VAC bans in other games will not be transfered to CS: GO

Just a few days before the release of the new version of the most popular first person player with the dice game of all times, new announcements concerning the bans matter were released.

At first, the main cs go marketplace question about which anti-cheat system would be applied to the new Valve's game. Lately, since was known that the VAC system will be the chosen for CS: GO, new questions came to the users on the Steam community that planned to buy the game soon to be launched for sale.

As we can see on recent forum, an user states that he has been VAC banned on Counter-strike: Source roughly a year ago, and that his ban has been transfered to the CS: GO beta.

The Valve Anti Cheat support information states that if a player gets a VAC ban on one of the games listed below, would carry as consequence stem-cell research on the other games as well.
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