Top 10 Tips for More Fun and Better Health

Skipping this step will make the weight loss/fat loss process far harder, and it will create a destiny for you of achieving only temporary results.There are 3 initial steps to take for your cleanse to be most effective:1st...Decide how long you want your cleanse to last. I usually recommend to my personal clients that their cleanse last no less than 1 full day and no longer than 7-10 days. For example, if they have lived a life of eating fast food and little or no physical activity, then their cleanse should last closer to the 7-10 day mark. But if they have lived a healthy! life, eating lots of fresh raw vegetables, exercising regularly, and possibly even doing another type of cleanse every now and then...then you need only follow this cleanse 1 or 2 days in a row (but most of my clients — even those who come to me in excellent condition, usually choose to stay on the cleanse longer than just 1 — 2 days...the average is 3 — 5 days initially, then once a month thereafter they can do a mini cleanse lasting 1 — 2 days).

2nd...Decide what you're going to consume on the cleanse (this is a great time to get all the junk food cleaned out of your kitchen — give it away, throw it away, just get rid of it — but don't get rid of it by eating it yourself!!!). After you've cleaned out your kitchen, you should stock it with healthy foods, and the only healthy foods you'll be consuming on your cleanse are plain, fresh, clean water (preferably 'distilled' or 'purified' water), vegetable juices, and possibly some decaffeinated herbal tea (if you desire it).

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