is Remy hair. Most of the Indian hair is shipped to China but other countries are also important.
* Peruvian hair
Peruvian hair is relatively new to the market. Just as Indian hair it has a similar basic structure as European hair. The use of Latin American hair has been growing the last couple of years.
* Asian hair
Asian hair comes mainly from China. It is very often used for human hair extensions. This hair is thicker than European hair and has a round cross-section. It is dark black. To prepare this hair for use in hair extensions it is usually chemically treated to make it thinner and lighter. This will lower the quality. This hair is usually less expensive.
Some factories mix Asian hair with Indian Remy hair to make it cheaper. If you want 100% Remy hair make sure that it is not mixed. Organic hair all the types of hair belongs to the no mix hair, 100% pure hair, 100 human hair.
Who we are and why we are here. These two questions have been here when we start.  
The answer is “quality”.  Quality is our life, is the reason of our existing and is the power of our improving.
The “quality” does not just mean if the products are good, the most important is if it is the product you want. So “good quality” starts from knowing your requirements completely and doing what you really want, or we should say do what you really need. So we will ask you more question, analyze your real requirements and then reach your satisfied.
The quality base on strict production control and quality check rule. We have strict production control. Each procedure has strict operation rule and review system.  Any procedure occur quality problem. The order need be re-made. And after all procedure, we have a quality double-check system. Before washing, check across, before shipment, check again. Our QC assistants have over 17 years’ experiences in this line. More info, welcome to contact us have a inquiry!

Organic hair
More information,please click:http://www.organichairextension.com
Mob(whatsapp): +86-13210017159
Email:[email protected]
Facebook:Qingdao Organic Hair Products Co., LTD
Twitter:Orgainc hair
Address: Room 1606, 1# Plage Mansion, No. 230 Shenzhen Road, Qingdao, China
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Gift Bag

We are the manufacturer of this kind of gift paper bags. We can do the OEM. And also, we can design the gift paper bags based on your request.

Custom printed christmas children candy paper bag

*Materials:190gsm white paper c1s
*Printing:CMYK/Pantone color (can be customized)
*Finishing:matte lamination
*Lead Time:15 days

Luxury gift paper bag

*Materials:157 art paper
*Printing:CMYK (custom)
*Finishing:matte lamination
*Lead Time:15 days

Wholesale high quality origami paper gift bag

*Materials:128gsm art paper
*Printing:pantone color process
*Finishing:matte lamination
*Lead Time:15 days

well-designed gift paper bag

*Materials:190gsm art paper c1s
*Printing:4 colours process
*Finishing:matte lamination
*Lead Time:15 days

Small paper gift bags with handles

*Materials:190gsm art paper c1s
*Printing:4 colours process
*Finishing:mattle lamination
*Lead Time:15 days

Gift Bags for Christmas

*Materials:120gsm C2S art paper
*Printing:4 colours process
*Finishing:Gloss Lamination
*Lead Time:15 days

1. High quality and competitive price is always our top advantage. 
2. Accept the MOQ 1000-3000pcs 
3. High efficiency delivery 
4. Best service lasting the whole cooperation

More information,please click:http://www.legendpackage.com
ADDRESS: NO. 108 Ruian Road, Shibei District, Qingdao, China
TEL: +86-532-58662333    FAX: +86-532-84992217 
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Sinoking dredger mainly including cutter suction dredger, aquatic weed harvester and sand dredger. Our factory have 10 years experience in manufacturing the derdger, good quality and best service, choose us can reach win-win.

Cutter suction dredger
Cutter suction dredger, a simple structure, easy maintenance, reliable performance, long service life, low costs and large workload (1,000 to 4,000 cubic meters solid per day) . An important use of cutter suction dredger is for port or waterway dredging, and can do preparatory work for building new port.
Second,Cutter suction dredgers can be installed with ore mining equipment to mining gold, iron ore and other minerals,featuring a high degree of automation,high extraction accruacy and large processing capacity.

Aquatic weed harvester
Full automatic aquatic weed harvester is used for collecting the floating rubbish ,aquatic weed in reservoirs, rivers and lakes. The vessel is designed for easy operation. All the collecting, stocking and transporting device can be completed by one man via operating the control desk.

Sand dredger
Sand dredger is suit for sand mining in the river channel, screening the gravel, with high work efficiency. Second, it can be customized according to the requirements, it can be installed with gold mining and magnetic separation equipment, and also can be used for the sand barge.

Sinoking dredging and mining machinery
More information,please click: http://sinokingmachinery.com
Head Office Add:
No.41 Donghai West Road,Qingdao City,China
Tel: 0086-532-85776568
Mobile: 0086-17762015288
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Branch in The Republic of Mali
Office Add:
Hippodrome,Route de Koulikoro,Porte 2981,Bamako
Tel(Whatsapp): 00223-71778888
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Factory Add
Huanglou economic development zone, qingzhou city, shandong province, China
Tel: 0086-536-3518766
Moblie(Whatsapp): 0086-15165631452
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Leichi Flyfishing product——fly reel(2)

High End Fly Reels with silk smooth and powerful Drag systems for Your All Water needs.
Made of 6061 T6 Aircraft Aluminum and high density Engineering Grade Plastic, Hard painted or anodized Machine cut Mirror finished Surface, Carbon Disc drag or Cork Teflon drag, there are CNC fly Reels, Die-Cast Fly Reels and Plastic Fly Reels for your selection and Customization.
In a word, you have found the best fly reel factory in China!

T6061 Aluminum LD Fly Fishing Reel
This waterproof LD fly reel is developed as an upgraded version of our popular fly reel MC, which has been popular in the market for many years. All of our fly reels are made by the High-End Japanese Machines with skilled workers to make sure they are always of the top quality in the market. Therefore, we are proud of that we are the ONLY fly reel factory who can make 100% waterproof fly reels for saltwater fly fishing.

Super light blanced CNC fly reel HVB
Our factory, CIXI Energy Fly reel Factory, has become the best fly reel factory in China since 2005, our main products are CNC fly reels, Die cast fly reels and plastic fly reels. This is the lightest machine cut fly reel that we have ever made in our range for this quality, the super slim frame make the reels to be unbelievable light. And the drag knob is designed to be inserted into the body. Make the reel to be super balanced.

Super price Machine cut fly reel ML
Super price CNC Machine cut fly reel ML this is the most price competitive fly reel in the range of -41 in the market.

Large drag knob waterproof fly reel VX
Large drag knob waterproof fly reel VX Hi-grade Silicon Aluminium bronze drive system Tanless Micro-bearings and min shift

Saltwater sealed drag waterproof fly reel VM
This is the best ever fly reel we have made in our range; all of the best selling concept is included in one reel.

Sealed Salmon Saltwater fly fishing reel V8-3
V8 Saltwater fly reel is equipped with a self-lubricating and powerful disc-drag, which can be adjusted easily by a handy drag knob, and has a distinctive clicking sound.

Clicker light Classic fly reel
This is our new classic fly reel developed in 2013 to meet the need of the market. Many clients has asked us to make a classic reel.

Classic CNC clicker drag fly reel CDB
This Classic CDB reel is our clicker and pawl trout fly reel, Very light but also very durable and stable performance

Machine cut CNC center pin floating reel
Machine cut CNC center pin floating reel This reel is SMOOTH! Precision machining, high quality bearings and perfect balance result in a spool that spins effortlessly and without interruption.

Fly fishing reel SA clicker
This SA clicker is designed follow the Sage clicker reel, I must show my respect to Sage, I also use sage reel. But according to the feedback of the customers, our SA clicker is as good as Sage reel now

Click and pawl fly reel
Designed to meet the specific needs of the trout fisherman, the Click and Pawl reel was also created for the classic angler.

V8-2 Saltwater fly reel
V8 Saltwater fly reel is equipped with a self-lubricating and powerful disc-drag, which can be adjusted easily by a handy drag knob, and has a distinctive clicking sound

Leichi Offical Website!
More information,please click:www.flyfishingchina.com
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ADD:Floor 16, Building A, No.18 HONGKONG middle
Road(FUTAI Mansion), Shinan District, Qingdao, China
Post Code: 266071
Factory Add: Economical & Technical Zone, Weihai,China
Cell Phone: 86-138-69881030

How to wear eyelash extensions

The first step:
Before gluing the mink eyelashes on, please check and size the lashes. You have to make sure that the eyelashes are not too wide for your eye. Hold the eyelash strips up against your eyelid, and trim them down on the sides if it is necessary.
If you feel the eyelashes are too long for your taste, please consider trimming the individual lashes down to achieve more natural feeling. Eyelashes should be longer toward the outer corner of your eyes.
The second step:
Using an applicator or brush to apply the lash glue to the outer seam of the eyelash strip. Make sure the glue to dry for a moment before applying it to eyelashes.
You also can squeeze a thin line of eyelash glue onto your hand. Then, gently run the outer seam of the lash strip along it.
The third step:
Place the eyelash strip on your eyelid, make it close to your natural eyelashes. Bring the strip down from above, not from the front. This is to ensure that you get close to your lashline.
The fourth step:
Make the glue dry naturally. When the strip is in place, you do not need to press or hold it.
The fifth step:
Apply mascara to your lashes. This will help to blend your natural eyelashes with the false ones, achieving a more natural feeling. You can use black, brown, or dark gray mascara.
The sixth step:
Apply liquid eyeliner along your upper lids. Make sure to fill in any gaps between the false lashes and your own to make them look more natural. Use black, brown, or dark gray liner.

More information,please click:www.meideareyelash.com
Address: Building 52, China Merchants LAVIE Corporation, No.702, Shanhe Road, Chengyang District, Qingdao, Shandong.
Tel: 86-532-67760140
Fax: 86-532-67760140
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Frequently Asked Questions of Qingdao Vanward

Qingdao Vanward Eyelashes Provide most professional experience of our False eyelashes. Whatever from the False eyelashes Specification, Packing or the Sales plan, Market Condition and Suggestion in period. We regularly worked with customers to create False eyelashes and others specialist type to match the individual customers’ requirements. From off the shelf products to Promotion designed solutions. We understand that some people may experience some issues with False eyelashes, therefore our R&D team and technicists are on hand to help with any queries or questions that you may have.

1.What is your MOQ?
Our MOQ is 100 pairs per style ,total 500 pairs at least for one order
2.What are the materials used for your lashes?
The main materials used are human hair ,mink hair ,horse hair ,fox hair and synthetic hair. For fashion lashes, we use feathers.
3.How we can make an order?
To make an order, please follow these steps:
1.Look at our website catalog.
2.Email us the styles number you wish to order with the quantity needed for each style.
3.We will reply with a price quotation.
4.Confirm your order.
5.We will inform you the «ready date».
6.pls arrange the 50% deposite for production.
7.we will send our full production photo to you for confirmation
8.pls arrange the balance 50% payment before our delivery.
4.What is the price range for each pair of eyelashes?
Please contact us for specific lashes price based on specific style.
5.Do you provide samples?
Yes, we do. Our sample cost is charged as our whole sale price , Shipping cost will be paid by the customer.
6.Do you take orders for private labels?
Yes, we do. MOQ per artwork is 500 pcs.
7.Available packaging types
Sleeve, hanger box, plastic box and high quality paper packaging.pls see our package box catalogue on our website.
8.What is your lead time for a new order?
As lashes are hand made, leadtime will be vary depends on quanty/style and order component, Please contact us for further information.
General speaking,our production time for 5000 pairs is 14 days.
9.If an order for private label does not reach the MOQ,is there an alternative?
Yes, we have our own brand-«VANWARD»-which you can order below the MOQ.
10.Payment terms
50% deposite .50% balance payment before our delivery.
11.Do you provide glue for eye-lashes?
Yes, we do. Please contact us for further information.
12.Do you take customized eye-lashes orders based on new designs?
Yes we do. Please contact for further information.
13.Where is your factory?
Our factory is on Pingdu City ,Qingdao China ,where is the China main production base of false eyelashes ,95% China false eyelshes are from there.
14.Where is your office?
Our office is on Qingdao ctiy.
15.How much will my shipping charge be?
The shipping charge will depend on the weight and volume of your order,shipping methods,and fimal destination.
16.What is FOB?
FOB(Free On Board)specifies which party pays for which shipment and loading costs,and/or where responsibility for the goods is transferred.
«FOB port»means that the seller pays for transportation of the goods to the port of shipment,plus loading costs. The buyer pays costs of marine freight transport,insurance,unloading,and transportation from the arrival port to the final destination.
FOB is our preferred shipping term,but we can accommodate other terms upon request.
17. What is the procedure for shipping transportation after we have placed an order?
The buyer needs to decide whether they want to ship the goods via courier,air,or sea,as well as the payment method.
18.What are the different types of shipping methods I can use?
Based on the quantity,weight,and volume of your shipment,shipping companies will recommend the appropriate methods.
19.Who will release my possessions from the port?
If you ship «door to door»your shipping agent will release your shipment.On the other hand,if you ship only to the port,you will have to find and pay a customs agent to clear your goods for you,and then pay another party to ship your possessions from the port to your destination.
20..Could we as a buyer send the goods via courier but we have no account number?
Yes,you can order the goods and we will arrange the delivery of your shipment.Costs will be paid by the buyer to us.
21.What if the final destination of the shipment has no airport?
It is possible to ship to the closest airport and continue the shipping with inland service.Please contact us for further information.
22.What is the advantage of shipping with a full container?
There are many advantages of shipping with a full container .For example,your container can be locked and sealed in front of you. Your customs agent can see if the seal or lock has been tampered whth and notify customs of the problem ahead of time.As long as customs don't open the container you should see the lock and seal intact once it arrives at the final destination.

More information,please click:vanwardminklashes.com
Tel: +86 532 80970350
Fax: +86 532 80970350
Email: [email protected]
What's app: +0086 18661628019
Sales manager: lily sun

The service of Sinoking Dredging and Mining Ltd.

SINOKING Cutter suction dredgers are experts in our field
Whatever the process,we have the solution.
We have produced these productions for many years with great performance and high reputation. The hull is assembled type box structure, it is convenient for transportation and dismantling. We choose the high quality spare parts to make sure the service life, the whole hydraulic control to make sure the dredging work efficiency and operation simple. We pride ourselves on the fact that the product we offer is not just the equipments, but the expertise in selecting the perfect solution.

The supporting services play an important part in the dredging projects and mining gold. On-site project teams and head office services exchange knowledge on a daily basis. Theoretical knowledge and experience are tested against day-to-day practice and vice versa.

We can supply to customer series service about dredging project and mining gold. In order to guarantee customer can choose the correct equipment, we can dispatch our engineering to your site to check which equipment is suit. Then according to your requirement and engineering suggestion, customized suitable equipment for you. We supply service after sales too, such as installation, trial and train. In a word, choose us, can reach win-win.

For the cutter suction dredger and gold mining equipment, we can acoording your require and the actual situation on size, customize the suitable cutter suction dredger and gold mining equipment for you. Before loading the machine, we will test running to guarantee the quality of machine.

After the machine arrive the site, we will diapatch professional engineering to customer site to direct customer to install the machine and training customer.

More information,please click: sinokingmachinery.com
Head Office Add:
No.41 Donghai West Road,Qingdao City,China
Tel: 0086-532-85776568
Mobile: 0086-17762015288
Email: [email protected]
Branch in The Republic of Mali
Office Add:
Hippodrome,Route de Koulikoro,Porte 2981,Bamako
Tel(Whatsapp): 00223-71778888
Email:[email protected]
Factory Add
Huanglou economic development zone, qingzhou city, shandong province, China
Tel: 0086-536-3518766
Moblie(Whatsapp): 0086-15165631452
Skype: eillenwang
Email: [email protected]

Installation of Slew Rings(1)

Slewing ring bearings, like any other machine part, require careful handling. To reduce the risk of injury,Use of safe operating practices and observation of all relevant legal regulations when handling,cleaning, and transporting are required. It is recommended that gloves be used whenever handling the bearing.Also, use carrying and lifting tools that are specially suited for mounting such bearings.
Slewing bearings should be transported and stored flat on a surface that extends over the whole side face of the bearing, preferably safely secured to shipping pallets or in a container. Eyebolts, for example, should only be subjected to a load in the direction of the shank axis. Also, keep in mind when using.Avoid any sudden acceleration or impact. If the bearing must be turned over, use nylon web slings or equivalent. Do not use chains or metallic mesh slings in contact with the bearing.
Store only in horizontal position in closed rooms, if stacked there must be a stable intermediate layer. We recommend that you do not stack more than two high if the bearing is four feet or larger in diameter.The corrosion protection coating has a shelf-life of approx. 3 months in closed packaging. Longer storage periods require special protective measures. If the bearing is not installed within one year of receiving it, the grease should be purged and replaced with fresh grease.Outdoor storage is not recommended. External surfaces of slewing ring bearings, including the gear, are coated with a preservative oil to provide nominal protection during storage.
Installation of the bearing and gear assembly should be done in a clean, dry, well-lit area.
Remove extraneous material from supporting surfaces and pilots of the housings (including paint residues, welding beads, burr formation).
Clear corrosion protection coating from supporting surfaces of the Slewing Ring.Even «soft» material trapped between the mounting and bearing surfaces can result in high spots and affect bearing and bolt performance.  
The purpose of cleaning material is that to stop penetrating into the Slewing Ring.
Cleaning material that attacks the sealing material is not used.
When this has been done, examine for and remove weld spatter, paint, nicks and burrs and wipe clean again.Mounting surfaces should be machined.
--Determining permissible flatness deviation perpendicularity deviation and permissible deformation of the mounting surface of the supporting structure
--Lubricating the Slewing Ring
Slewing Rings are supplied fully lubricated. They shall be greased again prior to initial operation.
Inject grease into all grease nipples one after the other,while rotating the Slewing Ring, until a bead of grease forms at least on one sealing lip.
-Positioning the Slew Ring
If one ring has a pilot or dowel hole, it should be positioned and mounted first.Consider alignment of gear's minimum backlash on structure so any necessary adjustments can be made.
Determine the main load-carrying zone.
For all Slewing Rings the soft spot of the Slewing Ring raceway shall be placed at a 90 deg point to the maximum load zone. The soft spot is designated with a filling plug or a punched “S” mark.
Do not expose the seal area or any other bearing opening to pressurized cleaning.
Use only cleaning material that is compatible with the seal material and avoid getting debris or other material into the bearing. Visually inspect and confirm that there is no damage to the bearing, gear, seals, or grease fittings.
Remove any minor burrs from mounting surfaces that may have occurred in shipping or handling. Use a hand file, taking care to remove only as much material as necessary to ensure full contact of bearing surface with equipment mounting surface. Make sure all surfaces are wiped clean.
With a gauge, check whether the supporting surface of the Slewing Ring is fully supported by the mounting structure.

More information,please click:slewringbearing.com
SOCARE® International Ltd.
No.9,Xiangtan Rd,Chengyang Dis.,
TsingTao 266043
Tel: +86.185.6391.7008
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