V2.30 Kess v2 Tuning Kit Kess v2 2.30 master clone improved performances than obd2 tuner tool

V2.30 Kess v2 Tuning Kit software from k-suite 2.28 update to k-suite 2.30. Kess v2 2.30 master clone with kess 4.036 firmware and kess 5.017 firmware will release soon. OBD2Tuner.com V2.30 Kess v2 Tuning Kit Kess v2 2.30 master clone improved performances than obd2 tuner tool.

Kess v2 2.30 master V2.30 Kess v2 remap tool Unlimited Tokens with Renew Button

OBD2Tuner.com Kess v2 tuning kit V2.30 kess v2 master clone improved performances:

Boot-Loader mode supported – means you cab remove ECU and go direcctly without connecting lots of wires.

Management of programming counters – on some cars, every time you flah the ECU it stores the number of attempts, you can reset this.

ScanTool function to erase DTC – erase any errors stored in the ECU, therefore eliminating the need of another scan tool.

OBD2Tuner.com kess v2 V2.30 master clone Features which ensure the safety during reading/writing operations can be summarised as:

Check of battery voltage in real-time – lets you know if the car battery has enough charge to carry on.
Full Recovery function in case of problems – if your laptop battery or the reading/writing fails, you safely recover.
Automatic correction of Checksum, where available – the KESSv2 will automatically generate the correct checksum for the car.

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