What the new patch can bring to the table

Second Game: During game two, EHOME showed that they can adjust to the new meta and drafted Lone Druid (both Lone Druid and Earth Spirit are two of the most picked and banned heroes for 6. 86). Evil Geniuses was doing great at holding the game but they were cs go items unable to close it, leaving room for Lone Druid and Weaver to farm their core items, leading to EHOME to victory on game number two.

Third Game: Game three was very balanced and it could have gone in EG’s favor. EG had a rough start on their carry Clinkz (played by Arteezy), but SumaiL’s Lina delayed it long enough to create space for Arteezy to catch up. A bad fight left EG without buybacks and after being unable to hold the push, EG called GG and EHOME took game three along with the $124, 000 prize pool for their first place win.

Nine out of the ten teams that participated in the MarsTV Dota 2 Winter League will appear at the upcoming Shanghai Major, taking place from March 2nd to March 6th. MDL Winter was a perfect event both for the teams and the spectators, as it shows what the new patch can bring to the table, and what are the teams capable of.
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