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Technical innovation needs a talent to ensure.[url=]136x25mm black wpc deck railing[/url] Industry of abundant China timber built the center of test of research and development of 1600 square metre, maintaining long-term cooperation relationship with Beijing forestry university, become college of this school material multilayer solid Mu Fu adds up to major of science of floor test pattern for composite benches research center, lumber and project education teaching grinds university of forestry of study base, Beijing is postdoctoral workstation of going from place to place,

go up every year in the investment on talent hatch ten million yuan.
relatively the inaccuracy that a few companies grow to [url=]plastic lumber lattice[/url] feels surely, jin Yuehua appears confidence is full, quite certainly. Introduce according to him, from " double turn over " after Wan Shengmei country, year after year of parrot floor sales volume increases by degrees steadily, increased again this year 30%, industry of abundant tile bathroom hardwood floor China timber has ascended solid Mu Fu of body whole nation adds up to floor industry front row.

2 it is a government the service is better and better. «From 2013 second half of the year begins to examine and approve, the project starred building 2014, at the beginning of 2015 formal put into custom composite shutters for front door production, did not think of so can fast. » Jin Yuehua says, household item predicts to want ability go into operation 34 years originally, thanksed to government brief politics put power,[url=]thermal expansion of vinyl fencing[/url] formalities simplifies, efficiency promotion, just let project put into production enter " drive ".

wooden floor

Solid wood flooring is wood by drying, after processing to form the surface decoration materials. It has the natural pattern, comfortable feet, the use of security features, is the bedroom, living room, study and other wood wall panel advantages and disadvantages ground decoration ideal material. Solid wood decorative style back to nature, natural texture, decreased in the forest coverage, and vigorously promote environmental protection today, solid wood flooring is even more valuable.

Moisture content of solid wood how to replace tongue and groove composite decking flooring Wood contains water in three forms, one is present in the cell cavity and cell gap in the water, which is present in the capillary in the water, known as free water. The second is absorbed by the cell wall of water, known as the adsorption of water.

The third is the composition of cell tissue water, known as chemical water. When the wet wood moisture evaporation, the first Veranda Deck Priceloss of free water, when the free water evaporates and the saturated water is still in the saturated water content, known as the fiber saturation point moisture content.

humidity environment

Wood for a long time in this relative temperature and humidity environment, the water content will reach a relatively constant. The equilibrium moisture content of wood varies with the temperature Lowes Clearance Floor Tile and humidity of its environment, and tends to be close to the environment when there is a difference between the equilibrium moisture content and the environmental humidity.

This produces the phenomenon of wood wetting and shrinkage, which is a unique Exterior Cladding Company in South Africa physical phenomenon of wood. Wood is an anisotropic body. Actual use of the wood moisture content in the fiber saturation point below, so the water gain and loss is mainly the cell wall of water adsorption. The vast majority of wood cells grow vertically, and its expansion and contraction are perpendicular to the direction of the cell wall.

It can be seen, control the moisture content of Veranda Decking Price,Veranda Decking Exporters,Outdoor Decking Wholesale the floor is very important. Not only must pay attention to production, laying in the more attention should be paid to prevent deformation of the floor damp.

Plastic flooring

Plastic flooring and polyvinyl chloride PVC flooring flooring flooring two. PVC sheet flooring is based on polyvinyl chloride resin as the main raw material, adding appropriate additives, in a continuous originality composite sheet in singapore sheet on the substrate, the coating process from the production, with the substrate into the foamed polyvinyl chloride membrane Flooring and dense PVC sheet with base material. If the width of the web is exactly the width of the room, a 2% loss may be considered.

Coil flooring can be retail, how much to buy how much, the fight should be carefully calculated to avoid waste. PVC flooring is polyvinyl plastic flooring sheets importer chloride and its copolymer resin as the main raw material.

adding filler, plasticizer, stabilizer, coloring agent and other accessories, by rolling, extrusion or extrusion process from the production, a single And homogeneous composite two. Coil is the wear-resistant layer of the outer roll in the outer core of the packaging, the application of corrugated packaging. In each package or per box should be marked on the name, manufacturer name, production Best Teak Deck Export date, batch number, grade, color, quantity, weight and so on. In the course of transportation shall not be affected by the impact of the sun, rain. Indoor storage air to flow, dry, from the heat source shall not be less than 1m. Coil flooring should be stacked upright.

Fiber saturation

Fiber saturation point is the turning point of wood properties, above the fiber saturation point, the strength of wood constant, does not change with the moisture content of the change. At the same time there is attractive wood fences pricesno shrinkage of wood on this volume change. When the moisture content falls below the fiber saturation point, that is, the adsorbed water in the cell wall begins to evaporate, the strength increases with the decrease of moisture content, and the swelling and drying shrinkage phenomenon is also obvious.

Humidity and temperature in different regions of the world are relatively stable in different seasons. Wood for a long time in this relative temperature and humidity environment, the water content will reach a relatively constant. At this time the moisture content is called the equilibrium buy decking products garden design ideasmoisture content (for example Shanghai area annual equilibrium water content is 4.6%).

The equilibrium moisture content of wood varies with the temperature and humidity of its environment, and tends to be close to the environment when there is a difference between the equilibrium moisture content and the environmental humidity. This produces the phenomenon of wood wetting and shrinkage, which is a unique Best Teak Deck Exportphysical phenomenon of wood. Wood is an anisotropic body. Actual use of the wood moisture content in the fiber saturation point below, so the water gain and loss is mainly the cell wall of water adsorption.

Wood Flooring Professional

At the same time, strengthen the wood flooring market is also calling for the introduction of standards.A floor sales business Responsible person said,wood composite extrusion Netherlands for a long time, China's laminate flooring market there is a more serious disorder phenomenon in the domestic market to strengthen the wood flooring market increasingly intense competition.

many companies composite bench repair kits in the concept of a fuss, played a «E0-class» gimmick Because of the lack of relevant standards, so consumers are often labeled as «European» title of the concept of confusion.

This is also a floor before the E0-class enterprises encountered one of the causes of turmoil.In addition, since the wood flooring started relatively late,slatted horizontal fence Not long ago organized by the «2008 China Timber Circulation Association Wood Flooring Professional Committee of the annual meeting», the National Rectification and Planning Market Order Office Yang Junsheng

General floor

Liu Yaohui admits, solid wood flooring as a luxury, the price is the trend.Frequency and development of the flooring industry after years of development,calculate veranda fencing parts consumer demands have changed, Many companies continue to innovation, innovation and development.

General floor can only be installed in one direction,good quality particle boards Ken Diya floor was able to line up in different directions according to the different direction of the general direction of the floor, Pattern,2nd floor flooring choices if the house is a regular square, cut down the floor can come in handy, will not waste every inch of the plate;

Rhine Sun's flagship product sports floor, 8 mm in the grass-roots level to increase the movement to strengthen the layer,wood plastic outdoor decking floor italy the whole Flooring feet feel more resilient and toughness;

support for the flooring

Shanghai flooring manufacturers most of the private sector, mainly in the production of solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring 2009 Shanghai production of 9.5 million square meters.Dampproof Outdoor Flooring Porch 08 and 2009 Shanghai flooring industry output value of 60 billion yuan and 5.5 billion yuan. Flooring manufacturers worldwide product development, product innovation is in the development stage and gradually slow.

Our flooring industry mainly patents and technical barriers, domestic flooring manufacturers design strength essentially very weak, has limitations in product design,acrylic greenhouse panels high stability leading Shanghai market floor solid wood flooring, parquet serious homogeneity. In the fierce competition in the flooring industry, flooring enterprises need innovation such as product upgrades, product type, transformation,composite wood slats Malaysia management innovation to achieve better development.

Floor corporate earnings, due to government policy support for the flooring industry is unlikely, many government policies on the floor enterprise,waterproof deck veneer boards especially for solid wood flooring manufacturers negative, leading to difficult flooring business survival. In addition, since the flooring industry market information is very transparent, even some of the high value of its gross floor only 30%.

the difference of Wood and wood preservative

1, less than the loss of WPC wood preservative.
Under the same conditions of the construction area or volume, less wood than wood preservative loss. This is because the WPC profiles, according to the actual size of the required landscape engineering, production to meet the needs of the length, width and thickness of material. The length of the wood preservative must be according to the requirements, generally 2 meters, 3 meters, 4 meters.
2, wood construction is under the same conditions, less is more.
for example, the case of general outdoor floor coverings, the choice of wood, wood need about 45MM thickness. The wood, the material need only 25MM thickness, the strength of more than 45MM wood preservative. In other words, is the use of one cubic meter of wood if it is, then the wood will only need about 0.5 cubic meters.
3, WPC is a new profile, many hollow specifications. Saving a lot of material.
We all know that aluminum windows and doors so quickly popularizing, because the hollow profile, if it is solid, then the price incredibly high. WPC hollow portion of savings, although not as high as aluminum, but also more objective. We all know that not only can reduce the weight of the hollow to increase strength. Hollow wood can be done, and treated timber impossible.
4, wood surfaces need to do is paint process.
Usually wood preservative construction is completed or the construction process must be on the wood surface paint or brushing water-based paint.
5, wood products can be maintenance-free.
Wood preservative due to environmental temperature and humidity, solar ultraviolet radiation, usually in 1 years needs to be done to maintain or brushing paint. From a long-term point of view, the maintenance cost is much wood in the bottom of wood preservative products.
6, the service life of wood, generally up to 8-9 times the normal wood. Overseas data show said WPC can be used 40--80 years.
7, wood replacement product is removed wood can be recycled continue recycling, reduce resource consumption, in line with low-carbon economy��

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Select the reason for using wood materials

Now many people are willing to use WPC WPC manufacturers to choose, certainly because it has certain advantages, here we look at what are its advantages:
First, the WPC is more friendly for the environment, the use of recycled materials, do not need to be treated with preservatives. Second, polyolefin-based WPC good mechanical properties, can carry a wide range of structural materials for use, and low cost, while products can be 100% recycled.
Third, WPC does not require routine maintenance, long service life than wood does not absorb moisture, tide, does not rot, pest control, without breaking, cracking, deformation, cold, insensitive to thermal environment.
Last but not least, wood manufacturers of wood-plastic composites through micro-foaming, can improve the impact strength, reducing the proportion��like real wood.

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