tours of cambodia

Although the beaches of Westport are not as good as the famous tourist destination of Mahe, Phuket and Bali, it is also a good place for a relaxing break. If you have enough time to stay in Cambodia, may wish to travel in Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, to Sihanouk to enjoy the water here, sand white sand, coconut sea rhyme. Go to Cambodia for vacation, choose Sihanouk you will definitely be satisfied.

Cambodia's southwest coastline of Sihanoukville is Cambodia's largest harbor. Sihanouk City was built in 1950, is a relatively new city, and Cambodia compared to other cities more modern. During the war, the port of Sihanouk was renamed as Pompus, and the name of Sihanouk Harbor was restored in the 1990s. Many people referred to it as the Westport.

Sokha Beach is one of the most famous beaches of Sihanoukville, the beach is white and stretches more than 1000 meters, very quiet. Currently, Sokha Beach Resort has occupied the entire Sokha Beach and is available only as a private beach to visitors to Soka Beach Resort. However, a small part of the beach is still open to the public. Visitors who wish to have private camps and non-crowded coastlines can enter the private beach area daily by paying a small fee. The cost also includes a swimming pool and facilities at Sokha Beach Resort.

Victory Beach is located in the northwest corner of Sihanoukville City, where the victory beaches are over 2 km long and are divided into two sections by reefs and hills. The north section of a large cargo ship coming and going, where more tourists, is the best place to see the sunset at Sihanoukville, the South also known as Hawaii Beach, King Beach, can be chartering in the sea. There are a lot of seafood on the beach, where you can taste a variety of delicious seafood, Cambodian cuisine and even Western food. There is also the equipment required for open-air barbecue, and visitors can organize barbecue parties at night. There is also a win mountain on the beach, with views of the beach and sunset views.
Do not know what tourist spots in Cambodia can enjoy, I recommend a good place for you on vacation it is Cambodia's West Hanike.

Want to have a stimulating trip

When the trip in the face of passion, «backpack to travel» is the best interpretation! Said to go away, itself is a kind of aside by step by step, put aside the complicated trivial, put aside the box. Unprepared, meaning unknown, longing, looking, stimulating… It seems that life must come to such a trip, be considered perfect enough. Cambodian tourism is my first trip to go on the trip, when the heart was very excited.

From the first time in the twenties of that year, to meet later love to travel the gentleman, like God gave me a scheduled travel ticket, «travel» these words have been properly in my life in the dictionary, Repeatedly recorded yesterday's happiness. But, immutable, stick to the rules, it seems a little less fun, lost a few emotions, even if the delicious food, but also tired of eating a day. Sometimes the expected mountain water color, Bashanshui wading to the destination, but how can‘t find the kind of surprise in the imagination. I do not know when to start travel to become my dream.

No wonder some people say that where to travel is not important, it is important to travel with what people. This is true! With different people to travel, experience certainly different. Just no matter how long we desire, and ultimately with what people trip, depend on a fate. Love of the sweet, warm family, the friendship of the students…… accompanied us through, is a section of irreplaceable course. Old classmate this label is a kind of predecessors of love, the edge of this world. No matter how far apart, no matter how long, regardless of whether the usual contact, you can let people do not hesitate to take a luggage.

Life is rare once such a beautiful meet! That all the way situation, peeping our cherished youth; that way the landscape, we chase the chant of chasing. Only remember that the wind is light, the rain is soft, the heart is run, a red wine, drunk a bit of feelings… the original, a person's understanding, no matter how long the time to know, not as good as A day trip to travel!

Every trip is a practice. No matter how the starting, there are unexpected gains, meet you expected, met your unexpected, these may have been set in the life track has long been good. But that must be a rewarding joy. A trip to Cambodia gave me a great surprise.

Travel is not just looking at the scenery

In the vast sea of people, hazy drizzle, in fact, not only the rain scattered, only thoughts of the mood, but also the memory and emotional encirclement. Rain, people produce inexplicable emotions, relieved feelings of the heart. It is not small, continuous non-stop raindrops, will bring another state, just how to grasp your grasp. Can travel to Singapore, whether it is not the beauty of Singapore, there will be a different feeling.

Time is a double-edged sword. Young, we love or because of loneliness and dancing together; after the vicissitudes of life, why do we want to be lonely, would rather strangers? Think about it, forget the passage of time and the boring life. I have been like to rest with my family. Not necessarily a famous Singapore area or a beautiful place, just looking for a casual place, just a busy day with his wife walking under the street lights.

Let the mood to travel to Singapore. In life, work complicated things pulled out, not to escape, is a leisurely rest. May only a short two days, one day or even half a day, an hour, but this is a short period of time, you can temporarily put down some of the troubles of life, interpretation of a meet with the time, the beauty of life, put down some of the fetters Foreign objects, but also a quiet and free and easy mind.

Let the mood to travel to Singapore, with an unprecedented ease, set foot in a familiar or unfamiliar place, enjoy the scenery there. Enjoy the warmth of that moment and the companions of the family around you. Perhaps just humming ditty, walked back and forth, looked around, feel the spring glittering, accompanied by the sun, waiting for a tree bloom.

There are some invitations in life can’t forget, I want to spare in the spare time out of all the goods before the light, even if only a short effort. To feel the freedom of life in the laughter, leisurely friendship, beautiful scenery…… after years of memories of the album, is joy, is a laugh, is the years away youth, watching the album in Singapore tourism memories appear in Mind, it was time to go to Singapore tourism is really right.

why is that people love to travel

The idea of oppression, need to be liberated, why not bring our true mood to travel it, maybe you have long been accustomed to the kind of ease after work, maybe your thoughts have long been sleeping, but opened his eyes to see this beautiful world, except Car, architecture, computer. Trees, mountains and rivers, flowers so that we are pleased to bring your sleeping eyes, let your feet take him to a place to wake him, then go to Vietnam to travel it.

Traveling in Vietnam, many people will choose to travel through, either from north to south or from south to north. Hanoi as the capital of Vietnam preserved the rich traditional Vietnamese culture. Thirty-six street is still very worth a visit.

Especially the night market is bustling. Blowing the river wind or sitting in Vietnam's human tricycle also a very good experience. In Hanoi must taste the eggs of coffee, this in Hanoi have to drink, eggs beaten into a bubble bubble, add coffee, watching some like milk coffee, drink up taste very good. Sitting in front of the coffee shop, drink eggs, coffee with a dish of melon seeds, looking at the pedestrians, experience Hanoi style.

In Vietnam, people will see the beautiful ancient town, some people will take it and China's Lijiang, but it is different from Lijiang, although the ancient city gradually commercialized, but still still keep its ancient beauty, some historical ancient buildings, Or people tut praise. Will be the lanterns of the industry is very famous, will be the streets of the streets will be covered with full-featured lanterns, to the night night falls, the town was lanterns dressed beautifully beautiful. To the meeting will be white rose must eat, because this will only be in the Ann can eat, fresh and soft taste, of course, visitors can also be «white roses» this store to eat white roses, while experiencing white roses.

Nha Trang is a vibrant coastal city, play in Nha Trang Beach. you can also go to Pearl Island Paradise feel the Vietnamese version of the «Disney» joy. Of course, you can go to the four island tour, experience the Vietnamese boat boss brought the more humor, play water projects, bubble mud bath, whitening rejuvenation.

Dalat is known as the Vietnamese private small Paris, to Dalat as if exposure to the European town in general, flowers to the city decorated with picturesque, to Dalat sitting in France to stay monorail trains, buy a bunch Flowers, a cup of wine dripping coffee, sitting swan boat swim spring, feel the French style of Vietnam. How do you feel for Vietnam? Do you have the urge to visit to Vietnam?

Do not know why suddenly want to travel to Thailand

Can‘t say why, suddenly eager to travel, eager to travel a person. There have been a person carrying only their own travel bag. Walk in the streets of Thailand, feel the spring breeze and floral feel the beach and sunshine sit in the bistro door to see people cheeks the most gentle smile. Have time to feel in every place in Thailand.

Grand Palace is located in the heart of Bangkok, a group of scattered layout of the buildings, bringing together the painting, sculpture and the essence of art. After the founding of the Bangkok dynasty monarch Rama I, in 1782 the capital moved from the Tuen Buri to the east coast of the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, the continuation of the expansion, and finally built large-scale large palace complex. Grand Palace is one of the many royal palace in Thailand, is the ancient palace to save the most perfect, the largest and most national characteristics of the Wang Guan, is only used to hold coronation ceremony, the court celebration ceremony. Bangkok dynasty from Rama I to Rama VIII, are living in the Grand Palace. 1946 Rama VIII was stabbed in the palace, the Rama IX moved to the new palace to live.

Travelers to Chiang Mai, it seems to be to the Khitan Temple, the temple is located in the center of the ancient city, the main hall has a huge Buddha. There are some gowns in front of the main hall for the shorter tourists. The most famous of the Khitan Temple should be the square pagoda behind the main hall. In 1545 Chiang Mai had a major earthquake, the staircase of the Great Pagoda collapsed overnight, revealing the gold statue of the tower.
Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, also known as Sukhothai Temple, because there are two long ladder sitting on both sides of the name, is Thailand's famous Buddhist summer resort. It is said that in the 14th century Taibei get the relics of Sakyamuni Buddha, a monk will relics on the back of the white elephant, let the white elephant to find the location of the relics, and finally the white elephant came to the plains The So far the Buddha's golden pagoda is still dedicated to the Buddha's relics, every year to attract believers around the world to pilgrimage.

Will everyone carry such a dream, one day backpack to travel to see the beauty of the world. If you have a chance to travel to Thailand, please do not miss it

Travel to Singapore to lose all the unhappy

If you decide to visit singapore, You will lose all the unhappy. Trip to Singapore Wherever he goes, a tourist in Singapore will see a world of trees and an ocean of flowers.
The Merlot on the Marina Bay is Singapore's landmark, and for decades it has been a brave incarnation to guard the charm of the lion city. Every visitor to Singapore will be eager to take pictures with the fish lion. 8.9 meters high fish lion like mouth to reveal the shares of the spring into the Singapore River. Some cute tourists will deliberately select the angle, clever use of water column, like drinking water, like fun. With the Merlot like to leave interesting classic moments.

Want to explore the mystery of the night in the zoo? Singapore Night Zoo is the best choice. The zoo is the world's first shelter for night animals. In the light of the moonlight, you walk in the broad rain forest to observe the traces of these nocturnal animals, natural barrier to tourists and animals closer contact. Tourists sometimes watch hippos in the quiet lake play, sometimes listen to ferocious African lion in the jungle issued roar. Do not forget to jump on the park tour bus, you can also personally in the bright moonlight giraffe, zebra. Is a wonderful experience that Singapore can’t miss.

Migrants from all over the world form Singapore's unique multiculturalism, and gradually form a number of different styles of exotic areas. These customs area still retains their most pure foreign culture, you can play early in the Islam gathered in Kampong Ginnan mosque feel the sincerity of the believers, and then in the colorful little Indian street tasting authentic hand pilaf, Finally came to Chinatown and the local overseas Chinese talked about the two cultures. Half a day as if through three countries, enjoy the charm of the exotic culture.

If it is not to Singapore to Sentosa that is a regret. If time permits, St. Paterson is worth your day, slowly watching the slow play, fully enjoy the unique charm of tropical islands. Santosso Island is not only filled with tropical rain forest atmosphere, with the Bala Bay Beach and the West Luo Suo Beach on the coconut trees, clear water white sand.

Singapore Due to the developed and orderly. safe fit for parent-child trips in singapore, beautiful scenery, warm people, loved by many people, every year visitors are increasing, so you must book your hotel in advance.

a family travel in burnei

Do you know where to fit the family? I know that Brunei is a tourist attraction Suitable for family travel. Having a family travel in burnei which several tourist attractions in Brunei tourism is not to be missed.
The Sultan Memorial is to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Sudanese reign of the Jubilee Memorial, which was built in 1992. The most noteworthy of the memorial hall is the current use of the Soviet Union when the dragon thrust all the gold. The Sultan Memorial is worth a visit there to show the royal family's glory, but also reflects the Brunei royal family and the history of the country. The second floor of the throne when the king's car or manually push the 25-year celebration is already a car. On the second floor of the vehicle when the two sides of the display is the size of the continuous picture board, the above photos clearly recorded the scene of the crowd.

As the country's largest mosque, the Jamie Mosque is definitely not to be missed. Every day to come here to play the passengers and prayers of the residents flocked to the hearts of people and foreign tourists, Jamie mosque seems to have become the eternal symbol of peace and prosperity of Brunei. Just far to see, the night is still very nice to see the mosque.

Brunei Water Village consists of several traditional high-rise houses distributed on the banks of the Brunei River, the largest high-footed village in the world. The village has more than a thousand years of history, but still maintained the original pristine style. Walking on the wooden wooden path to taste the pure Brunei cuisine is an excellent enjoyment. People living in the village of water rely on water wood boats from land and water village, the whole village between the wooden bridge connection, but also can enter the water to visit a guest. Kampong Ayer Can be said to be «Oriental Venice».

The most wanted food in Malaysia

Satay, popular to say that the Malaysia version of the skewers, is Malaysia's most famous one of the snacks. The general will have the halogen beef or Chicken Skewer into customers, and roasted over charcoal, the most important thing is to dip satay sauce, with cucumbers, onions and Malay edible rice and vegetable roll. Satay taste sweet, with spicy love are very love, love is not sweet and spicy taste of tourists will feel strange taste.

Malaysia is absolutely chowhound paradise. Due to the history of a nation's people came here to settle down, slowly affect local delicacy, so this delicacy is also very diverse, spicy Malay food, of every hue of color flavor and taste of food, flavor and delicacy of India of North and South Nonya cuisine, absolutely let visitors dazzling.

Coconut rice, listen to the name that is sweet and greasy, in fact, it is a Malaysia people as a breakfast food, eat up a coconut flavor, and a little spicy. Because Steamed Rice is soaked in coconut rice in the name, and then steamed, that Steamed Rice fragrant and delicious, but not too sweet, usually with chicken, cucumber, peanuts and seasoning sauce, can according to their own tastes.

A lot of Malaysia noodle type, shrimp noodles had to mention, have won the one of ten CNN Southeast Asia many expats delicacy, Malaysia people miss the most is shrimp noodles. Shrimp noodles taste spicy, taste heavier, with the flavor of the shrimp juice for the soup, and with 2 different surface mix, and finally poured hot oil, is a color and flavor of a dish.

cambodia tourist attractions

Royal Palace also known as the four arm Bay palace, named for the intersection in the Mekong, the Tonle Sap River, Mekong River and Barcelona River, King Norodom was built in 1866-1870, designed by top architects of Kampuchea, is the palace of the king of Kampuchea. Khmer palace building has a traditional architectural style and religious color, the palace has minarets, representing prosperity; the temple body coated with yellow and white, yellow white represents Buddhism, brahmanism. Welcome you to visit Phnom Penh palace in cambodia

The palace was originally a wooden structure, after the renovation of the cement structure, but maintained the original style. The kingdom is the history of King Buddha shrine, Kampuchea has the right symbol. Founded in nineteenth Century, is located in the middle of the Tonle Sap River, yellow wall around the palace outside, inside the beautiful decoration, with traditional Khmer architecture and religious color, the size of the palace more than and 20, I do not know the name, many of the palaces are not open to the public, only a glimpse of the main building.

Angkor Wat, also known as Angkor Wat, is the world's largest temple, but also is one of the seven wonders of the world. In twelfth Century, the king of the kingdom of Angkor took over the country to spend about 35 years to build this precious grotto temple architecture in the eyes of the world. In 1992, Angkor was listed as a world cultural heritage, the magnificent buildings, the relief of the delicate, as well as the mysterious Angkor smile, attracted a group of tourists came here!

Sokha beach, is one of the most famous city of Sihanouk beach, white sand, stretching more than 1000 meters, very quiet. At present, Soka Beach Bungalows has taken up a whole Sokha beach, and as a private beach is only available to tourists Soka Beach Bungalows. But a small part of the beach is still open to the public. Visitors who want to own private and non — crowded coastlines can travel to a private beach area every day by paying a small fee. The cost also includes the swimming pool facilities and Soka Beach Bungalows.

Where to go to tourist places in Singapore with family?

If you have children and want to travel abroad, you will be able to consider where it will be suitable for you to play. Singapore is a good choice. Singapore have many attractions, which are not only for adults, but also for children. Now, Let me introduce you to a attraction in Singapore-S.E.A. Aquarium.
S.E.A. Aquarium in Singapore is the world's largest aquarium. If you travel to Singapore, don't miss it. S.E.A. Aquarium is located in Sentosa Island, Singapore. There are as many as 49 ecological zones, bringing together more than 10000 species of marine life from around the world. The S.E.A. Aquarium has a aquarium viewing window with a length of 36 meters and a height of 8.3 meters, which is the largest aquarium viewing window in the world.
The marine life in the aquarium is distributed by sea area. Living in the same area of special biological, they are in an exhibition area. Popularization of science is good in here. In the form of pictures, it introduce to each creature. what they eat and what is their natural enemies. Children are very easy to understand. It can improve children's knowledge of the ocean. The children will have fun in S.E.A. Aquarium. It ‘s a place of interest in Singapore.
There are coral, Moray, explore the pool, jellyfish, benthic ecological zone, the North Pacific giant octopus, shark, dolphins and pipefish. Where you want to see, you can go. For example, The North Pacific giant octopus from Southern California to Alaska, from western Aleutian Islands to Japan. Weight of about 15 kg, arm spread up to 4.3 meters, the head is large and round, usually red brown. It can change the color of the body through the unique pigment cells, and even can be mixed with coral, plants and rocks. If you are interested in the North Pacific giant, you can go to see it.
In short, if you want a family tour, S.E.A. Aquarium is a good place for you .If you want Asia tours, I introduce you a Asian tour company.